I Have Been So Blessed With So Much! Thank You!

In The past 6-7 Months that I started using WordPress for my blogs, and I started to write here, I never knew how far I would get. I have been so blessed with so many viewers, so many people who are interested in my writings and those who search my blog and search terms on several search engines and it gets directed to my site. I truly appreciate everyone who comment and who engage into my blog. I read them all, but I will get to reply back to them. Due to my busy schedule throughout the day, but I will get to them and that is a promise from me. I have been so blessed with so many opportunities since I started blogging, and my first public speaking will be in Montreal, Quebec to talk to the Armenian Youth and Teens on important issues that are happening in our society now with bullying, with other important social issues that I need to address to them. I saw people from Montreal this weekend when I was at a Armenian Youth Getaway in Kingston, Ontario and they came up to me and they have been aware of my blog and what I write on my blog, so they asked me if I wanted to come to Montreal to speak to the youth and teens there and I jumped on the opportunity and I said yes of course. Going to Montreal is very easy for me.

So that is my big break, my first time in front of an audience addressing these issues. I have done a whole lot of public speaking before, but not this kind. I cannot wait to get up there and talk to so many people. I will be going toward the end of August beginning September when the schools start again and when the youth will be there for me to talk to them. I believe that it is important to have these discussions with teens and these seminars and assemblies so that it gets embedded into them and so they become educated about these issues. It is very important to me and I am excited for this experience that is coming up, and I cannot wait to head to Montreal again. Furthermore, I have just been blessed all around with my facebook fanpage “A writer named Talin Orfali”, along with everything else. God, My Family, My Friends, My Blog Supporters, My Blog Subscribers, everything in between, I just want to thank everyone for taking the time out of their lives to read what I have to say about issues, to read about what I have to say in my point of view, to read about my life and my experiences. It means a lot to me. I am sometimes at a loss of words and I feel so incredible, I feel so great, so happy.

Finally things have turned around for me for the better. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d rather spend time with my blog, communicating with people online and socially, going to getaways with my fellow people, and doing something worth while in life instead of spending hours watching TV that will not do any good for me since there is crap on TV These days. I would rather reach out to others, and be there for others and do my best to make sure this world is a happy and positive place with a lot of people with joy, laughter and optimism. I love people and its my priority to help people emotionally and mentally. blogging has taught me so much about myself and my strengths and this is the one that has stood out to be the best one out of everything else. Thank you again. I am blessed beyond words, I am blessed and truly touched! I love you all!

19 thoughts on “I Have Been So Blessed With So Much! Thank You!

  1. we love you back Talin keep on blogging and don’t ever stop that drive in you and one day who knows enough of thie you might make the difference and all of yoour efforts will be a worth while effort. you are doing great…

  2. What a sweet post. I have been following you for a while and have enjoyed your writing and you are right—-this blogging thing is something that no one can really understand until they do it and find all the great people out there to connect with. Glad that you have this opportunity coming up. It sounds VERY exciting and I am sure you are gonna rock it!!! Keep writing!!!

  3. Talin, the graciousness to recognize and acknowledge your blessings is a quality I admire and practice. Your diverse writing, especially about life, makes you one of my favorite subscriptions. We love you too! Blessings!

  4. Congrats on your speaking engagement to talk to the youth about bullying. It is wonderful to see caring individuals such as yourself taking the time for our youth. If we don’t have great leaders to show them the way, then our future is doomed. Thank you for being one of the great leaders! Enjoy your time in Montreal this Fall and be sure to let us know how things went for you and how well the youth received your message.

  5. Your welcome….thank you for having such a positive attitude towards life. Our youth need to have positivity in their messages; it makes for a better future. “KEEP STRIVING FOR A BETTER SURVIVAL AND WE WILL NO LONG FEEL THE NEED TO SURVIVE; WE CAN LIVE”!!!!

  6. That’s cool. I feel truly blessed too. I haven’t written here too often. I probably should more. I’ve been really only writing on my other blog. We as bloggers really appreciate our readers and viewers and love responding to comments that are left for us. That sounds like fun getting to speak about it. Have fun.

    http://jennyjofaypaperdolls.blogspot.com/ The Authentic Life Blog

    I’ve moved my novels in progress over there too. I’m starting to write new chapters to one of them and will keep my WordPress updated with new chapters too.

  7. Thanks for following my Hermetic Order for Humans, Talin. I have looked around here and see you have shared yourself so genuinely. Will be reading your posts.

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