My Facebook Fan Page – A Writer Named Talin Orfali

Hello Everyone! Today, I’d like to talk about my fanpage created by my great friend who lives in Montreal. I’d like to thank all those who have joined my fanpage and the one who created it. I appreciate it so much. There you will find quotes and interesting sayings and photos of me with known personalities around the world, also individual photos of me, and my interests. You will also find status updates and a lot more. My Facebook fanpage is interactive and you can meet other fans and go from there. I am truly touched by the wonderful fanpage. It is so incredible. I will be posting regularly and I will post interesting finds on the internet regarding picture quotes. I usually use Tumblr and Pinterest. Without further do, here is my link to my facebook fan page.

Thanks again for all your support, and everything else.


Talin Orfali

5 thoughts on “My Facebook Fan Page – A Writer Named Talin Orfali

  1. Cool. I’ve checked it out and have clicked like on my personal profile and my Authentic Life Blog FB page. Fun. I’m loving having a FB page too. So far my likes are at 9, but I imagine after a while of maintaining the page it will increase. It’s all about sharing, sharing, sharing. It’s fun just to see what everyone posts.

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