The Manner less Society Today. Where is The Etiquette?

As I have been going out a lot in society, I am seeing more and more people being manner less and impatient. I am seeing a lot of people’s etiquette and the way they present themselves to be so tasteless and so terrible. I sometimes wonder how certain people have been raised and how certain people carry out themselves in public. Where are the mannered people? You don’t see much of it that much anymore. Many times I have sat in restaurants carrying on with my friends and with family and I see people talking and eating with their mouths full, I see people reaching for food or drinks too hovering the person sitting next to them. It does not hurt to say excuse me, may I have some of that bread over there? Or would you please pass me the pitcher of water? Never forget to say thank you. It is very important. No matter who you are with. Kindness and proper etiquette is a must. Here are some examples of Etiquette and Manners.

In A Shopping Mall or Plaza Setting:

It is always a great idea to look behind you to see if other people are coming when you approach the entrance doors. Keep the door wide open for them to come in too. People should say thank you to you, and of course your response would be your very welcome and enjoy your day. They or that person should say, thank you and you too. Then you carry about your business. Now when you go and line up at a cash out and you see people, not a good idea to bud in front of them. First come first serve. Budding in front of people is a no no. If the person says would you like to go ahead of me? You would then say Oh if you do not mind… The person says no no I insist or yes sure, Then you say thank you or if you say no its alright you were in front before I was. These little things make a huge impact in society. To learn to be patient and to learn to be polite.

In A Public Transit Setting:

When you are in a public transit setting, and you see elderly, or if you see someone with crutches or a pregnant person, its always a great idea to give them a seat. It makes them feel incredible that somebody has thought of them and given them their space to sit. Also if you are chewing gum incessantly and with your mouth constantly going 200 miles an hour making noise to make another person uncomfortable and to annoy others, you should chew with your mouth closed and don’t chew like a maniac.

On The Road Driving or In A Parking Lot:

I know this is the most difficult thing to be courteous to other drivers, but the road is shared with everyone. Not just you. Let a person in if they are trying to get in that lane or go to the lane to make a left turn or a right turn getting close to intersections and street ways. Also its a great idea to give people the right of way sometimes. depending on the situation. If you would like others to give you the way while driving, you have to sacrifice a couple of minutes here and there and let others in. Its important to share the road. I am sure we were taught how to share in kindergarten class and in grade school. Exercise the same habits when you are driving too. No matter what. Always signal your changes, always be cautious.

Restaurant Table Manner Etiquette:

Do not talk with your mouth full of food, Do not reach over somebody to get water or bread or whatever it is. Always ask the person beside you or near you to pass something you like on the table. Reaching over somebody’s eating space is a no no. Asking never hurts and you say please excuse my reach or my arm. Also never put your elbows on the table while eating. Use Utensils that are on the table and try to use less of your fingers and use utensils properly. Do not overfill your mouth with food. take small portions and put it in your mouth. Do not make too many sounds while eating and chew with your mouth closed. Also if you need to sneeze or if you have to cough, turn away from the table and do so and cough or sneeze on the edge of your elbow, then go to the restroom and wash your hands and come back to sit and join your group. When getting up at anytime, please say, Oh please excuse me. I will be back. These things help a lot. Also be patient with the waiter or waitress or server. They are not just dealing with you and your table as they are dealing with everyone. please give them time to get the food or things you requested.

Online Etiquette:

When using social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, and all those other sites, its a great idea not to swear and curse, and watch what you write. It can one day be visible and you can be in trouble. Be careful always.

Say Please, Say Thank You, Always Ask, Always have a friendly smile and use proper etiquette no matter where you are. It is very important to exercise these simple things that can make a big difference in the world. Try and be amazed.

Etiquette is a recipe of success anywhere with anyone.



19 thoughts on “The Manner less Society Today. Where is The Etiquette?

  1. Ugh! I know and I have noticed the younger ones, which means the generation that will follow ours is very bad mannered and impatient. The vast majority are spoiled and very disrespectful.

  2. I can’t read any more of these, Talin. You’re just ranting. Good luck to you, but I’m done. I certainly don’t need to be condescended to by anyone. Sorry to be abrupt, but it’s not positive, and, as I’m sure you’ve stated in the past, it’s far better to be positive than critical all the time.

    • Hi Martha, I have not done anything to you, but whatever happened to Freedom of expression or freedom of speech? I am entitled to write about whatever I want on my blog and whatever subjects I feel the need to talk about as I see fit. If you cannot read anymore of this, that means that the truth and facts, that I do state people do not admit the wrong they do and so they try to avoid it. I do wrong too, and I do admit it, but I am entitled to my own opinions and so are you.

    • Talin, I have to say that I’m with Martha on this one. I don’t expect to open my email and be ranted at and preached to because somebody didn’t say “pass the salt”. I find this especially obnoxious because you show absolutely no interest in my blog, or reply to comments, and that is rude in itself.

      Good luck, but please look to your own online ettiquette before telling your followers how to behave.

  3. Please. Of course you have freedom of expression. I never said you didn’t! I simply am not interested in reading your blog anymore. Ii doesn’t “mean” anything other than I choose not to read it. I did wish you good luck, and I’ll repeat that. Good luck and best wishes to you.

  4. LOVE!! As a former teacher at a private school, we as teachers, made a day-to-day effort to teach our students to be courteous, whether they we in our class or not. I firmly agree with the etiquette lacking in society today.

  5. So true, Talin, I have been saying this for a couple of years now. Bring back Emily Post… or something… common courtesies and good old fashioned manners need a come back 🙂

  6. Good morning … this is a tricky one in many respects. It is said of course that ‘manners maketh man’ (and ladies as well). I think that we all forget our manners at times. I think we also have to accept that good manners are very often not returned … sometimes I find that holding open a door for someone for example may be returned with a smile or a thank you but all to often with an accusative glare. My late Dad was considered by all to be a gentleman and his example is what I always try to aspire to as I think he would be disappointed in me otherwise. (I will swear if I hit my finger with a hammer though and I may disagree with traffic wardens at times) … Manners are basically the surface features of the person beneath. Etiquette … I’m not so sure about that one .. just a tad fussy at times … using the correct knife and fork and that sort of thing.

  7. Ooops … just reading the other posts you seem to have stirred just a wee bit of a hornet’s nest with this one … so I will tell you a joke about table manners to cheer you up … 3 couples are in a hotel dining room having breakfast … an English couple, an American couple and a couple from Glasgow. The English guy says to his wife … Pass me the sugar,sugar. And the American guy says to his wife, Pass me the honey,honey. And the guy from Glasgow turns round and says to his wife … pass us the milk,ya cow.
    (The characters depicted in this joke are purely ficticious and bear no resemblance to any person either living or dead by the way)
    Love and best wishes to all.

  8. I like to call it an “overwhelming sense of entitlement”. It’s often inoffensive because many people with that sort of manner don’t know what the phrase means.

  9. It was a lovely article, Tali.
    I have to agree about the lack of manners. Especially with the young kids. They dont say “please” or “thank you” its always “give me. Can I?” not “may I?
    Then they look at you cross-eyed if you say something. And I always say something. Which is what I am going to do right now:

    I didnt find the post obnoxious, so I dont understand why the other readers had such a problem about it. amazing how one person makes an critical observation about society, and suddenly there are feathers ruffled. Dear readers, unless the criticism was about you and only you, you have nothing to be offended about, get over it.
    There now you have something to peck at it.

  10. I think you said what those of us who do care about manners are thinking! I think people are growing more and more selfish these days, and unable to take responsibility for their own actions as is proven by those who get up in arms at a post on manners.

  11. I agree!! I find rudeness very irritating, when it is really so easy to be polite and it generally saves a lot of trouble all round. It’s not a question of pandering, it’s just the grease on the wheels of society, you know? It helps everybody.

  12. sounds like you hit a nerve. I enjoyed your post, it’s about time we started paying attention to the lack of common courtesy to our fellow man. It really is just about treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves. Keep up the good work.

  13. I also enjoyed this, Talin! You are so correct! I think I’m getting old, because I’ve been feeling the same way. Along with lessened manners, I’ve noticed the lacking of true customer service. No one counts change out anymore and just are not friendly behind the counter. I used to work behind the counter, so it’s very noticeable. Many people want things “now” and thus, are more impatient. I don’t even think it’s the younger generation, maybe regarding some things, but I do believe the instant gratification of technology has a lot to do with it.Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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