It’s The Little Things In Life, That is Big For Someone. I have a lot of those Little Things.

One day and several days that followed, I sat down in deep thought to myself, what little things are a big deal for me, what little things in this life that makes me happy, what things that make me feel incredible.  I thought about how important it is to me. I thought of different, scenarios, are people going to think it is strange? Are people going make judgements, comments and talk about me behind my back? But I took two steps back and I just do not care about those negative comments and distasteful things, that I do not need in my life. Its either someone appreciates me for who I am and what I like and supports me with it, or they can leave, but I believe people are free in what they are interested in and what they like, that people would talk about my likes and interests. I am sentimental, and I know the value of things around me and I am so thankful for it.  It is all based on individuality and our hobbies, interests, and things that we like.

Now, this may sound bizarre, but I just can’t get over myself in loving Highway 401 East  in Ontario, Canada. Your probably thinking, a highway? its just asphalt and a road to drive on to get to different destinations. To me, it is a lot more than that. There have been incredible memories on the Highway 401 East going toward Montreal from Toronto. Its such a great feeling. At times I was by myself driving and it was the best feeling ever and just the car, the music that gets me in the right state of mind, the road and myself. Its an experience I will never forget. I remember when I took my first alone driving trip. It was awesome. I went half way to Montreal which is Kingston, Ontario and there was an Armenian Youth Camping trip and it was an incredible time. Driving alone makes me feel so awesome and it takes my mind off of certain things. Taking trips and just getting away from the city and just exploring is so great. My memories on the 401 started when I was so young. Until now. This is one of the biggest things that is so valuable to me. The Highway 401 East direction is my favorite and it will always remain my favorite. I have had beautiful memories, fun times, and just seeing my favorite objects and places on the 401 on the north and south sides. I would see my favorite signs, and symbols, I memorized all the curves, twists, turns, the signs, the exit numbers, the towns. You name it. I have grown a sense of connection with the highway that takes me to my happy place Montreal. Even my wallpaper on my desktop computer has a Highway 401 East picture. Its a beautiful thing once you discover what is a big deal for me.

So take these little things in life. Someday it will be worth a lot to you and it will give a sentimental meaning as life goes on and you look back on everything you have been through and things you have had in life. The important thing is to discover it. Take sometime for yourself and figure all this out. I am sure you have little things that are such a big deal for you.

Give it a shot!


5 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things In Life, That is Big For Someone. I have a lot of those Little Things.

  1. I understand. I have favorite stretches of highway that bring back fond memories, and places that hold special memories. I love Grand Teton National Park, and know every curve of the road there.

  2. Dear Talin

    I have loved the 401 since I was 12. I am 36 now. I dream of it. One time, I dreamed I was a in place full of clouds and peaceful. The 401 was a ‘man’, and sitting with me. Someone, (an angel?) came by to drop off mail. 401 was exceedingly happy. There where gold envelopes, silver ones, etc, some where addressed; dear: 401, or To: 401 or simply ‘401’, letters only for ‘him’ and no other. There could have been a million other ‘401’s’ in the universe, but these were meant specifically for him. He was appreciative and excited to go through his mail and read the letters, so curious, I asked what kind of mail was it? He told me: ‘Fan mail!’ Somehow what you say in regards of the 401, reminds me of this dream. Happy and safe travels!


  3. Dear Talin; I was very moved that you chose to follow me on my blogs. After having read some of your blogs, I see that we share similar opinions on more than one subject. Although we share a like view of the internet, I must confess that I am an oldmanosaurus and struggle to keep up. It is of course a wonderful tool and a way to spread your word to the masses. I love your blog above and the appreciation you describe of what is seemingly an inanimate object, a highway.
    In yet another blog of yours, you mention your value of communicating with people. Not only are we people connected, but the animals, plants, and yes, even inanimate objects have a soul. Thank you for your interest to follow my blogs and let me know if I ever step out of line. Please comment, as I value your special opinion. I too will follow you. Be well, Reuven Bryer

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