The Saffron Spice – A Documentary Watched

I was watching this extremely interesting documentary about the spice Saffron. I never knew how incredibly important this spice really was until I watched it on a special programming. These farmers when they go out to pick Saffron from the purplish flower they get this spice from, I never knew how important it was to them as they have safes to lock it up and some say its they’re life, its they’re livelihood. I couldn’t believe how much of an effect a spice has for people and its the way they make a living. Saffron comes from many countries like Morocco, Spain and other parts of the world. Saffron is extremely difficult to take out from the flower and its a long process from it being harvested and brought to their small villages where later the ladies and men pick them. Now the Saffron flower has a special season where they grow it and it is the most expensive spice in the world to date. The following links actually gives a little more information and description as to what I am talking about. There is just so much information on this beautiful spice that this is a big deal for some people.

Since learning about Saffron, I have a new profound respect and appreciation as I love to learn about interesting things like this and watch educational and wonderful shows that teach people about different things. I try to saturate myself with educational programs, documentaries, how things are made, and things that are worthwhile to watch on TV. I knew what saffron was because when I go to spice shops and supermarkets, they sell them there and they are so expensive and tonight when I watched the documentary, I finally knew the reason why this was such a valuable ingredient and resource of our life. I couldn’t believe how incredible and beautiful it really is. I just hope people around the world appreciate these spices and where it comes from. It is not easy to produce spices and in the same show they spoke about Vanilla as well and I just cannot believe how big of a process it is. We must learn to appreciate the spices we have and look at them closely and think that oh wow, these spices were harvested through hard work and how the earth’s resources are such a valuable thing and some try to preserve them as much as possible. We should be grateful for what we have in our pantries. Now although we may have the powdered kinds of some spices, but in the show I watched on TVO explained the real saffron from a fake and they did experiments from different saffrons from different countries and regions of the world. This was so interesting to me that I have to blog about it today. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before and I want to travel to Spain and Morocco and experience the Saffron harvesting myself and go to the villages and be with people whom take so much pride into it. What a beautiful thing.

7 thoughts on “The Saffron Spice – A Documentary Watched

  1. Saffron certainly has a long and colourful history here in England. In Medieval England it was quite popular and common – but only the very rich could afford it.

    Then climate and farming changes occurred, and suddenly the specific purple crocus wasn’t so readily available – Saffron had also gone out of fashion and only very rarely was it used in banquets..

    Nowadays it is still a coveted, very expensive spice, because it’s so difficult to harvest and store. We buy large bags from eBay because it’s so much cheaper to buy in bulk, and I use it in a lot of my cooking; there are also pickling/preserve recipes that call for the colour and flavour of Saffron.

    It’s a wonderful spice, which has fascinated me for years. It is also a beautiful colour!

  2. Saffron is one of the most expensive spices. It has a beautiful yellow color. I use it when cooking for guests. Very little is needed to bring out an unforgettable flavor when used to prepare mussels. In the early days of America’s settlers only the very wealthy could afford any spices at all and they were kept in locked boxes so they could not be easily stolen.

    Great subject, nice blog!!!

  3. Thanks for this info! It is amazing the things we sometimes take for granted. There is a whole big world out there going on outside our own lives :-).

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