Summer Is Here! What Are Your Plans?

My Favourite time of the year is here and it is summertime. I have so many plans this summer to travel on a couple of weekends, go camping, going and enjoying with family and friends on barbecues, host my own barbecues, spend a lot of time outdoors, probably see family from out of town, hopefully. I just love summertime. Birds are chirping, the weather is warm, everywhere is green, flowers blooming, beautiful sunshine, people outside playing, more outdoorsy stuff. Its such a beautiful time of year. I remember so many times when I was a kid, we used to go to Amusement parks like Canada’s Wonderland, CNE, Ontario Place, Centreville, but then I grew out of that phase now. Now I don’t think I can sit on those rides and be in those places. I am glad I got to enjoy all that with family and friends. Now it is all about relaxation and having fun at the same time, but other forms of fun.

I remember in the summertime we used to go up to our cottage in Tweed, Ontario until we sold it over 10 years ago, but I guess each thing has its phase and has its time. Now I like to travel on weekends. This summer I won’t probably go back to Montreal, but I will be traveling in Ontario. I still haven’t made those plans yet, but I should within the next couple of weeks. There is only 2 and a half months of summer, so might as well enjoy it to the max and make plans. I love making plans, but sometimes it doesn’t follow through, but then again making plans is a great thing to do. It keeps me organized and it keeps me in line with life and everything I want to do. Sometimes plans to pan out, but at least plans were made.

So what are your plans for the summer? What are you doing with family and friends?

Have a safe and happy summer!


16 thoughts on “Summer Is Here! What Are Your Plans?

  1. Summer doesn’t “officially” arrive in Texas until June 21, but it’s secretly already here. I’ve been eating homegrown tomatoes, warm from the sun, for three or four weeks. (Before you get all jealous, let me share that in another month it will be way too hot to be outside for more than an hour unless you’re somewhere in the water.) We are hoping to escape the kind of weather we suffered last year, with stretches of days well over 100 and what seemed like half the state on fire.

    But my plans include seeing friends (two more free outdoor concerts on Thursday nights) and taking advantage of the many, many offerings of films, plays, concerts in the DFW area. Oh yeah, I’ll also get by the arboretum in Dallas to see the Dale Chihully scuplture exhibition there.

    PLUS I’ll be promoting my new book, The Senior Center Shakedown, which is finally published and in my hands. Launch party is June 26, with 5 other speeches/signings scheduled so far. So it will be a busy summer!

  2. Lately I plan many things and most of them don’t pan out. this summer for sure will try to be outdoors most of the time and be with friends, I am a peoples person, I love to be with with friends when I am having fun, I will try to travel one time at least, not sure Cuba or Florida LOL or at least around here….I know winter has its benefits but how I wish it was summer all the time ehehehe or at least winter to be very they say make hey while the sun shines….Let’s have fun this summer and be Happy…

  3. Before the summer we have to go over the rainy season for a month… please tell me your June more, in your “Big Country”, which would encourage us under humidity and endless rain!

  4. I’m nearly finished with my first novel, “Chocolate for Breakfast,” and have begun writing my second book. I continue to blog, but only have time to post about once a week. Meanwhile, with the ocean never more than 30 minutes’ drive away, the beach is a favorite destination.

  5. This is the summer of my 40th birthday, so I plan to do some traveling! Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago, Connecticut, Poughkeepsie, NY and a cruise to the Bahamas, St Thomas and St Maarten to wrap it all up!

  6. Since moving to Texas from Connecticut, the whole year feels like summer to me! But I am sure that this winter, the 60 degrees will feel rather chilly instead of comforting and warm 🙂 I don’t have plans for the summer yet, trying to learn more about blogging, honest communication, and music. Also working on my book, like everyone else 🙂

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