I Am So Happy! I Can Yell From The Rooftops On How Happy I Am!

I cannot even begin to describe how great I feel and have been feeling. This whole new world of exercise, eating well and losing weight has put a huge smile on my face and the motivation is so contagious, that I got it in an instant. I am just so ecstatic and satisfied with everything that is happening. I have a lot more energy throughout the day, My treadmill and outside walks are getting so much easier since I will be getting into my 4th week next week. I cannot believe it has already been four weeks since my exercise has started and feel so great. My body muscles are getting tight, i feel like my thighs and legs have gone down quite significantly. All I can say is I can yell from the rooftops and announce it to the world on how great I am feeling, so much more positivity, and so much more outlooks on life and just walking through the mall and saying I am going to wear that dress and I am going to make it a goal for me to do it. Who says exercise and eating well is easy? It is hard at first and it is a new experience and challenge, but I believe that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination to what you want in your life. If you want that nice body and the great health benefits that come with it, then I say go for it. If it is something that is going to benefit you in the long run and in the future, then do it. You are your own person and you have to make these changes for yourself and for the people you care deeply about. It is tough at first, but trust in me, it will get easier, the results will come soon after and everything will fall into place in where you want it. If you want something bad enough and if you are determined to change your lifestyle, then you will do it and you will feel so much better about yourself once your accomplish your goals that you set. If you say your going to lose 60 pounds or if your going to lose that 100 pounds or whatever the case maybe, and write down your goals and check them off as your accomplish them, you will see a big difference on your life and you will be rewarded with great health and so much more. If you want it you must go after it. Enough said, but it the willingness to do it and the will power to not give up. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Once you get into shape and eat well at the same time and find your balance in diet and exercise, with portion sizes, and fresh produce and meats that are not processed and staying away from processed foods, you will see the big difference. did you know cutting out sugar from coffee and tea, cutting out soft drinks, cutting out ketchup/relish condiments in your burger or fries, sodium, mayonnaise, fatty dips, chips, cookies, vegetable/corn oils, and replacing these withย  a more healthier approach, you can lose weight by just cutting these things.

My mood is ever so good. I am the happiest woman right now and I am so enthusiastic and serious about my workouts. I am having fun doing it. I listen to my MP3 Player, I watch TV while on treadmill. Everything. Occupy yourself with something in the beginning because I know you may think being on the treadmill or exercise feels long, and it will feel like that in the beginning, and then once you get in the swing of things and when you get used to it, you wont even feel the time going by. SO DO IT, BE HAPPY LIKE ME. IF I can do it. YOU CAN DO IT! YES I CAN!

14 thoughts on “I Am So Happy! I Can Yell From The Rooftops On How Happy I Am!

  1. Congratulations. Are you happy or what? I am trying to get motivated to do more than walking but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve lost 45lbs in 2 years so it has been slow, sometimes for months I don’t lose anything but then I’ll lose another couple of pounds. You’ve got me inspired again.

    • Just wanted to let you know Iโ€™ve enjoyed reading your posts and wanted to pass along the Liebster Blog Award. Details are on my site. All the best!

  2. well done keep it up and remember we all slip on the way the point is to pick up where you left off the day before !! Keep eating well and exercising but do not let it take over your life believe me it can and then instead of being good it becomes a weight at your heels! Anyway I am sure you are sensible enough to recognise that ! So well done and keep at it !! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. See how it feels…. Great keep it up, I am Happy for you, when you are happy am happy, we are happy, just keep on going don’t give up.

  4. I know the feeling, I have been there once and I too am exercising and trying to lose few lbs, always feels good when you reach your goal, mine is not much too ask but it is for me, as long as you feel comfortable. It is a great feeling when you get in to your new cloths, in my case my old (New) stuff… walking will become much easier, will not get tired as fast and for a change you will enjoy. Don’t give up your exercise even when your reach your comfort zone.xxxxxxxx

  5. That is so awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats! Your happiness will rub off on everyone around you! yay ๐Ÿ™‚ I, too, have been more conscious of my health on all levels for 2012. You’re right you do feel it on all levels.

    Just letting you know that I saw that you are subscribed to my blog, Freedom from Ashes. If you still want updates on posts. Please sign up again on my site. I have changed hosting as my blog is going through a metamorphosis right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a BE-YOU-to-the-Full weekend. Peace and Love!

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