How Blogging Has Taught Me So Much

In My Life blogging has become one of the most important aspects in my life to share with the world and to share with people my experiences, my life, and everything that I stand for. Blogging has taught me so much about how to express myself. I love writing and throwing out my feelings and what I want to say about certain things in life and among everything else. If there is something in this life, I really enjoy, its blogging. I love sharing and reading other peoples blogs, I love learning and doing new things all the time. Its my passion to write and its my passion to get out there and be known and show who I am to the world. I am sure a lot of us bloggers stand for similar things and we all want to be out there. It is important to express yourself and to never be afraid to write what you feel about a certain thing. Blogging is an incredible tool and now everyone searches for so many things and subjects about life and about issues of today’s society and I have noticed that a lot of people search for a lot of it. My stats are an example for that with search terms on important issues in life and people want answers, and hopefully they find what they are looking for. It makes me happy to know that people search for incredible things and find answers to their questions.

Blogging has taught me so much about life, its taught me to never be afraid to express myself, I am so committed into my blogging and It is one of my priorities everyday. I always make time for blogging as it is very important to me. When you blog and when you start up something as fabulous as this, you should never stop and you should never run out of ideas. always ask people around you, always ask and search for topics to write about. Although it could have been discussed a lot of times, but when you put it in your own words and when you put it out there, its something so incredible. Try to write everyday, try to get on out there and discuss many topics. You will how incredible your traffic will become on your blog and the tags are super important and people will locate tags a lot and that will pinpoint you and your blog. I do not rest until I have finished writing and finished with writing for my daily blog. Its something that I have vowed to do, and I will not give up. I have recipes, I have talked about many issues. I am so proud of myself, I feel incredibly amazing and feel so great when I do blog. I want to make as much of a difference in the world as possible and I want to get my messages out to so many people around the world who need it and who need a boost in life. So many people are going through depression, and so many terrible things, I want to be the one to shine light on them because they truly need to hear positive encouragement and they need people around them to comfort them.

with out words and with our blogs, and when people want to search for positivity, optimism and for happy things, its such a powerful tool. Blogging, Social Networking, Media and everything has become so powerful. Blogging especially. Its become so advanced, so many millions of people in the world blog and its such a great thing. I am so committed and so determined to change the world, to make the world a happier place. I want my words and my blogs to empower and to keep people going all the time. All the best to everyone, I wish nothing but the best.


29 thoughts on “How Blogging Has Taught Me So Much

  1. you know for me blogging was my only outlet after my sister died and i am finally just letting it out not just here but facebook and to people who i grew up with and know me. i been hiding and i shouldnt have been. i hope one day we will no longer feel that need to hide. i am glad you blog and i enjoy reading and i hope you are well and things are good for you.

  2. (I am so committed and so determined to change the world, to make the world a happier place. I want my words and my blogs to empower and to keep people going all the time.)


  3. “It is important to express yourself and to never be afraid to write what you feel about a certain thing.”

    A couple of years back, I used to blog extensively. However, most of the time, I tend to let my emotions get a hold of me and run free through my writing. After a few months, whenever I’d read my previous entries, I’d feel embarrassed about the things that I’ve written. So now that I’m blogging again, I try not to inject so much emotions to the things that I write.

    That is where this blog entry comes in. Thank you, Talin for making me realize that in the end, it is the heart of the writer that matters. We are who we write and we may never know the sphere of our influence unless we try sharing our thoughts to the world.

    You are an inspiration. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. yes,, blogging is a very cathartic process. and I think its in the sharing, that it resonates with other people so much. I am also a great fan of TED. for inspiring ideas and new ways of thinking and problem solving. If you don’t already know it, take a look.

  5. after reading this post, i feel honoured that you chose to follow my blog yesterday. I’ll certainly be having a good look at some of your other posts-thank you!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and choosing to follow. I very well agree that blogging is worthwhile, challenging and fun, plus you get to know a lot of wonderful friends out there! I’m sure I would enjoy getting to know you through your excellent posts!
    Cheers, ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have always loved writing, but didn’t realize I would love blogging nearly as much as I do. Having a mere 10 people I didn’t know read my first blog made me extremely excited, because it turns out I really do want to share with people, and it’s great to discover what you say resonates with people, just as this post resonated with me!

  8. Talin – would you mind if I quoted an excerpt from your blog post? I’m putting together a post on how blogging has been useful to celebrate my 1yr anniversary in blogging and I’d like to include experiences from other bloggers.

  9. I found myself reading this article over an over again. I have been blogging for seven years and recently but I must say that the contents of this article gave me alot of insight of which was really good for me as a blogger. I cherish the day you followed my blog of which caused me to notice your blog, cos your articles on here are priceless.

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