Another Vacation Is Greatly Needed As Soon As Possible

I can’t even begin to describe how much in need of a vacation I need. I need to fly away somewhere again and relax. Its been a crazy couple of months with just going and going and not stopping. I need to get away, unwind and relax somewhere and not think about anything and just have my time with nature and just look at the sea. I am thinking of going to Cuba again. This would be my 11th trip there. I love Cuba a lot. I made so many friends in the villages there. I was there in February in Varadero, but I am thinking of going back there to hang out with them and just be at the hotel and relax, go to the beach, have my week of paradise without any disturbance. I am so happy I love traveling so much. Its one of my great things I love to do in my life. I cannot stay in my city for long periods of time. I need to keep going. Even if its for 2-3 days. Its still something. I just need to get away.

My stress level is at an all time high, my body is tired. I need this time to go… I am thinking of going on the phone with my travel agent, and just booking a ticket to go. Somewhere last minute and just go go go. I love Airplanes, I love the whole travel experience.

9 thoughts on “Another Vacation Is Greatly Needed As Soon As Possible

  1. wishful thinking LOOOL life would be so simple and worry free if one can do that all the time, it is a nice idea though, if you put your mind to it, why not. I have been sayin the same thing for the last 6 months and I am still here but soon LOL… enjoy we have beaches here also and you can still unwind.

  2. Talin, take a mini break. Release the stress and think of a peaceful time with God. Stress ages one. Treat yourself to a bubble bath until you can take your vacation. 😀

  3. Hey, a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do (smile!)…….sounds like you need to take a break so you won’t break……..I’ve learned the hard way that breaks are essential and without our presence, life still goes on………enjoy Cuba……..hint, hint…..(smile!)

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