Just Because You Have A Bad Day, Does not Define That Your Life Is Bad

I recently saw a really interesting picture quote saying “Just Because You have a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life”. I really like that quote so much. Life will always have its ups and downs and we cannot control that. Life will bring happiness, disappointments, frustrations, confusions, misunderstanding, jealousy, fortune, fortunate situations, unfortunate situations, different feelings, emotions, bad days, good days, you name it. I think it is very important to realize that just because you have a bad day, don’t go around saying you have a bad life and your life is not going to get any better, bad things always happen to me, the wrong people always come around me, I am always stuck in a middle of a bad situation, My life is gone to the drain. These things should not be even said. Life is here for a purpose, you are here for a reason on this earth. You were not put on earth for no reason. God chose you.

Life is an incredible and wonderful thing. Life is beautiful only if you make it beautiful. Never ever under-estimate your life. Life is a great thing. Believe in me when I say this, just because something is not happening for you right now, it does not mean it ever will. You have to be patient. There is a right time for everything and there is a time for everything in life in balancing work, school, family, friends, community outreach programs, outings, parties, vacations, house work, cooking, and much more. Never say you have a terrible life. It is all in your mind. It is mind over matter and matter over mind. Never look at life as a glass half empty. Always look at it half full.

Tumblr is such a great tool and it helps me so much to find clever and incredible quote pictures and sayings. This one really hit me hard and I had to address this situation as I have heard people around me many times saying they have a bad life, and that Life really sucks and everything. Life does not suck. It is all just an illusion in your mind for you to think that way. Never think that way because when you think in a certain way about something it will always mean it that way to you. Do not think so much about it. Life is a great gift. We go to sleep, we wake up and were alive is all that matters. Life is a precious thing. It is all in the way you look at it. Never ever sell yourself short on anything and especially about what you think of what your life is. Where is that positive vibe? Use positivity everyday in your life and use that energy. It will take you places in life. If your too negative and always telling people about how bad your life is, it will not get you far.

Just wake up every morning and keep smiling and be happy your alive and kicking. Life is about waking up in the morning being amazing and positive during the day and going back to bed. Remember some people do not get another day. everyday is a second chance. Keep up your chin, keep your head up high, aim high, stand tall and keep on going!

12 thoughts on “Just Because You Have A Bad Day, Does not Define That Your Life Is Bad

  1. Life sucks LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL just kidding !!! I hear this so many times, I know people don’t mean it just because they did not get what they wanted, if you look around, you will always see some better and some worse, as long as you think you are better than worse than you are doing fine and happy, being positive in life is the key of success and happy life, I had to read this Blog twice, I commend you Talin in writing such nice and honest blogs, try always to be positive, I know some days are hard but the challenge is to conquor those days, Have GOOG NIGHT

  2. I’m quite guilty of this. I often sulk about why things don’t go my way, how this person or that circumstance caused me to be in a bad situation blablabla. Thanks for making me realize my wrong way of perceiving life. 🙂

  3. I caught myself really being negative when I was so sick with food poisining the other day but then correcting myself because God is not ready for me yet and he got me through. I so agree with your post today.

  4. You are right, Talin. Life is our most valuable gift. We are on earth for a purpose and we all are special in the eyes of God. So insted of thinking that our life is bad because of a single bad day, we should every morning celebrate the fact that we are alife and stick to the thought that eveyday brings the opportunity to grow through the proofs and find new strenght to go along.

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