So Many Inconsiderate Drivers Out There Who Cause All This Traffic

In Life one of the most annoying and something I do not like is inconsiderate drivers who drive so much slower than the speed limit, hold up traffic for others, who are constantly in the wrong lane. This issue has my blood boiling. I have never seen such terrible drivers in my whole entire life and that is what causes accidents, and bumper to bumper traffic. If some people knew how to drive properly, traffic and accidents would never happen. All accidents and traffic can be preventable. Accidents can happen from impaired driving, drunk driving, texting while driving, distractions, and crazy drivers who think speeding very fast is so cool. It’s not. I have encountered so many scenarios on the highway’s, freeways, especially and people do not know how to drive on them. Some people are scared to drive on it and I can tell. It is that simple, if your afraid to drive on a high speed highway, do not drive on it. People do not realize that super slow driving, causes traffic, causes delays and accidents. A huge truck can be driving by, or some driver doing the exact speed limit and a bit over, goes toward the very slow driver on the left or center lane and having to brake so they won’t hit the car up front. It causes wear and tear on vehicles and its not a good thing. People need to exercise good driving skills and think about where they are on the road when doing that.

Sometimes its beyond me how some people get a license to drive, how people can pass their driving exam. I have seen such terrible parking its unbelievable. I used to be terrible parker, but I kept trying and trying until I was good at it. Now I have no problems reverse parking, parking forward, parallel parking. Traffic is the number one cause of slow and inconsiderate drivers. People who don’t know how to drive and people who don’t know the basics of driving and driving etiquette, should stay off the roads, and go to driving school, take more classes and learn the rules. If some people exercise this and if they use the common sense, then everything will go smoothly. I am not saying everyone is bad in driving, I am just targeting those who do not give consideration and courteousness to other drivers who need to get to important functions, work, and going to places that are of an emergency. It is very important to consider, to respect other drivers and to share the road equally.

It is super important to share the road. You can’t just think that you own the road and everyone must follow your lead and your rules. It does not simply go like that. Everyone must consider each other, everyone should work together to maintain our roads, speeds, and traffic. We can minimize traffic a lot, save time and get to our destinations a lot quicker if people work together. We all share a city and our city roads, and highways. lets get serious on driving and lets get going. Slow drivers need to take the side streets, but highway driving is important too. So lets get it together and lets create equal space for us all.

14 thoughts on “So Many Inconsiderate Drivers Out There Who Cause All This Traffic

  1. Hi Talin, I agree we can be as careful as we can be, but we can’t change the other idiots on the road and make them drive better, there will always be something annoying/dangerous happening.
    I find that mindfulness helps with anger issues. And reciting the serenity prayer. Hope that helps.

  2. I have said for years that anytime one gets a ticket or is at fault in a wreck they should have their license suspended until they pass the entire driver’s test again.

    I’d be out there just about alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    On the other hand, I drive slower than other drivers and many times have had people honk and be annoyed because I am going so much slower than they are…as I’m driving the speed limit.

  3. I find that many people today drive too fast as opposed to too slow, which I seldom see. Like Kathy I drive the speed limit and I have had many people become annoyed with me because of it. Most accidents are the result of unsafe speed and/or driver distractions. I can not believe what I have seen drivers doing while they are driving the car. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and drivers need to take the responsibilities that go with driving more seriously.

  4. I honestly don’t think that every one goes and passes a test to get a driver’s license, they must have other ways of getting it, cause I don’t think they will pass. Yesterday, I admit I was in a little hurry but I encountered all of those drivers that you mentioned one by one, extremely frustrating. Now that the weather is a little bit warmer and try to enjoy your driving you will notice that constructions start the same time the same place that they did last year… How is that possible year after year the same area… it is so frustrating to see that on 401 and mostly in the city area where people commute all the time, if they repair it properly the first time should last for a while GRRRRR…this causes traffic, such is life and we have to learn to cope and put up with it to maintain good driving. Nice Blog Talin

  5. Here in Arizona, we have a diverse blend of drivers, that is for sure! Our large retirement community and winter home population gives us many older drivers who drive very slowly and eradically, too. We also have the suburbs, full of families with new teenage drivers… and the college town close by with all of the reckless young adult drivers! Then there are the moms in their Suburbans driving around on their cell phones. Together, they create an extremely high risk environment for driving.

    I find that in addition to age variations, which one probaby finds in most towns, there is the transient factor as well. People who live and learn to drive in different places, especially other countries, appear to have a hard time blending into traffic in other places. In large cities, where there is a greater percentage of the population coming from somewhere else (in addition to just having more people/cars, period) there seem to be more instances of road rage that could be caused by the stress and frustration of others not driving as we drive or would like them to drive. This probably stems not necessarily from the fact that people are just generally discourteous on the road (not that it doesn’t exist!), but because their ideas of what is good road etiquette differ.

    I try to practice patience and tolerance on the road, even when I am in a hurry. When someone cuts in front of me or does something discourteous, I just say “they must have to pee really bad!” outloud, so that my children will learn that just because someone does something we don’t expect, or consider to be discourteous, we cannot assume their motivation. We cannot assume they are being rude on purpose, or that they don’t also have somewhere else equally important to be as us.

    Sometimes we are all just a little self-absorbed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thinking that our lives and destinations are of greater value than someone else’s.

  6. Hi Talin!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and “like” my post. I’m impressed with your blog. I’ll keep coming back. We both have a common interest in writing and this is great.

  7. Hi Talin, I can relate to this post, especially today. On my way to work, I was driving on a very busy, fast highway and someone who wanted to cross all 4 lanes of traffic almost clipped the front end of my car as he transferred into my lane! Thankfully, I managed to hit the brakes just in time. Thanks for visiting and liking my post on plantar warts. Your blog is amazing.

  8. Slow drivers are just as dangerous as fast drivers, I find that drivers are just inconsiderate now a days including ones going the speed limit in the fast lane if you want to go slow stay in the slow lane have some consideration people.

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