The Diabetes Test, That Came Back Negative.

Every year I have a medical physical examination by my family physician and this year I wanted to get tested for Diabetes. So As I went to get my blood and urine work done, I came back home, just wondering and wondering what my result would end up to be. I know many people with Diabetes, so I decided to have it checked myself. I went to get my results the other day and when the doctor said that my blood and urine are fine, your healthy and your fine, is all I wanted to hear. Since now I am doing exercising and eating right, that plays a big role in not having diabetes. I am so happy and I can scream from the rooftops. Once Diabetes strikes you, its the pits and All the complications from Diabetes and How to control it, what foods to eat and everything of that sort is something I do not want to do. I plan to stay healthy and make healthy choices which I have been.

Be so careful of the amount of carbs, starch, and sugar you intake in your body. You can have it all, but in moderation and to the limit. There is no such thing in not eating everything. Eat everything, but know what your intake is, and what your eating. There are so many healthy recipes you can follow on the internet and sometimes you can create your own healthy food, by making unique signature salads on your own, and cooking different foods with what you create. Health is about getting creative about the food you eat, how you eat it. Never swallow big amounts of food. You must chew your food a lot and then swallow it. I heard it helps your metabolism become stronger and better.

Well, all in all, I am so happy My Diabetes test came in Negative. As I turn 27 years old on April 30th, this is the best present I can ever ask for. My health is in order. 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Diabetes Test, That Came Back Negative.

  1. I can relate to this post and I appreciate you sharing! I come from a family history that included diabetes and high blood pressure. I refused to become the next family statistic, which is why I began reviewing my health. I continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle so that I could do more in life and be a blessing to someone else. My mother and grandmother succumbed to diabetes (may they both rest in peace). Happy Birthday in Advance and may the Creator bless you with many more birthdays to celebrate! (I’m trying to remember when I was 30 LOL)

  2. Talin, you’re young and shouldn’t have this type of problem, unless it runs in the family. With an active life, you can enjoy food in moderation. Happy B’ day in advance.

  3. Happy Birthday Talin, I wish you all the Best health and happiness. Yes watching your diet is the best and the right thing to do avoid all the carbs and eat whole wheat and limit your sweets lol… Good stuff.

  4. Talin – Happy Birthday to you, soon. I love you in purple. It’s a beautiful color on you. This post is so great. It contains all the right words to encourage everyone to take care of themselves.

  5. Good for you! Many people develop diabetes due to bad eating habits. But, if you switch to better, healthier food, like vegetables, fruit and sprouts, your system will change and you become stronger and healthier. 🙂

  6. I’m glad for you… I have diabetes and it’s an insidious disease. The kind that you hardly know anything is wrong. Your sugar level could be way high and you don’t know it. It’s been a struggle to get my sugar under control; and while I’m not exactly there yet, I’m on my way.

  7. I’m glad you’re being vigilant. Most people could learn from your example. I’m even happier that you’re healthy. 🙂

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