I Am Someones Reason To Smile & Someones Reason For Happiness

I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am today and most of my days lately. I have discovered that I am someones reason to smile and be happy. Nothing more is an incredible feeling than feeling someone who thinks about me and smiles and has happy days because of it. I believe that each and everyone of us have someone whom thinks about you, there is someone out there who is happy in the result of you and your actions. Someone somewhere has you on their minds and it is a great feeling. Often times My friends from the distances from so many cities around the world whom I have made friends with from facebook from Armenian Radio Stations and other pages, out of the blue message me and say you were on my mind today and I smiled. It was a beautiful feeling. You are such a great person in someones heart, someones eyes, and you should never feel alone at all.

I know sometimes loneliness and negative thoughts come our way and that prevents us from moving forward into positivity and happiness, but always know that you are someones smile, you are someones reason for all types of happiness, joy and great beautiful things in life. You mark my words for it. Everything in life becomes beautiful because when we define how life is, we must always define it as beautiful and blooming like flowers. If we define our life with negativity, all we will see is a gray dull sky with rain, not a vibrant, sunny, blue sky way. We all have those Gray moments from time to time, but always know there is sunshine after the rain and life becomes beautiful once again.

Remember your someones happiness, your someones smile. ALWAYS


20 thoughts on “I Am Someones Reason To Smile & Someones Reason For Happiness

  1. When you know that you are doing good in this world, know that (even if they don’t come out and tell you) you ARE making a difference, you are putting a smile to someone’s face, you are making someone happy!

  2. What amazes me as well is when I feel jealous or angry, and I act in love instead of with anger, I end up feeling better! It’s like we are built with an innate desire to do good, and to be loved by loving. Someone recently commented on one of my posts that you cannot feel gratitude and fear at the same time..I feel that such a truth is utterly powerful, and in the same sense, you cannot act out in love and in anger at the same time, so acting out in love can help you to feel loved and to be happy with life πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks for the wonderful thought you shared and for also visting my blog. just few lines in your honour…

    you are the reason for my smile,
    reminding of a golden sunshine,
    spreading happiness is what you do,
    by words of inspiration from you…
    your smile reflects the joy,
    that you gave to all the passers by,
    This is a special gift you possess,,
    as you are blessed by the God himself…

  5. Thank you Talin. You often bring a smile to my face, and a warmth to my heart. So nice to see someone who tries so valiantly to bring goodness and love to everyone around her. πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you Talin! Today “You” have been my Reason to Smile. So glad you “Liked” my latest posting and have decided to Follow us on http://www.tnlighthouse@wordpress.com

    Armenia and Canada, right? Well… That’s so beautiful. Now, if you ever get to Tennessee, y’all come on up to the house and we can have some Sweet Iced Tea on the front porch: Sweet Iced Tea is the native drink of the South (hahaha!)Have a Blessed Day!
    Rev. Corliss Acosta – The Lightkeeper
    (just call me Corliss)

  7. I would like to congratulate you Talin on your achievements!! You’ve really started something inspiring here….you have a way of making people smile and forget about all the negative things that create anxiety and stress :0) keep doing what you love and don’t stop!!

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