When People Take Credit For The Work Somebody Else Has Done.

Isn’t it mind boggling when you do all the work for a company, or when you are doing a project that a lot of the group members do not participate in doing anything, then everybody or someone else gets credit for it? That is a terrible thing. Those people do not even admit that they didn’t pull their weight in a job, task or project portion and being dishonest about it. I cannot handle people who take all the credit. When you are working in a group setting everyone must pitch in and do something and not let one person take care of it. Each person must be delegated a task to do and then put the finished product together in the end.

I believe that it is not fair for the other person who has worked extremely hard for something and who has put a lot of time and energy into something and then does not even get recognized for it and does not even get the credit, award, or something they solely deserve. I know from experience. I was a committee member of my Armenian Youth Group at my church for over 7 years and I was the communications director, and secretary for so many years, and I was the one sending out flyers, letting people know of any retreats, events, parties, weekend camping and skiing getaways, sports weekends, meetings, writing up meeting minutes, going to several meetings out of town, in town, going to committee retreats in the states like Chicago and New York, and being a vital person in the committee, the church and the community. During every church anniversary I would hope that my name is called to receive the Youth Female of the Year award and I would be so hopeful to hear them calling my name, but that never came and I was really crushed then I would see a totally different person getting the award that I am supposed to receive. At those times I was in everything from Sunday School, Volunteering at Saturday School, Going to almost every event possible, and promoting events on facebook, e-mails and everything else. You would think after all the hard work, determination and countless hours spent, for them to dedicate me an award and give me credit for the work I have put into it, but I was so wrong. It was a terrible feeling I got in my stomach and in my life. I was crying my eyes out because of it. I have never really been the same again and I just didn’t have it in me to continue anymore. Yes I am still a vital member in my community and I do go to bible studies and everything, but that same poise and that same energy I used to have is not there anymore. There is this emptiness in my heart, soul and mind that is not giving me the drive to do anymore.

That is why when I see well-deserved people not being recognized for all the hard work they do and not getting credit for it, it just makes my blood boil and it just makes me so angry that hey this person worked their butt off and did so much and yet the appreciation and recognition is not there for that person and who was not honored as a great individual who took so much time out of their life to help out and to make sure things succeed. It saddens me to see it. When people do things for me, and when people go out of their way to work at something, I always recognize them and give them the credit they deserve. I mean its a polite and nice thing to do. Now being dishonest and taking the credit upon yourself is not a great thing.

In general, I do see this happening and when credit is not given, its a wrong thing to do. Like if you see something online or if you see somebody writing something its always a great idea to ask and to give credit where its deserved. I don’t know this is my two cents of it all.

15 thoughts on “When People Take Credit For The Work Somebody Else Has Done.

  1. Great post Talin and very well said. This happens way to often in life, others muscling in on the act when the real grafters, the one’s that have put their heart and soul into it, worked tirelessly, never get a mention. I am sorry that you never got the recognition and praise that you plainly deserve for all the hard work that you’ve put in over the years for your church community. Have you spoken to anyone about it? Maybe it’s time you said something to them? At the very least they will hopefully learn a valuable lesson of taking the time to notice, and appreciating people such as your good self, who work so hard on their behalf. Good luck Talin, and I hope that from now on you get acknowledged for all your kindness and hard work.

  2. It is sad, when someone who has put their all into so much doesn’t get the recognition they deserve and my heart aches for the young you who felt so cheated.
    But there is one thing I want to say – don’t do things for the wrong reasons. Contributing to your community in hope of a reward, you set yourself up to be disappointed. Unless the reward is an agreed payment for your services, never expect anything.
    Community service is just that – service to your community, unpaid. Out of the goodness of your heart, expecting nothing in return. Expect nothing, and you WILL see the real rewards – a smile from someone you helped, people enjoying an event you helped organise, etc. There are so many more, real rewards in life than trophies/prizes/payments.

    • We have to market ourselves when doing things in exceptional..and if somebody not recognizing your hard work though you have marketed yourself, It should be a lesson for them, make complete dependency on you in some activity and put them in pressure (with fake reasons of not doing..) and complete it and it shows your service so much in the team..

      Doing things perfect is fine, but putting you in the list of who has done also requires a hard work

  3. You are absolutely right, a little bit of credit and thank you goes a long way, unfortunately this is life and it happens but don’t let that stop you doing things that you like and help, I am sure you will be rewarded someday some how, as someone said may be not today maybe not next week but it will happen, just enjoy and be nice and it will makes you feel good…Enjoy

  4. I called someone out on this very topic the other day. All she had to do was say she found it on pinterest. “She” claimed it was her idea. It wasn’t long and “she” took my idea as her own. I was quite hurt, so I can understand.
    Give credit, where credit is do and if it’s not your state your source.
    This was a great post.

  5. As I read your post, I could feel your disappointment, frustration and yes, even anger.

    I understand what you are saying, but never, EVER lose sight of the bigger picture. When you do something, especially for your community, you do not do it for the praise, you do it for yourself, for your Passion, for Our Lord.

    Here is a link to one of my Favourite Mother Teresa Quotes, “Do It Anyway”


    Never let others decide your Mood 😉
    Never let them decide what you do or do not do 😉

    God Love You ♥

  6. Understand totally what you are saying here. The web is so bad for that too… I see loads of people posting other peoples work including photos and no credit or reference to the original. it is as if cut and paste makes you the owner.

  7. Understand totally what you are saying here. The web is so bad for that too… I see loads of people posting other peoples work including photos and no credit or reference to the original. it is as if cut and paste makes them the owner.

  8. Well, I’ve got a couple of things to say about this. Firstly, yes, it is horrible and rude when somebody takes credit that they don’t deserve. It’s very common, and it makes me mad.
    However, I’ve never met anybody who admits to being such a loafer. It’s my belief that most people actually perceive themselves as being the only person who does any work. I don’t think anybody really believes that they are the lazy bugger in a group. So the question is, can you blame somebody for something they don’t know/think that they’re doing?

  9. Hang in there, Talin.

    Colossians 3:23-25
    23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. 25 Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for their wrongs, and there is no favoritism.

  10. I understand, been there, unfortunately. Two things: first you now know who you are dealing with so keep copies of everything, second: you know you did your best and your work was worth taking credit for – usually at some point others will notice. If not, then perhaps it is just time you either moved on, or let them take the lead on the next project and allowed them to face the music on their own..

  11. You are right: It is wrong and terrible when people take credit for the work somebody else has done. Unfortunately, due to the human condition, the world is full of people who do just that. They steal or freeload. Understanding this problem of the human condition, we must work toward the upliftment of humanity. We can do this by beginning with ourselves — with our own spiritual awakening and transformation. And we can denounce those who steal credit from others or who freeload on the labor of others.

    • We can also affirm others and acknowledge each of them for the “little pats” the give us and the smiles they send our way, such as the posters and bloggers here in your site. It is a two-way street, Talin: the Golden Rule of doing unto others. As you would like others to read and acknowledge your posts, then do the same to them by acknowledging them in return.

  12. just happened to me today,when i put all my effort,mind,and time,a certain person called best-friend a partner-in-crime took all the credit,where in my line of work,recognization is pretty much vital… it hurts sooo much,i felt betrayed. I’ve always gives credit to this certain person everytime if he did something. It is my fault too though that i’m an introverted type of person while this certain person is an extroverted type of person,but it just feels so wrong to takes all the credit

  13. This happened at my workplace. One person went to all the people in my department, one at a time and schmoozing them into helping in a community project and after the project was completed and all others left in the evening he relayed to the organizer of the event how he alone assembled “His” crew and it was his efforts alone that a lot of work got done. He had a motive, he was trying his best to be awarded a yearly citation given by the City. Sadly, this type of person, who uses others for their own self promotion will eventually end in no one volunteering for such community works.

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