Do You Like NHL Hockey? My Team Is The Montreal Canadiens!

I have been an NHL Hockey fan for quite sometime now since I was a kid. I remember going to so many card shows, hockey games and meeting players too. It was awesome. Years ago back in 1997, I had met Mats Sundin, Wendal Clark, Todd Warriner, and Tie Domi at Canada’s Wonderland in North of Toronto when they came for a Leafs fan day in September, 1997. Now as the years went by, I had met Mats Sundin again and as well as Tie Domi and have pictures with them and I have autographs from them too. They were all part of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now in 2003 I became a huge Montreal Canadiens Fan, and I went to a couple of Montreal Canadiens games and they have been super fun. I remember getting into the Bell Center / Centre Bell and the energy coming from that stadium was unlike anything I had ever seen before. More than the Air Canada Centre in Toronto when I went there for a couple of games. The Montreal Canadiens are my favourite team now for the past 8-9 years now. I love them so much because of the sole reason because I love the City Montreal and Laval a lot too. So it goes hand in hand. I am so happy to have had these hockey experiences. I want to go to a couple of Montreal Toronto games. Which in fact they played last night and won 4-1 Montreal over Toronto which I was jumping for joy. I didn’t watch it, but I saw the news in my e-mail updates I receive from Montreal Canadien’s Site. They call Montreal Canadiens the Habs… GO HABS GO!

10 thoughts on “Do You Like NHL Hockey? My Team Is The Montreal Canadiens!

  1. I was raised on the 6-team NHL in Chicago and remember seeing the Black Hawks play the Habs in the old smoke-filled Chicago Stadium in the days when the goalies did not wear face masks. I live in Michigan now, but I am still a Hawks fan!

  2. i have always wanted to go to a hockey game but have not yet been…it must be so neat to be around all these great players. there are some sports leagues by me that have some leagues. do you play hockey?

    • Oops stupid phone. I mean win or lose. I love them. And I have a soft spot for the Red Wings. As I say ABC. Anyone but the Canucks!

  3. My friend was eating dinner at a local Chinese restaurant in Vancouver a few years ago for his birthday. He’s a big Trevor Linden fan.

    Well guess who was at the next table?? None other than Linden himself! 😀 My friend was ecstatic.

  4. The Habs are awesome, even if they don’t win. It’s more about the tradition. It’s an old, very old team, and not liking them when you live in Mtl is almost sacrilege.

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