The London 2012 Olympics – The World Getting Together

In Just about 2 Months from now we will be witnessing the London 2012 Olympics on our TV screens and computers and some will get to go there, compete, and be part of something great. I just love countries, different people gathering together for Olympics which make the world such a smaller place when people get together in one city of the world, the adrenaline, people, the games, the incredible athletes. I love it when the opening ceremony starts and the ending. I believe that the world’s people can live and be together at peace, but it takes extra effort. Athletes from Africa, Oceania, Americas, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world will be participating with an array of sports and games such as Archery, Swimming, Hand ball, Fencing, Volleyball, Tennis and so many more sports.

The Beauty of the Olympics show true diversity and the reunion of different types of people of our beautiful world and of our beautiful sights of humanity, society and among other important things. It is a fabulous idea of having this so as people of our world make friends all over the world, be part of something great in the world and so much more.. It’s a great sight to see. I am so impatient in watching the ceremonies, and among the sports too. I am so passionate about culture, and I want to learn more about the Olympics, I want to learn and keep learning about different heritages, backgrounds, and among other things. I love to learn and I am willing to learn anything. I unfortunately cannot make it to London for the 2012 games, but I will be watching on TV and on my computer.

It really does not matter to me who wins, who loses. All that counts is that they are there representing countries, they have the poise and energy. I am sure the athletes now, are in vigorous training and practicing. Its great and it gets people moving and fit. A lot of these athletes, have dedicated their lives to a certain sport or sports and they are dedicated to what they do, and practice and keep the sport alive. I am excited for the Olympics. I love this world!

5 thoughts on “The London 2012 Olympics – The World Getting Together

  1. You know, what’s so interesting is that the Olympics have allegedly been yet another reinforcing mechanisms of nation-states. It’s sad, really, because I love sports and I appreciate friendly competition (rather than, you know, wars…). But a dictator sending, say archers, to the Olympics, it’s about showing progress and capacity. It’s about politics, and a reinforcing of who is the best (Gold medalists) and who isn’t. Even China’s move to have a more “photogenic” girl lip-sync to another, more talented, girl’s voice should tell you something about how politically charged this event is.

    Either way, I love that you see this contest the way I do though. I even count the days for this event. I was supposed to save money to go this year. Of course that didn’t happen- I’m a college student! I’ll try again in four years though 🙂


  2. I like every world championship, because I could know a lot about the host country. Though London is one of the most famous city in the world, do we really know about it? Possibly not yet. Thus it is a good opportunity to know that city.

  3. I wish I could be at the London Olympics! I have a long layover in London on my way out of Kenya later this summer, so I will just have to be content with that.

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