Great Success, My Weight Loss is Progressing Well

There are a few things in my life which I am looking forward to this year and getting into shape is one of them. I am on my way to a new body, a new me, and a new outlook on the new life I will have when I want to get to the weight I want to be. Today, I was exercising on the treadmill and it was one of the most painful days ever in terms of the lower leg calve muscles which were burning so much and that burn pain made me go crazy on the treadmill, tears were rolling down my cheeks of how excruciating it was and it almost hit my heart. I was not going very fast either. I was just doing a brisk walk and boy did it really hurt, but that burn pain will go away soon and I will begin to walk on the treadmill without the pain and I will see the weight coming off even more.

I am going into my third week into my exercise and my family and friends that have seen me have noticed that my body has changed slightly but It is going well and drinking a lot of water I find is making my body more hydrated, my skin, my face, my hair feels more hydrated and vibrant. I am eating very small portions, and I am not eating late. I feel a burst of energy and I feel so great after the exercise I am doing. It hurts like H E double L, but I am not going to let that be a setback and I will not slack off. As I am on the treadmill I have my TV in front of me, I put music on in my Ipod, or play with my blackberry playbook and watch Youtube Video’s while I exercise.

After I lose about 30 pounds or so, I will be taking up Yoga. I decided to today. I am going to sign up for classes and improve my breathing when stretching and share my experiences with other people in the class with me. After my exercising improves and when I lose a lot more, I am going to join a gym as well for ladies and make friends with others who are trying to get fit like me and share our eating habits, what each person does to make lifestyle changes, the type of foods consumed. I am super excited for all of this. I can join it now, but I want to start out on my own and search the internet, and then work my way up to join the public.

I am patient and I am not going to overdo it to prevent myself from discouragement and I will not give up even when I am in the most terrible lower leg calve muscle pain ever. No pain No Gain.

I can do this!

24 thoughts on “Great Success, My Weight Loss is Progressing Well

  1. You will achieve it, because your mind is already made up, you’re determined so now your body will respond accordingly. I’m on the same path lets drop the weight and celebrate our new beginings.

  2. Good luck Talin! I need to follow your example and start doing more exercise too. I wish you every success and I know that you will suceed. You are a very determined lady 🙂

  3. Hi there ! The pain of the exercise will fade away but not the benefit ! You will feel better and better and stronger and stronger ! Congratulations for your determination and not giving up when it was tough !!!

  4. Good luck! first of all I think the term ‘get rid of’ is better than ‘loss’ because the loss is associated with something negative for our subconscious minds. In my opinion the best way to get rid of extra weight is individual diet when you don’t suffer, can still eat everything but you get thinner, ‘losing’ weight in short period of time damages the health,when the process of losing weight is slow (gram by gram) it leaves no stetched skin and cellulites. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Have you thought about swimming? Your body is supported by the water and it’s nigh-on impossible to cause yourself any pain – even with a god long workout. Once I’m strong enough my goal is to get back in the pool.

    Good luck! 🙂

  6. When you do take up yoga, you will love it. I do it everyday and couldn’t imagine not having it in my life. It’s life changing. My only question is, why are you waiting? 🙂

  7. You might also want to consider doing Zumba: dancing to brilliant South-american rhythms, you’ll get fit without realizing it in the company of like-minded people having LOADS of fun. Enjoy!

  8. Shortly before reading your post I ate several packets (small ones I should add)! of sweet biscuits. I do a lot of walking but I just don’t seem to be able to loose weight. You have encouraged me to start using that exercise bike which is currently languishing in my spare room. I will remove the washing which is currently drying on it and use it for it’s proper purpose!

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