Packed On A Couple Of Easter Weekend Pounds

I just discovered, that I had a little bit of a setback as I have gained 2 pounds back from all the Easter Weekend dinners with family. I tried to stay away from the cakes, chocolate, and dessert, but I could not resist the temptation, so I just gave in. I am working on taking back those pounds and doing more working out and just getting back on track with my diet. It is so hard to get into the swing of things, but I am doing it… I feel so much better. When I was in Church there were a few people who complimented me and my weight loss which I am so happy, but I need to do it a lot more. I cannot give up because I put on a couple of extra pounds. That will not deter me from my route to success and where I want to be. It is extremely difficult to go through weight loss and its the biggest thing, but I will not be giving up and I will fight that fat and I will get on track again.

It is so easy to gain back the pounds, but so extremely difficult to lose the weight. I ran on the treadmill the other day which I should not have done yet. My back was in so much pain and I could not do anything else throughout the day, but my back feels better now and went back to walking on the treadmill briskly, but everything will work out in the end… I am super confident…

8 thoughts on “Packed On A Couple Of Easter Weekend Pounds

  1. That’s the spirit, I too gaineda little, at least I felt that way, I too couldn’ t resist that Nice Easter cake and had a piece but today cold or not went for a long walk and tomorrow back on my bike and sit ups, I know the feeling gaining fast and losing slow but at the end I am sure you and I wil conquor… Holidaays are discounted LOOOOL don’t give up, remember the nice cloths are waiting for you…

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