Never Let Anybody Walk All Over You. Stand Up For Yourself

There is something important today I must discuss with everyone today. It is an important subject that I need to address to everyone, and that is about never letting anybody walk all over you and standing up for yourself when something goes wrong, or when someone says something mean and out of turn. I have learned from personal experience that not everyone will think like you, not everyone will have your strengths, not everyone will have the same opinion as you and outlooks on things and I know that everybody in this world is different and we all have our differences and opinions and among everything else. That is how the world goes around I guess, but what I cannot stand is rudeness, people insulting others, people making fun of others because they are difference, people who always rain on others parade, people who always bring the other person down when they are up, when people terrorize another person because of what he/she likes. I do not think it is fair at all for people to always be walked all over from these people.

Now, I have learned so many times and these last couple of years, as I have grown up, and I have become more independent, more aware of what society can be, and how mean and terrible some people can be toward other people and its not a nice thing. Do not ever let people walk all over you. Sometimes when your too nice of a person and always kind, those people often times do not know if a person is taking advantage of them, they won’t know that they are always being used and being walked all over, so a kind and person with a soft heart will always be there and will always give and not take most of the time. It is a terrible thing to feel when someones good heart can become so dangerous to society. I have learned to stand up for myself, I have learned to say no, and I have figured out who my true friends are from that and some of them left and some of them stood behind. Saying no isn’t a bad thing.

I remember a lot of people were making fun of me because I am different, a lot of people think I am strange for the things I like, like the Highway 401 East toward Montreal, I love driving, I love big transport trucks, I love the road to Montreal, I mean, everyone is entitled to like what they want to like and everyone is free, but what I cannot stand is when others making fun of others for the things they like. It is something that I do not tolerate anymore. The Other day, I stood up for myself, and it felt so awesome. I deleted this girl off of facebook, I deleted couple of other people who make fun of me and I turned the page. Its all about standing up for myself now. I will not let others take advantage of me, I will not let others make and poke fun at me. I will wash them up and down and I will do everything I can to stick up for me, because not always will there be people backing me up, so I need to do this on my own but it is awesome when others step up to the plate and do it for you. That is also incredible and I appreciate it so much. I have had that happen to me numerous amount of times and I love my support system, and I love my family and friends and supporters for always being there for me through thick and thin..If nobody will appreciate and like you for who you are, and if people are going to always poke fun at you, then its time to let them go. You do not need people in your life, that will put you down all the time and keep you down. Its not a very nice thing.

Do not let others discriminate you, do not let others put you down for anything. Sticking up for your rights and yourself is very important or else society will unfortunately take advantage of everything you have got. Always open up your eyes, always try to analyze people, and do not trust so easily. Not everyone will be your friend, and not everyone will understand your point of views and what you stand for in your life. Just be who you are, stand up for yourself, and never ever ever ever ever ever ever let anybody walk all over you. Just live life, smile, and do what is right for you.

12 thoughts on “Never Let Anybody Walk All Over You. Stand Up For Yourself

  1. First of all let me tell you this, you are not different…they are..they are not normal, at time like these you have to learn to disregard and not pay attention besides deleting LOL… there is absolutely nothing wrong in lovine certain things as you mention, I am sure everyone has something that they cherish, those are the objects or the things that reminds you of your good times and childhood memories and each time you see them makes you feel happy, I too sometimes daydream of the things that I like and for few moments makes me happy and feel good…Hey never mind others, let them write what they want it is the freedom od speech, do not get upset, just write positive be positive smile and let it go over your head… you will make a least to some people that should make them happy and more so YOU>>> keep on the good work

  2. Hi, Talin.

    I liked your post. I think you have a good attitude toward life, and I like the fact that you’re such a positive person. It’s obvious that you’re a very caring person, and don’t like to see anyone hurt. That makes you different, and in a good way. I’d like to ask you something because I want to know what you think. Please know that I’m not trying to criticize or judge you. I just want to know what your opinion is.
    Do you believe that there is absolute truth? That there is a clear and ultimate truth in life, and if so, do you think we should stand for it, even at the cost of making other people uncomfortable, or angry with us?

  3. Nice post. Very thoughtful. I have a favorite quote, the author is which is unknown – “Do not mistake kindness for weakness.” You can be kind and strong. Another favorite is “the louder you shout the worse your argument.” As an old fart, people will listen if you are kind, attentive and push back diplomatically. No will want to be around an overbearing jerk for very long. Great work. I enjoy your writing and topics.

  4. I really do appreciate this post, and I really agree with it. Sometimes, people will shove to your throats their interests and like that, which is wrong. I really do not like that concept of “shoving” something that people really do not like. Good thing you stood up for us. (; Keep it up!

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