You Are Beautiful, It is The Society That Is Ugly

I do not even know where to begin with this. This is something that makes my blood boil and which gets me so angry. The society is an evil one with media and everything else that make-up makes girls and women beautiful and the society defines that, they are not good enough the way they are. It really gets on my nerves. These cosmetic companies are there to make money and they keep telling girls to keep wearing make-up, to keep up with the new trends of foundation, lipsticks, and everything and they get something embedded in girls, and women’s minds that they have to keep going to the local store to buy make-up and people dish out hundreds of dollars for these things. The society is what is making girls and women ugly and the society is ugly, the media is ugly, not women and girls. Everyone is beautiful and make-up should never define real beauty.

Yes I wear make-up but not everyday. Once in a while when I am at a party or something, but Make-up is something that I don’t really use. Real beauty comes from ourselves, our inner spirit, our inner selves. Women and girls are so beautiful and never forget that. All those chemicals, all those things you put on your face is something that is a concern. yes Make-up is fun, its fun to put on, and its one of the girly woman thing to do when with girlfriends, but don’t ever ever let that define who you are, don’t ever convince yourself of these make-up ads, that your not good enough and you have to look like those models who wear it. Photoshop, Airbrushed ad’s are so ridiculous. Everyone has a unique look to them, everyone is beautiful in their own ways. The society is making us believe that were not and that we have to keep putting this stuff on. All they care about is money and money unfortunately speaks louder, and they do not care about real beauty. No matter what they think and try to cover up (literally) their tracks and saying no its not true, were not trying to take away real women and girls beauty, but on the contrary, they are.

This is a really big issue and a lot of women and girls are faced with this challenge everyday and it makes me sad to see them not feeling good about themselves, not feeling like they are worth it, not feeling like they are not good enough. It pains me to see it and hear it happen, it really upsets me so much. I start to cry when people put themselves down, and calls oneself ugly, and hideous, and all these negative thoughts that render into their minds. It is all in their minds, but they should get rid of all those thoughts and feelings, your great just the way you are. YOU ARE!!! Cosmetics are evil. I am telling you. I have always encountered people especially teenagers that think make up is the best, but it is not to be honest with you. Make up should be worn on special occasions, and Halloween.

I am not trying to put these companies down, but its about time, that girls and women look in the mirror without make-up and look at themselves really closely and say in the mirror, I am beautiful. I do not need these chemicals on my face. A little lip gloss or lip balm and to keep the face clean and moisturized is the way to go. Do me a favor ladies. Do not let the society, media, commercials, ads, magazine ads, define you and don’t let them control your feelings, don’t let them walk all over you, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Your beautiful and that is final!


68 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful, It is The Society That Is Ugly

  1. Well, i like wearing a little makeup to go to work. I use a light powder, mascara and lipstick, and that’s it. Now, if it’s a party or Halloween, that’s another story. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Regardless, photoshop is evil and I hate how each and every cosmetic company takes advantage of that to make us women feel ugly and imperfect.

  2. I agree with mcolmo. Just enough so that I don’t look like I just got out of bed. May I also mention that sometimes make up and nicely brushed hair can give people confidence to face the world? I agree we shouldn’t buy every product going (some of it far too expensive), but I don’t see anything wrong with improving our looks, after all, people in general judge you by the way you present yourself, and your looks is the first thing they see.

  3. I really feel like this is a case of “everything in moderation”.

    I wear a little bit of makeup daily. And by a little bit, I literally mean a dash of eyeshadow and a swipe of mascara. Sometimes some lip balm if my lips are dry and / or cracked.

    I don’t feel pressured to do it. In my eyes, it’s kind of like warpaint. Tribes used to wear warpaint to camoflague themselves so the enemy couldnt spot them easily. For me, it’s a matter of the confidence that comes with the dash of warpaint. I don’t go overboard, and I’m not trying to hide imperfections. It makes me feel less nude.

    That’s what makeup is for, sort of. It is to play up nice features in a natural way. People seem to forget that, because makeup rules have changed so much over the years. Every imperfection seems to be the biggest deal. I have a few big pores and definitely some craters from old pock marks. I still get blemishes. And do you know what? So does everyone else.

    The important things women should know about skin care and makeup are these. Less is more. If a woman is wearing mascara, eyeliner is not always necessary, especially for daywear. One palate of eyeshadow in the right shades is all a woman needs. Both lipstick and really madeup eyes overdo it for daywear. And most of all, men don’t like women caked in makeup, especially foundation / powder, lipstick, and glitter. Especially glitter. If a man takes any of your makeup home with him on his clothes or skin, and he’s less likely to call back.

    Most women don’t need full on foundation and powder. In fact, it usually cakes up the pores and makes skin worse. If it necessary to “disguise” a blemish” then a dot in the affected area will do.

    All a woman needs is a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. I have one exfoliating cleanser (generic clean and clear), one toning cleanser (name brand neutragena, just because no one else makes it), and two mositurizers, one is for day with SPF 15 to protect skin against harmful rays that cause aging and cancer, and an evening one for mositure. Cleanse morning and night. No time? Make sure the night one gets done then. That way, the grime and makeup that gets caked on doesn’t end up leaving bacteria on your pillow.

    Less makeup, less blemishes. Less product, better skin. It’s not rocket science. And a tip to girls, guys like women better without all of the makeup. Ask any guy.

  4. Well spoken make up should be used sparingly some even go overboard and look ugly like clown. Natural is the way to go

  5. The society is obsessed with looking perfect, all these women on ads are obscenely made up and polished with photoshop, how can a normal real woman ever compete with this? great post..

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  7. Makeup isn’t evil, and can actually help a woman feel better about herself. It’s when children wear it, or women wear too much trying to be something they are not, that makes me sad.
    the media, especially magazines, are terrible for the message they constantly send us – we are not good enough, we are not slim enough, and it’s impossible to achieve the level of ‘perfection’ they set for us as many models are photoshopped. there have been more articles about beauty being within and about healthy body image but it’s such a mixed message, sharing the magazine with the unrealistic models.
    As someone living with an eating disorder it’s NOT the media that actually causes it, it can trigger it. It’s not about vanity at all.
    The media sells us what we want to buy. As long as we buy the magazines and the clothes and the makeup, that is what they will put out for us. So we have responsibility too.
    the main thing to remember is that it’s most important to have a healthy self esteem and foster one in your kids – that is the best protection against these images and expectations. There will always be triggers out there. The best protection is from within ourselves.
    Just one last thing I couldnt’ not help but mention, your blood must be so very hot, because it boils very often!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. You’re right,Talin. Next you can write about how women destroy their feet and suffer terrible–sometimes fatal–falls by wearing impossibly high heels in an effort to look sexy. Or how they are driven to anorexia and bulimia in order to look like Barbie, because that is what our culture expects of them.

  9. Listen, not to put too fine a point on it, but a little make-up is a good thing. I’ve been married now for 36 years, and my wife is the most beautiful woman in the world to me. But honestly, the woman I wake up in the morning with is barely recognizable as the same woman I take dancing later in the night. Just as I look a lot different after a shower and a shave. No argument that our society emphasizes external beauty over internal, but there’s nothing wrong with making the most of what you have. As one of the commenters above cogently expounded, “All things in moderation”.

  10. Well said. I work with 20-something year olds who act as though models on the magazine pages roll out of bed looking that way. They spend all day complaining about their weight. It’s both sad and annoying

  11. so many persons in life have learned to live their lives strictly by the dictates of the society and sincerely, that is misleading. for instance,it was termed make – up because the society sees you as ugly and have developed something to make up for your ugliness. ITS NOT TRUE you are BEAUTIFUL as you! I’m a Guy, I know what i am saying!

  12. This is what I Timothy 2:9 and I Peter 3:3-4 are all about. It isn’t the outward appearance that matters, it is the heart. It isn’t necessarily about what you do to your external appearance, it is why you are doing it. Knowing that God loves you and who you are in Christ will do more to make you beautiful than all of the make-up, etc. in the world.

  13. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. If you cannot be who you are, then you can be no one. Makeup is simply an enhancement to the beauty that lies therein, but it, like outer appearances only goes skin-deep. Many a time, I have met a beautiful person (outwardly) only to discover the core ugliness and superficiality that they really are. Your post is poignant and I hope that others find the value in it. If we cannot live in our own skin, then we are not fully alive. โค & Light — CA

  14. I agree with this article. Although I like a facial now and then (done at home with natural ingredients), I don’t wear make-up as a rule. Like you said, it’s expensive and some of the chemicals are bad for your skin. Keep up the good work!!

  15. The cosmetic companies are bad enough, but many of the trends in what is considered beautiful are driven by the media. Quite frankly, we’d all be better off if we threw out our TV sets and just lived our lifes as who we are, not the fantasy world that Hollywood dictates.

  16. Thanks Talin for stopping by and giving a “Like” to my post, “The Big Lie.” I love this post!

    We’ve become so obsessed with “beauty” where people have to be a certain build (read thin women who are models, or just buffed enough guys), look a certain way, even be a certain shade of color. As a previous poster stated, we now Photoshop images to make them look perfect. We have a lucrative practice in cosmetic surgery for those who don’t need it. Even now, we’re seeing teenage girls starving themselves, going for plastic surgery, etc-all trying to fit some elusive and vague “ideal”; and teenage boys shooting up with muscle-enhancing steroids to look “manly”.

    Make up and looking good are not the crime when one does it for themselves. The crime is a cultural norm that pressures people into looking a certain way and pressuring them in to buying certain products so they can look like some celeb.

    One day (hopefully in my lifetime) we’ll celebrate true, natural beauty in whatever shape, color or texture it comes in. And on that day, we as a culture will have advanced a little further.


  17. I think you’re wise to suggest women and girls recognize their own beauty and don’t allow the cosmetics and fashion industry to define their self-worth. Makeup is fun. But keep things in perspective and indulge in moderation. When our sense of self is clear and strong, we don’t compromise ourselves for someone/something else’s approval.
    I appreciate your contributions to the blogosphere and also your visit and follow over at
    Keep up the great work!

  18. As I get older I guess I use a dab of make up to make myself feel comfortable. I don’t really do it to attract anyone. But your post made me think that maybe if society wasn’t so shallow I wouldn’t need to feel more comfortable by wearing make up in the first place. Although I must say, I do get a tad giddy for a splash of eyeshadow when I go out with friends!!!

  19. Hi Talin. Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog! If youโ€™d like to participate, just stop by and take a look at the tabs and posts to see where i am with my novel. If youโ€™ve got a spare idea youโ€™re not using that you think would go with my story, just drop it in the Comments and Iโ€™ll work it in. And please link back here to let people know what your blog’s about.
    Have a great day. I hope weโ€™ll be talking more.

  20. “Make-up” has been around and used for millennia We are all sold notions of aspiration, I believe, and a by-product of this is insecurity about ourselves. Sadly, it seems there is more money to be made by selling us insecurity; and this has been realised by media, companies and governments in more recent decades. Therefore I think you are spot-on (no pun intended!), particularly with what you say in your penultimate paragraph.

    A plump teenage girl is just as beautiful as an athletically handsome young man is as attractive as a mature face lined with a lifetime of personality is as attractive as … well, we are all beautiful, huh?

    In terms of attraction, I warm to a completely “natural look”,. But we all surely have our heads turned occasionally by some notionally well made-up “doll” when our more base/basic instincts bubble up – such is the dichotomy of being human.

    Be who you are and who you fundamentally want to be and your interaction with “society” will ultimately bring its lasting rewards. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  21. Make up is not evil, society as a whole is not truly to blame either…in many cases it is the immediate family and friends…and of course school. The child needs to learn self-confidence, and how to be secure in themselves…family, friends and school need to reinforce that self-confidence.

    • sometimes, the forces and factors of the society is greater than the self. meanwhile, the society is what builds the self via socialization and acculturation. wonderful contribution though.

  22. First I want to say thank you for coming by my little corner of the internet, and I am glad you did, because I get to participate in this great debate. As for society being evil, ugly whatever; I believe without a doubt that we CREATE society. As a mom, wife, my hubby and I created the society we wanted our children to live in. Our children will go out and change society a little at at time. Society is a reaction to the collective behaviour of all of us, it did not create us, we created it.

    Am I upset by the manipulation of images, especially how women are portrayed? Yes! I hope by encouraging and empowering women, especially moms, that attitudes will change. think of all the other attitudes that have changed over the years: attitudes EVERYONE thought were right. Attitudes about women and if they were intelligent enough to vote. Attitudes about race, religion, many others. All of those changed over time because of the pressure WE put on society!

    Change may not come as quickly as we want but it will come. How will you be the change?

  23. For Companies we are consumers and their only interest in us is our wallet. There is nothing that they can teach. They have to peddle wares and their persona as executives is far limited than ours. They take official line and dare not express their heartfelt or true opinions. These are nobodies flogging shoddy goods and selling some distorted idea that ‘thin is beautiful’ and so on. Where an individual could be a consumer and be anything else he or she wants to be. Only that some are sold on to the idea they have to be on the side of the majority sad cases till they really grow up and can think for themselves.

  24. No woman should allow any external force to influence how she feels about herself. While the cosmetics industry does put a lot of pressure on young girls and women, it is up to us as individuals to rise above that and to embrace who we are as people and to learn to love ourselves regardless of outward appearance, or in some cases, in spite of it.

  25. Being a man, I want to say that it is not women alone that are bombarded, men are just as badly.

    I have spent many years telling men and women my point of view. That a beautiful heart shines beauty like nothing else can.

    As a man I also know women have a power over men, that they either do not know about, or misuse. There are still many women who do not know and use it naturally as part of their personality.

    The caring touch, light as a feather, even just as a friend or family member, melts a mans heart if he allows it.

    Men are falling short of seeing the true beauty in women, in the heart and mind, not just the body.

    Women see things in a way men cannot and we should all embrace this. A woman’s heart in its pure form is more beautiful than any sunrise, sunset, forested mountain, or sky full of stars.

    There is a softness in women, that men cannot know fully without a woman.

    I believe a woman has equal rights as a man, but also that a man is made to deal with the bad things to protect this beautiful softness of a woman. So not only the home is a beautiful place, the children have warm soft hearts to learn from all the time, and the man has a softness and warmth to heal his heart from dealing with the darkness this world produces.

    My people, the Cherokee, knew women needed and equal voice in council, and it was custom when a woman stood to speak that all fell silent and listened. As the woman was known to be the creators of the tribe, they raised the little ones, and kept the stories alive in retelling. They owned the village, and the men were allowed in only at the agreement of the women, while the men owned the hunting grounds and outside territories, and the women asked for permission to go there.

  26. The importance of this subject can’t be overstated.
    When I was in college, I wrote a paper on “make-up.” I was fine without wearing any, and always thought it garish when women, especially, slathered it on. When human beings apply make-up, they’re inventing a face. This is obvious in cases of ceremonial make-up, or costuming for entertainment, for example, and serves a purpose.
    I shut my tv off over 12 years ago, and rarely pick up a magazine, so I’m not as aware of the state of advertising today, toward women. I’d guess it hasn’t changed much, though, over the years.
    When I watch a French film, I notice that the women rarely have make up on. Why is that? Regardless, it’s a wonderful thing to see.
    It’s up to us to reject the notion of makeup being a necessity, and not until we teach our sons and daughters that each and every one of us is made up of far more than the eye can see.

  27. Thank you for liking our post. The one thing I wish about makeup is that they could regulate the cosmetics industry. Parabens, mineral oils, even beeswax, I wish that more natural brands could be available. To me, makeup is for fun, not for covering up. All women are beautiful without makeup. I love Bobbi Brown’s slogan, all women are pretty without makeup, and pretty powerful with the right makeup. I hope all women see that makeup is fun not something they have to wear.

  28. Wow, I love your passion for what you believe. Makeup, hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and perfumes… these are all extras. Beauty comes from the heart, no matter what you look like outside of it. It’s a matter of preference some woman like makeup and the extras and some don’t. I choose to believe that if a woman feels ugly, it’s probably because of how she sees life. If you are a negative person then you will see everything as you are, negative. I have grown up daughters and they absolutely love makeup and learning new techniques on how to apply it, they love shoes and bags and all that fun stuff! But they also can go to the mall in jeans and T-shirt with no makeup at all. They see life as beautiful, they know they are beautiful, they know they are not perfect, but strive to look THIER best, because that is who they are! They strive for excellence, not because they are trying to cover up ugliness, but they want to be THIER best, they represent their Father, who is the King of Kings. Excellence glorifies God and inspires others. ย All of this doesn’t need to be upsetting, always look at the positive in everything! I’m glad we have magazines to show us what’s new and improved, I love learning new ways of doing things. I know not everyone is like me, some women don’t like nail polish or make up, and that’s ok, we are all made different with different preferences. Can you imagine how boring this world would be if everyone were exactly the same? My take on makeup, some like it and some don’t. If someone takes an advertisement to an extreme and labels themselves as ugly because of what they read, then I believe there is a deeper problem that lies in that persons heart. Peace everyone, God loves us! With or without makeup!ย 

  29. Thank you for your perspective. I agree that females have this burden on them, many really. My hope is every woman finds her gifts inside of herself and uses these gifts.

  30. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Also, the makeup can’t be good for one’s dermatological health. For healthy skin and everything else, it’s best to focus on eating well, drinking lots of water and exercising. Sweating profusely in a sauna doesn’t hurt either.
    My guess is that you don’t wear high heels. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve imagined that if aliens were looking down at our human race, they must think that we’re an odd lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. It’s not about moderation in trying to “hide your flaws and accentuate your features” as they would say. It’s about fact that people think women need make-up to feel better about themselves and be more confident and this being a proof of how ugly our society has become. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  32. A wonderful essay. To my way of thinking, the most beautiful part of a woman is her mind. It is a lovely labyrinth I know, as a man, I will never fully understand, but will always appreciate. Thank you for a glimpse of your beauty.

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  34. Interesting post! I love how you’ve triggered both ‘camps’ to speak their mind!

    I rarely use makeup, especially when I go to work (as a RN) but you know its a special occasion for me when I do put some on–and very little at that point as well–to enhance my looks, not alter them.

    The funny thing–I’m 47 now and most people, especially younger ones, have a hard time believing it. When I tell them its because I don’t wear makeup every day and just use Olay Regenerist they are amazed and you can see the wheels start to turn…..its great what a healthy diet and plenty of fresh air (with sunscreen) can do for your looks.

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  36. Exceedingly well written. And after viewing a handful of the comments I must say isn’t it great that we women are coming into our own and speaking out on the things that matter most to us. Standing up for our fundamental rights. It never has been about being better than, but rather in recognizing the beauty that is inherently natural to all women, whether it be an appearance (natural) an individual personality – unique to each person on the planet or that special something that sets each and everyone of us apart from the other, Bottom line we as women are becoming a serious force to be reckoned with. Isn’t it great. There’s no going back baby! Way to go. You inspire many with your words. I’m glad to be following you.

  37. Talin,
    I shortened your name becaue I can’t keep all the letters together. Hope you will excuse me.
    I so agree with what you wrote here. I too am sick to death on commercials, movie stars, magazines, that women are not beautiful unless everything on their faces is what their standard of beauty is. So too with weight. It makes my blood boil too over this stuff. I gave up wearing make up some time ago. And I don’t bother to fix my hair in any particular way either.
    I figure if you don’t like how I look that’s your problem, not mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. This is such a timely post. Society really is twisted these days. We have to learn to accept our “imperfections”.

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