Once A Year Church Goers On Easter, An Issue That Has Hit Close To My Heart

I attended Church for the Easter Celebrations and to Thank Jesus for sacrificing his life for us, and I was reflecting, praying and giving thanks to God and Jesus for giving me an incredible and loving family, friends, and supporters as well as everything I have. I feel it is very important to me to attend church more often and to be in one roof with uniting with the community to be God’s house. I believe that a church is not a church until there are so many people in it. Or else It will just be a building. That’s what it is when people don’t fill it. What really hit close to my heart was that there were people I had seen at church today that only come once a year and don’t even bother to take 1-3 hours of their lives on Sundays or as much as they are able to attend during the year to get into God’s house and to pray and to reflect.

I know some people will debate with me to tell me that it doesn’t matter where you are, you can always pray to God. Yes I agree with people who think that way, and it doesn’t matter if you go to church or not as long as your a great christian and try to live life clean and happy, I agree as well, but let me tell you something, Going to Church is so much more different, and its good to take Sunday’s and spend it with family, getting dressed, going to church. Its a great feeling. Seeing the Altar, the priests and the altar people. Its incredible to be experiencing church too. I know sometimes life is busy and hectic with family to take care of and people who work and everything else, but try to make time for church, try to give your time to Jesus who gave up his life for us, and to appreciate him. A Church cannot function if people do not go into them.

On Record there must have been over 3000 people at church. This has hit me quite hard. I try my every effort to be in church as much as I am able to and I go a lot every year. I also make it a commitment to attend Bible studies and to keep my faith updated and on track. Hearing God’s words comforts me and making friends and getting into people is something I truly love. I love my Armenian Church community. I have made so many friends from it. Today 1 in 3 or 4 people came to me to shake my hand and kiss me on the cheek to say happy Easter to me and talked to me. A few have come up to me to compliment me and my blog and among everything else. I am super happy for going to church since I was a kid. I am so happy my parents took me as a young child and I am so close to my Armenian community and the church. I love it so much. I know sometimes the Armenian Church Mass takes longer than usual, but its the beauty and the sounds and songs and prayer that make everything else not matter. Its a beautiful thing.

Remember the Easter Bunny, the Chocolates or the Eggs and the colors did not die for us and our sins. Jesus did. God Bless everyone and May God Be with all of you.

Another Easter has come and gone… Lets Pray that people will attend church more often… Amen

****This topic is in General and for the Believer Readers****

17 thoughts on “Once A Year Church Goers On Easter, An Issue That Has Hit Close To My Heart

  1. people show up on Christmas or Easter mostly because they want to see friends that they haven’t seen for a long time not for praying, if every one think the same way and only show up once or twice a year then you might as well not have a church for praying or being in the house of God. I on the other hand am guilty sometimes for not showing up on those specific days because of the huge crowd and meeting those people.lol. I think we should go to church more often, at least more than just holy days

  2. God has been in my life since I was little. I strayed away and then came back. I go to church three times a week and I do it because I love it and I want to be there to hear a great word and worship the Lord. But one thing to keep in mind is the house of worship is just a building the people who go to that place of worship are the church. We are the church every where. We give to support the kingdom of God so yes numbers do help to keep the house running but the people display and portray God at all times. Stay blessed

  3. Like yours, our church was full with the Twicers (those that come to church at Christmas and Easter twice a year – hence twicers) and the kids that have heard that we have the best Easter Egg hunt in town. Whether it is out of obligation, fear or a desire to reconnect I would rather welcome them back and hope that they can be encouraged to return more often than punish them for their absence. One of the greatest joys for me is the fellowship and community that the church provides – particularly for those who are isolated from their own country like we are. Happy Easter and if my sources on the Armenian greeting is correct (Christos haryav i merelotz! Orhnial e Haroutiunn Christosi! – Christ is risen! Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!)

  4. Happy Easter, Talin.
    I’m Christian. I have a relationship with my Father. I am no longer a church-goer.
    I have anorexia, depression, and suffer CPTSD from sustained life threatening trauma throughout my childhood and on until recently – abuse and violence. I have been a very sick person – and if it wasn’t for certain lovely Christians I would be dead today – they helped me find my way back to Jesus and see God existed – seeing Him in them in their kindness acceptance, love. I listen to, and talk with God, every moment of every day. I constantly thank Him for my life, for this amazing world. Constantly ask for His guidance. My church IS the whole world.
    I do not think that reserving a short spot of an hour or so a week to be with God is enough to be honest. He is with us 24/7. He never stops.
    Also, I have been told by some so called ‘Christians’ things like – Mental illness is a sign of a heart filled with sinfulness. Medications (that saved my life) are ‘mind control’. Anorexia is a sign of possession by demons. And so on.
    My best friends are both Gay. They are the most lovely, kind, caring, Christian in every way (one has completed Bible college to be a Pastor but has put it aside to do nursing, the other works with severely disabled kids) Both of them have struggled with their sexuality – neither wanted to be Gay and fought it for years. they have both recently had to accept the truth – they are gay. They were CREATED gay. It’s as naturally them as their hair colour, eye colour, skin colour. God MADE them gay. And yet, the backlash from formerly loving and accepting church members has been HORRIFIC. These people are NOT Christians. NO matter what you believe, God wants us to love, to accept one another. Who are we to judge? Are WE perfect and without any sin? Who are we to arrogantly assume the right to judge anyone on their life when we are NOT God Himself?
    THAT is why I do not go to church.
    Sadly in this day and age, most churches seem to not be about God, but about appearances. In the worst of them, it’s about worshipping the PEOPLE at the church, the ‘leaders’. People hang their brains up at the door and swallow everything they are told without going back to their Bibles if something doesn’t match what we have read there.
    So those who come once or twice a year on special days – no ‘worse’ than many church goers. And if going by ‘obligation’ once or twice a year might possibly serve as a doorway to God – maybe this time, their hearts will be opened – then it’s all good 🙂

  5. Church really is mostly a social event – not that people aren’t worshipping God, but it’s about people of the same beliefs coming together and sharing them. Although I see the benefit in this – the fellowship, I don’t think it’s to everyones taste.

  6. This is something I was just discussing with my hubby yesterday. If you’re good enough to come to mass on Easter and Christmas, you’re good enough to come every week, or maybe every other week. My husband calls them “cafeteria Catholics”. 🙂 The church was packed and it is never packed!

  7. I agree with you that going to church and celebrating God is a wonderful thing and brings joy to so many who attend. We just have to be careful about how we treat others for not practicing worship in the same way we do because when people feel judged, they want nothing to do with anything we represent. When so many more people show up to church on easter or christmas, it doesn’t always mean they only attend church once or twice a year. Some people are attending church for the first time ever, and are getting a feel of the place and the people. I used to despise going to church because i felt judged there by all the (holier than thou) “good christians” . it wasn’t until i found the right church for me that i looked forward to going. my spirituality was always there though, with or without going to church. I attend a non denominational church, because I feel that God is more than religious traditions and accepts not only the well dressed and confident, but everyone everywhere from all walks of life. In any case, be glad that people are there, even if only on certain holidays. It’s God’s message, and the examples we make of ourselves that count. not the building.

  8. In the book of Acts the word “church” refers to the Christians. There was worship going on when the Church came together in praise and in worship. The book of Hebrews says that we should never quit “coming together in fellowship”. That is, coming together with other Christians.

    Therefore, the Christians, who are the Church, should never quit coming together in Praise, Worship, and Fellowship. Isn’t this what we call “going to church”?

    I don’t much care for the phrase “going to church”, but for now, let’s just remember the deeper meaning it has for us.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

  9. My daughter calls those twice a year people CEOs. Christmas Easter Only.
    We home church as often as we “church” church. God knows where our hearts are and He is the opinion that is important. That said, I love to go to church and be surrounded in a fellowship of believers.

  10. “what you are angry about, is not that you’ve had it so bad — but that everybody else has had it so good.”…… “no, not that at all, really” ~ As Good as it Gets

  11. I would often tell my parents “God will not Judge me for what I wear to Church” in an attempt to wear jeans to church. I have grown out of that stage, but what are your thoughts on church attire? In your opinion, what is “too casual” for church?

    • Hi, I know you didn’t ask me. I think that God sees past our clothing. BUT – I also it’s important to take the trouble and care to dress as well as you can – because it’s such a special occasion, going to God’s House. For me, that’s everyday. Every day I try and look at what I’m doing and what I’m wearing and how I am through His eyes, I try and be pleasing to Him 🙂
      I think there isn’t a ‘too casual’ in that some people cannot AFFORD nice clothes – they might be wearing the best they have and that might not be very ‘nice’ in other people’s eyes, but it’s the best THEY have and that’s what matters to God.

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