I Really Enjoy The Tumblr Website – I find So Many Great Things

For a few months now, I have been on Tumblr website and I am finding a lot of incredible things such as great quotes, clever quotes and things that make you think about how to deal with certain situations. I use tumblr mainly to look at quotes and inspiring quotes to put on my facebook, twitter and use those quotes in my day to day life. I have so many quote pictures I have saved and I look at them and say, wow it does make sense. I like things about happiness, positivity, motivation, dedication and determination. Its such a great site where so much is published and I see the same ones on facebook’s positive and quote pages. I like to share things like this a lot. especially on my fan page on facebook “A Writer Named Talin Orfali”. I don’t like seeing people miserable and unhappy and I always try to send out these positive quotes and I do my best to make people think positively and be happy in ones life no matter what is happening. Tumblr is a website where I recommend to anybody where there is anything you want to look for whether it’s quotes, interesting pictures, and interesting memes, as well as humorous things, but there are also crazy things on there, but I am more interested in the good things and the positive side of it all.

I am usually on Tumblr about an hour or so a day and whatever is of interest to me, I keep it for my personal self. I totally recommend this site.

4 thoughts on “I Really Enjoy The Tumblr Website – I find So Many Great Things

  1. I’ve been on Tumblr way before I made a blog here on WP. It’s nice to have a dashboard filled with inspiring quotes or sweet notes ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tumblr used to make my day before. I spent most of my hours tumblring than doing other way more important stuff way back. It was hella fun what can i say. But as time went by I found myself starting to get bored on it. Too many people started coming in and everything on my dashboard felt too crowded. And so i started finding something else – something fun and somehow quiet – and wordpress is just perfect.

    But you’re right there are so many interesting, inspiring and fun things on tumblr.:-)

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