Your Internet Browser — Which do you Prefer?

Recently my curiosity on testing out different internet browsers became of big interest to me, and all I kept using was internet explorer as my main browser, but I noticed that Internet explorer has been running a lot slower than other internet browsers. Sometimes it would take forever to look at pictures, to post on my blog, and do so many things that I need to do, I decided to test out different internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari and so far Google Chrome and Firefox are the ones I really like. Internet explorer doesn’t give you that many options whereas the Chrome and Firefox are so incredible and super fast. I checked my e-mail, Facebook, twitter in a matter of 5 Minutes. Its incredible. I went to Safari as well and I was on there briefly, not so much to test it out. In comparison the internet explorer, I find that these browsers are far more secure and faster and it makes my life a lot easier and it makes blogging and e-mailing a lot more simpler.

I am glad I made the switch to Firefox and Google Chrome. I am using both now. Are there any other web browsers I do not know about? Are there any special websites to find out on the rating of internet browsers? With the internet being so compact on so much information and so many websites, I often find myself in a spiral and I do not know where to go, or which websites to really believe in ratings and information as some of them can be misleading and it makes things a lot more confusing. Even though I am great at Internet searching and I have a lot of knowledge on how to do things on the computer and everything, but sometimes it is so confusing and I wouldn’t know the best websites to fit my needs and what I want to look for in terms of the best things out there and I am asking you my readers to fill me in on the latest technology so on and so forth.

I mean this is what blogging and sharing ideas when blogging is all about. We learn from each other and different beliefs, and people offer great suggestions, opinions and everything. Its what I love to see and Its awesome to see how people interact with each other. sharing, giving and learning is what its all about and I value my readers and supporters opinions and suggestions. Its what makes blogging so much more fun with a lot of interaction and all that jazz. The Internet has taught me a lot about so many things and its an educational and great invention and I am so happy from the inventors. Now we have a world of technology and a world of communication where we can share, comment, and do so many things in the internet community. All the best!

31 thoughts on “Your Internet Browser — Which do you Prefer?

  1. Internet Explorer is by far the worst of the browsers. it comes standard on a lot of computers but I would never use it. I prefer Safari and Chrome.

  2. It’s funny that you mentioned the social interactions with blogging. I was sharing with my husband last night how blogging is so social. In the old days, you would have shared what you knew with friends and neighbors at the country store, church, or the front porch. Now we are doing the same thing – but with friends half-way across the globe! It really is fun!

    As for browsers, I just switched to Google Chrome (Firefox went wacky on me), and I really like it. I am a little concerned about all the info that Google is collecting about me, but the browser itself is fast and intuitive.

  3. I’ve been using Firefox for years; it doesn’t attract even a quarter of the viruses that I used to keep running into on IE!

    I also use Thunderbird for my email client; I find it much tidier than the usual channels.

  4. for a while explorer was fine but it went wacky on me as application became more complex, I have been using Firefox for a while now and I too find it very fast and problem free and curiously every so often there is an update to improve even more, I have used safari also which is just as good as Firefox, I have used Safari mostly when i was on Mac computers, extremely fast and super reliable on Mac, for now since I am on PC and find Firefox good enough for me, as far as Google chrome I did try it and I didn’t find any advantage except I don’t trust Google and try to stay away in certain things… this is my opinion. Enjoy …. you can always add more Ram LOL

  5. The two browsers I use most often are Chrome (Chromium when I’m using my Linux OS) and FireFox. Though I still have Internet Explorer on my Windows 7 OS, it’s seldom used.

  6. You are so right, Internet Explorer just doesn’t have the speed or capabilities of Firefox and Google Chrome. I refused to use anything but Firefox,

  7. I currently use Chrome as my primary browser, but I know it still comes with a few kinks. There are some user interface elements on websites that don’t show up in Chrome, but will, in Firefox. What I like most about Chrome is the Inspect Element. It’s very useful when you’re trying to figure out what’s behind the scenes of a website.

  8. I am not sure about whether or not there are other out there but I had a good friend whose sole work was only computers and computer programing/tech work. At the company he worked for …. they ONLY used Firefox. Not only because of it’s speed but because of its built in security features. He said never to use IE when going to social networks because it didn’t offer enough protection.
    Firefox also has some add-ons to make your browsing even more quick. LOL.
    In all honesty, I have been using it for over 6 years now and I have never been “hacked. phished”, nor had any viruses on my computers. Firefox was the best thing I found.

  9. Interesting post, Talin. When I had a mac I used Safari, of course, and have it on my windows box now. Then it was IE which I switched from as soon as it became practical. Then it was Firefox. Pretty good browser, but I can wait any longer for them to correct their graphic renderings. (simply open the same site on Firefox and any other browser and look at the differences in the graphics)

    The it was Chrome, which I had been using for quite some time. Faster than most for sure. But, then came Google’s new (non)privacy policy.

    I am now using a wonderful browser that I would HIGHLY recommend to any one who likes the look, feel, and speed of Chrome. It is also built on the open-source “chromium.” However it is cleaner, leaner, and faster than Chrome …and it is not controlled and mined by Google. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of Google products, but not the power they garner using their information gathering techniques.

    I love this new browser. Here it is: “Comodo Dragon.” It looks and operates almost identically to Chrome. You can find it on their site or the CNET download site.

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

  10. I’ve been using Firefox for a couple of years, but now refuses to let me jump between Yahoo programs – so I’ve dumped it. I’m trying Google Chrome now.

  11. Recently I have been using Opera but I like Google Chrome better. I can’t log into some things on Opera that I can on Chrome…like my checking account. lol

  12. I solely use Chrome. It’s fast, it’s customisable with plugin’s, and you can save/sync all the details with google. It’s nice knowing that if I have chrome I can log in to my bookmarks and setting instantly.

    I used to like Firefox, but found it runs slower than chrome. I can’t ignore how much better all my Google sites work 🙂

  13. I’m using Chrome for casual using and Firefox for my work (as a web developer). Plugins for Firefox is great and more mature, but Chrome is closing the gap.

    Personally I think Chrome is faster, but it also sucks a lot of memory if you open too many tabs.

    Opera is very light & fast too, but some website doesn’t look good on it.

  14. Firefox has been the best for me. It works on any system, whether it is high performing, or low performing. It doesn’t usually have a problem browsing. I have rarely had a crash.

    The only problem that Firefox has that is similar to Internet Explorer (or Internet Exploder, as we called it on college), is that if it starts to take up too many system resources, it will freeze up. Then, you have to force close. The advantage over IE? Firefox will save your session.

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