My Biggest Emotional & Mental Fear

Have you ever been in a situation where you fear about what happens when you communicate with best friends or good friends everyday and you tell each other everything and never keep anything from each other, then all of a sudden that everyday communication, hanging out, and that togetherness stops? I cannot even begin to tell you how many times that has happened to me. In the past year, it has happened to me with a few people and this is my biggest emotional and mental fear when people you talk to on a daily basis and tell you everything and I tell them everything and all of a sudden the communication stops. That petrifies me so much. I love my friends so much, I love who they are, appreciate who they are and what they stand for, and I enjoy communicating with them, and I enjoy everything. I just do not understand how it can just stop just like that. Sometimes It is mutual and sometimes people stop talking to each other because there maybe nothing else to share in life, it can be due to people getting bored of each other. You never know what the case maybe. You never know what can happen in another persons life in their family life, or something may have happened to them that they don’t talk to anybody anymore. There can be a lot of factors in it.When I have always been nice and helpful, when I always give that person attention and have them talk about life and what happens, and I always try to give it my all and I always try to give time to my friends, but I guess it is not enough time isn’t it?

I always say people will come and go in life, but it is the true ones that stay in the end. This is one of my biggest emotional and mental fears in life. I have never been so scared about anything else in my life than this. I am looking forward to the new chapter in my life and I am looking forward to new experiences and new friends who don’t stop communicating and who are true and pure. I’d like to thank those people actually, they made me a stronger individual and they made me realize big things in life which taught me valuable lessons in life not to put my trust in every person I meet, to get to know people very well before I can put my trust in them, and not everyone will be my friend. Those are very important factors in life and I am so glad to have learned all that. It is very important. I am thankful to people whom have been lessons in life. Some people come into your life as blessings, some come as lessons to learn in life and that is one awesome thing to do. Live and learn as they say right? It is the same thing bottom line. Life is a never ending learning process between differentiating people, and learning about things in life and educating yourself with types of people. It is very important to know these things. What are your fears? All the best to you all!

27 thoughts on “My Biggest Emotional & Mental Fear

  1. Hi, i feel for you. That is also my biggest fear – that people i know becomes the people i knew. I’m just putting it in good faith that it won’t happen to me and my closest friends, ever.

  2. i used to laugh at people who thought the devil was behind every blade of grass and under every rock until i found out he was … at that point I started seeing things differently … I found I could see stuff and in doing so I could do something about it … helped me gain control of my future …

  3. Never fear if they are true friends you will not lose them. In time you will know who to trust, depending how you made your friends is important also. i have lost some… Some by choice and some circumstances and you stop communicating with each other, some remain friends but you don’t have to see or talk to them everyday, those are friends that you have known them for a long time all in all if you are true to your friends they will in turn have strong friendship, the few that one would have should be cherished, you don’t need many friends, in reality one would have just few close friends that you can trust, the others are still friends but not everyday friends lol so NO WORRIES be happy and you will enjoy life and others will also around you.

  4. Never be fearful of the unknown…People come into our lives for many different reasons and we will never probably know them. I see it this way some come to show us new things some come to show us what is in us that must be changed, some come for a season but what ever the reason maybe we have to embrace it and let it happen. If we allow ourselves to be scared of making new friends because we aren’t sure how long they will be here or what their motive is then we are not allowing ourselves to be free and freedom is what you want, right. Chalk it up as a learning experience people teach us things all the time, that is how I view life….yes some times we do get hurt but don’t let hurt keep you in bondage that you miss out on a blessing it’s not worth missing the blessing..

    By the way thank you for visiting my site this morning my dear..have a blessed day

  5. There are no friends that are true and pure. Unconditional love 24/7 does not exist except for the wish in our minds. When we hold the ideal of having true and pure friends that “will never let us down,” we are believing the fairytale told to us by culture. What others do, I also do. Embracing one’s dark shadow is a life long process. Learning how to be a loving parent to ourselves over and over again is the work on the inner journey. When friends disappoint us, and they will, how do we care for ourselves. Remember that emotional storms come and go. We just sit with the stormy weather, and wait for it to pass. The sun comes out again. I have been repeatedly disappointed in my life by friends but I know I have disappointed them, too.

    Self honesty work led me to understand that I am no different than another. People are fickle. That is the inherent nature of humans. Sometimes, people outgrow each other, or are drawn away from a friendship out of other self interests.

    Living is full of conflicts on the personal scale. Life is a study in conflicts. Maybe you outgrew your friend, maybe they outgrew you or just other things are keeping them from engaging with you. I do not mean to sound cold, I have worked on this issue for years. Abandonment is the fear. The fear of being alone f o r e v e r. Learning to live by myself, for myself was a huge awakening experience, one small awakening at a time. I still struggle with it, but now I know how to comfort that inner fearful child when something outside of myself upsets it. I hope this has helped you find the shining sun within you.

  6. peek-a-boo, i see you Talin. Thanks for following my WordPress blog. I am here to check out what you have to say for yourself. I am following your WordPress blog here and on Twitter


  7. I am still afraid of heights after all these years and thus avoid high places and people who want to take me there. Thank you.

  8. My biggest fear was losing my husband, the one I trusted the most and the only one I really confided in. When he disappeared, I had to face that fear as well as learn how to connect and trust again. I started by seeing every encounter, no matter if it is a 16 year relationship or a 5 minute conversation in a check-out line, as a lesson. It helped to change my expectations and thus my fears about opening up to people.

  9. You might lose sometimes some correspondents, but someday they will come back to you with a happy surprise. So don’t be afraid of that so much…

  10. Hang in there, Talin. Don’t stop reaching out to people, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket either. Do you have any outside special interest groups where you can meet new friends with whom you have interests in common?

  11. People do come and go, Talin. As much as I share this fear, I admit, I’m guilty of withdrawing into my own little world from time to time when things get too overwhelming. It’s not that I’m intentionally leaving my friends; I just don’t want to dump a bunch of emotional drama or anxiety on them when I know they’ve got their own stuff they’re dealing with at the time. This is one of the issues I’m working on though – knowing it’s ok to reach out, talk, and ask for help. 🙂

    Your post helped me see things from a different perspective. Thanks for sharing that with us. 🙂

  12. Hi Talin. It appears that those responding here are pretty much in agreement. People come and go in our lives and we are drawn close to some of them. When they get out of contact, for whatever reason, we feel a sense of loss. Some of us will take that in our stride and move on making new friends along the way and that is all we can really do. Trying to hold on to someone who perhaps doesn’t wish to continue being too close isn’t the right thing to do, we must be prepared to let people choose their own path. Those who really are friends will still be hanging around when all the others have drifted away. True friends are not pushy but are always there for you should you need them. I have but only a couple of people I would consider friends but I don’t get to see them often. That is the way it should be, after all they have their own lives to live. So if you wish to keep your friends give them the free space they deserve.
    Shirley Anne x

  13. My biggest fear is being homeless. With the way the economy is I stress internally daily. As for friends …I gave up on that years ago after having what I thought were friends steal and cause great turmoil in my life, financially, emotionally & intellectually. I have no close female friends…they have been my problem. You have to be very careful what you say to people. Remember the game “telephone”…well it is true. You tell someone something and they interpret it into their own idea of what you said and then repeat what their mind thinks you said. So I talk very little outside of written words these days. That way my words can not be grossly changed. Hang in there. Stay strong.

  14. Do not waste a single moment in the what if and where-for of life unknown or undiscovered, but breathe in the life of today and the pride of who you are. Other’s will see this and like souls will flicker about you like stars in a constellation of joy. Others will wiz by like a comet on its way ’round the sun and still more will shimmer from afar in their own space – waving gently across the miles. But do not grow sad for the comet failing to stop, or Orion not dipping his head before the sun. We all have a different place in the sky, and a different North to point to. 🙂

    ::speak peace and be on::

  15. It is always painful when we lose a friend, whether it is through physical separation (moving away) or because they suddenly stop being friendly or have found ‘better’ or more interesting friends. But, as it often happens in life, when one door shuts, another one opens and we must go through it and embrace our new friendships. Like you say, they are lessons in life one must learn. Enjoy your new WordPress friends. I am. 🙂

  16. for me, friendship is nothing and doesn’t have in my dictionary of life..i will close with every person i meet but trust them i won’t..people come in our life for us to learn something from them, not to get as our own..i’m at the same my lesson, i am friendly with all people and enjoy every moment i had:)..can you be my friend?? -_-..:)

  17. I don’t know if it’s a fear or not, but I’ve had friends, good friends, over time that I cannot find now. There is one in particular that I really miss. We lost contact, and now I cannot find him at all. That really makes me sad, because we were, at one point, pretty close.

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  19. First, thanks for your LIKES on my blog and the follow! I think we have this issue in common. But as another blogger commented, these fears must be faced. When you think about it, its not the worse thing in the world to lose touch with someone. Sometimes that protects us even when we don’t think so. Everyone is on their own journey in life and sometimes that just means you and *that*(those friends) friend aren’t in sync at that moment. Give the friendship the space and reach out later. If you are rejected then you have an answer to move on. Its always hard to learn this lesson with new friends and old friends. But it doesn’t have to break you. 😉 Thanks for sharing this.

  20. I could relate to what you’ve written! I too never wanted to let go of people in my life. But over time and with experiences have learnt that all relationships and friendships in life happen for a reason and just go with an open mind and heart. And not to force anything! True friends are those with whom even silence is a communication. I am more at peace now!!

  21. I can relate to this so much thank you for the follow. I am so much at peace now living in another direction in life. New surroundings, new people, new experiences. Like your blog and rendition of life.

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