Gas Prices Are So Ridiculously High – I cannot believe it

I have just been so appalled by the gas price increasing so much by month and annually. As it is society and living expenses are increasing as well with taxes and everything else especially in North America. People are working so hard to make ends meet to put bread and butter on the table and make an honest living. These gas prices do not have to be this high. Most of peoples earnings go into gas nowadays and high taxes.  It is unbelievable how ridiculous it is. Some people who make minimum wage or a little higher use a day or two’s worth of work to just pay for fuel costs. How are people supposed to go out driving, enjoy themselves, go away on road trips, go to and from work, go to functions, gatherings with the constant worry of gas consumption. Yes I do believe in saving the environment and less emissions and toxins going up in the ozone layer, but there is a limit. People shouldn’t have to worry about their gas tanks all the time. Some people think twice of driving to places and making trips here and there because of the constant worry of having an empty tank. Whatever happened to the 39cents a liter or gallon or whatever it was? So people end up staying home or they end up not taking the car anywhere and they miss out on something really good. These gas companies and government should really focus on getting the fuel prices down significantly. People aren’t born to work like crazy and work so many hours a day just pay off for gas and some people work far from home and some don’t have access to public transit as much and things have become too inconvenient. People deserve breaks and people deserve to be treated like human beings. Nobody should be subject to work like animals(pardon me) to just pay for high taxes and fuel costs. People have families to support, necessities of life, school tuition to pay, medical expenses, utilities, and so much more. All these add up and some barely make it.

I look at these gas stations and I look at these prices and its nuts. totally nuts! Don’t go too far, the groceries are so expensive. 25 bucks doesn’t really get you far these days with that either. Now people are looking for more fuel efficient cars, hybrids and smaller cars. Now these big cars with more than 4 cylinders are being downsized. I feel for people who work to just pay for gas and food here and there. Life has become so tough out there, high rising costs that are hurting everyone and that is why so much stress, depression and people who go crazy. Its because of things like this. People are getting sick, people don’t know if they are coming or going. I really feel for people out there who don’t even have enough time to spend with family and friends because of it. Before Sunday’s nobody used to work and people were entitled to time off, now its so fast paced and people don’t have weekends and evenings anymore to spend with their loved ones. even during holidays. My heart aches and it breaks me to hear these stories about people trying to survive to make a living. Its unbelievable. I really do hope things turn around for peoples sake. Were all human, we deserve sometime to ourselves and our loved ones. Change needs to happen and needs to happen now before more and more people get sick, depressed and stressed. Life should be balanced with everything and life is not all about work, but nowadays unfortunately that is what people need to do to survive in this day in age. Lets hope for the best and hopefully things improve.


12 thoughts on “Gas Prices Are So Ridiculously High – I cannot believe it

  1. Hi from bonnie Scotland. Gas prices!! OK … in the UK we call it fuel as you know. The current price for a litre is about £1.40 – £1.45 per litre depending on whether it’s regular unleaded petrol or diesel. And there is going to be another increase in a few months.
    Most of the amount we pay for a litre is swallowed up by over 50% in government taxes (Tax on petrol + VAT). The actual profit the forcourt (gas station) makes per litre is only about 4p.
    We use a van which we need for our work and it costs about £90 if we choose to fill it up. Astro … bloody … nomical!!!
    Of course … I could say that the folk who are responsible for these ridiculous prices are able to claim all their fuel expenses back on their chauffeur driven limos when they do their tax returns … but that would just be a tad cynical I guess….
    I very much agree with the sentiments of your post about the amounts of money we spend on paying these vital bills.It certainly has a bad effect on my family … life is a constant battle to pay the bills with little left over to spend on those that we really care about. I certainly feel even more crazy when I struggle to pay companies who announce record profits. If we moan about this they say that the profits are being sunk into exploration and finding ways of improving the economic benefits…. and that just makes me feel like I’m just ignorant. So … I think I’ve finished now. These Armish folk ain’t daft not wanting to have any truck with cars … preferring mother nature’s real horse power instead …. but then again the price of hay and horseshoes and vets isn’t exactly chickenfeed these days …. and don’t even get me started on the price of chickenfeed.

  2. I pay $1.65 per litre here, it takes 150 litres to fill my Toyot’a tanks with diesel. 220 km to the nearest town East, and 600km to the west. Wish I had your prices!

  3. Inflation has become an incurable economic cancer.The story is about who will bell the cat? Politics or economics.

  4. Unfortunately I don’t think gas prices will ever come down, it is all calculated tactics to raise proces and make you feel right and adjust to the increase, they raise it real high then after few days bring down few cents and you think that it is lower and happy. The only way is to not buy from all major companies like Esso, Petro , buys smaller gas stations and see if it makes a difference then gas wars will start.
    This is a hopeless case I think 😦

  5. Reblogged this on Catholic Musings and commented:
    Offering a Mass, Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy for you & yours. I take public transit. My property has been destroyed by a gang, b/c I called the cops when he beat up his girlfriend outdoors when they were drunk and she pregnant. He retaliated. My property value has decreased $40,000 and is now in disrepair, for I am disabled. I understand.

    Many are feeling the pressure. Pray “Jesus, I trust in You.” He emptied Himself to take on the form of a slave and died to show us His Way, His Truth and His Life. You are being configured to Christ, on the Cross. Suffer this Cross, with Christ.

  6. Speculations and oil futures are driving up the cost of gasoline. The bubble will pop and the prices will fall some – but not as low as they were to begin with – just like they did the last few times futures and speculators drove up the price. My brother in law, who works in the industry, says most barrels of oil are owned, on paper, by a minimum of 15 people before the oil gets to the consumer. Each owner raising the price as he goes along.

    I understand the want/need of a profit but it should be illegal to be able to speculate on consumer products.

    Greed. Pure and simple. Greed.

  7. The future is in cleaner, renewable energies. Problem is we don’t know yet what might work to replace petrol 🙂

  8. Part of the overall problem is the cost of everything is based on fuel. Trucks/lorries need fuel to transport ALL the goods we need and use.

    Gasoline here in the greater Sacramento, California area is nearly $5/gallon. Fortunately, we can use “Flex Fuel” (85% ethanol, 15% petroleum) and it is about 50-cents cheaper. Unfortunately, the government wants to quit subsidizing drivers and distributors for using this.

    We are having presidential elections this November. Somewhere between Labor Day (first Monday in September) and election day (first Tuesday in November) prices will begin to be more manageable. Would you want to be the one on the “Raise Oil Prices!” ticket? I think not.

    Until then our only option is to plan our driving and transportation as economically as possibly. My wife always plans her appointments and/or chores so she can make a “circle” and not have to drive back and forth through town. She also tries to plan so her chores and appointments are close together – physically and chronologically.

    (This is the longest comment I’ve ever written, so you’re lucky to have chosen to read my “venting”.)

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