Truck Drivers and Transport Trucks Do Not Get The Credit and Respect They Truly Deserve.

There is something that has been a great course of concern for me for the past several months, that I need to get off of my chest, and that is about Truck drivers driving big transport trucks and people continue to disrespect them and give them a bad rap for what they do from ordinary drivers on our roads. I am not talking about the reckless drivers out there. People have a point about those, but I am just discussing this in a general manner that I need to address today. I think truck drivers and these big transport trucks do not get the credit and respect they truly deserve. They are always bad mouthed about, they are always the ones who stand out in our roads, but it should not be the case. They are ordinary people like us who have families, friends and lives to live too.

It is not easy to transport and drive a huge transport truck for so many hours a day and for thousands of miles or kilometers. I do not think it is fair for people to judge them. What they do is very hard work. They are responsible for the driving, they are responsible for a huge truck, they are responsible for getting the delivery of what is being transported to companies on time. People think it is easy to operate a huge truck, but it isn’t. People go to extensive training and driving schools and that is something that people do not credit and respect. I mean take a look around you, take a look at the home you live in, take a look at your vehicle in your driveway or garage, take a look at your fridge, stove, food in your fridge and freezer, take a look at the furniture, bed you sleep on, and all other necessities in your life. It must come from somewhere right? Like a big transport truck and who delivers it? The truck drivers do. I have a big respect for them and I credit them very much.

I have this sense of relief to know that my life’s necessities are being transported and It is at my reach on a daily basis, I am very happy to know that and to see that in the stores. There is a lot of pressure with this job and people have to do it, or else this world will be at a stand still and nothing will ever get transported without these big beauties of our roads. I love these trucks so much. I love seeing them on our roads. Never mind about these trucks taking up road space, be happy they are there and they are there for a reason, they are there to transport our lives needs. Its very important to know this and to cut them some slack when they are on our roads. Ordinary drivers, do not know how hard it can be especially for those truck drivers who do runs alone and who have nobody beside them for so many days at a time and when they are away from family and friends. It can be pretty nerve wrecking and some truckers get frustrated at a few things, and people should understand their points of views and how they feel about the situation, but bread and butter must come from somewhere, feeding and putting food on the table and a roof over your head must come from somewhere right?

So each time you see these trucks and the truckers, just think of this article I wrote today. Thanks very much.

20 thoughts on “Truck Drivers and Transport Trucks Do Not Get The Credit and Respect They Truly Deserve.

  1. although every job has their own difficulties and challenges and dangers, I do have respect for the truck driver, most of them are fine and responsible drivers, specially driving those trucks in the winter time.

  2. My dad is a truck driver and it is tough work! Especially since the recession, there is less work, and a lot of companies do not reimburse for the gasoline used on the road, which is a lot! They are the first to be affected by any changes in the economy, especially by this recession. A lot of them don’t get health insurance because they are considered independent workers, and since they have to spend the day sitting down on hot seats and not moving, a lot of them suffer back and kidney problems. My dad has to resort to fast food which is bad for him because there are not many choices for quick food on the road. Thank you for writing this post, I think it is one of the first times I have heard about any appreciation for truck drivers!

  3. I agree! I have even heard that truckers will try to veer in a fender bender if they see a driver of a car has fallen asleep at the wheel. I hate when people cut them off on the road–don’t they know how long it takes them to slow or stop? Also feel bad when police are giving them a ticket because I am picturing the guy who has left his family for a few week trip and now he has to pay a ticket!

    • I have been driving rigs for 27 years before I was rear-ended by a tour bus and no longer can. I had over to million miles driving one and what you see in the course of a day is but a blink of what we see in 15 hrs a day 6 or 7 days a week. Some days it is exhausting, mentally.

  4. People have no clue how long it takes a truck to stop when they cut them off in traffic, just to stop in 2 minutes because it is a standstill. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to veer off the road because someone, who was exiting the highway decided not to exit and come back on while there was traffic ahead that was coming to a stop. Drivers also love to hang out in our blind spots. If cannot see the truck driver in their mirrors, they cannot see you. Even though most trucks have better vision on their sides that cars do. It is still tricky!

  5. Thanks for your post. I agree with your comments on the difficulties of their job. For people looking for work, there are openings if you don’t mind being on the road. With the economy improving on its slow journey upward, I would imagine those openings are increasing.

  6. Hey there! The Dark Globe follower appreciation post sent me here, and I wanted to say I love your blog. šŸ™‚ Your posts are really inspiring. And I definitely agree – I have a ton of respect for truck drivers. My best friend’s dad used to be a truck driver, and I remember the stories they would tell me about it. It’s a tough job, and I appreciate them for doing it.

  7. Just a thank you for writing this… My grandfather was a truck driver, leaving my grandmother on her own most of the time to raise four rambunctious boys on the limited pay he received. To earn more income he’d have to be away more, drive faster, and sleep less – a bad and dangerous combination. We lost my uncle, their eldest, in his 30s. He had also become a truck driver and died in a terrible accident while working, leaving his wife and three young children behind. When we’re on the road with truckers and frustrated, we need to remember that they probably are too and think of their life off the road back home.

  8. I’ve spent time in the past hitch hiking, and truckers are usually some of the best rides! They always have great stories to share and really long distances to travel. That open road can be rather lonely, it’s great that some of them still stop to give rides when they aren’t working for a company that prevents them from doing so.

    • it takes two! I am a female trucker and have seen young girls slither through the lots looking and begging for what they can get. They do not even shower in between visits with each rig. Sex drives many, drugs do too. You can not say ALL trucks are DOGS I worked with many men who loved and adored their families.
      Sorry you have been hurt by one.

      I didn’t have a man in each city šŸ™‚

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