In Order To Achieve & Get Ahead, You Must Start From The Bottom of The Ladder

Since I have been seeking employment, and I feel like I am going around in circles with the same routine in updating my resume, sending resumes, e-mailing resumes, and everything is becoming repetitive. My father and a few family and friends have always told me that you will get something someday, you are a very bright person and something will pop up someday. They have so much confidence in me and I am so grateful to have them in my life and in my world. They always bring my spirits up and whenever I feel the need to talk about it, they are always there to brighten up my day. I feel so discouraged sometimes, that I just cannot bare it anymore, but I am not going to let one or two bad experiences discourage me to go forward in life and to climb that ladder. I have been so fortunate with giving family who have given me so much and I am so thankful to them and I love them with all my heart for all the love, support as well as my friends, and my fellow bloggers, readers, supporters and fans.

Now in order to be successful in life and in order to get somewhere in life, you can never start from the top. The ladder is a tough journey to get up to, but when you start from the bottom and work hard with each step, you will see how incredible it is to see how hard work and determination pays off. You may not like your job, you may not like where you are, but these days you have to get what you can get. A job is a job and there is no shame in it. As long as your doing something for the world and as long as your doing something for you and making a difference, then thats all that matters. your not going to get anywhere by doing nothing with your life. The Future is now and you must pay it forward and get out there. It is tough out there and I am not saying its easy to look for a job as I am a statistic in that, but you must never lose hope and you must never lose confidence and courage. When you get out there and start making your own money and when you start with your own income, it is going to feel good to say, hey I worked my butt off, I got this money and this experience to show for.

Start saving your money for future, you can do anything you want with your money, but its best to save it on a rainy day when you do earn the money you get. You work so hard for it, do something that will benefit you, take a trip, do something special for yourself or someone else. Its all up to you and the ball is in your court, but never expect to start from the top, its never the case anywhere. You must be a real go getter and keep your eyes and ears open at all times and be enthusiastic, and speak with confidence. For example ——— when you work for a hotel, and your first job is to take up luggages or wash dishes, then when they see how passionate and how dedicated you are to your job, they will give you a raise or they can promote you to working at the front desk, then when they see how great your doing with professionalism and respect to the guests and whoever comes to the hotel, and when you always doing great and know what your doing, then you will be promoted again to be a manager or supervisor. ——– Feels great doesn’t it?

So take out that ladder and be confident and look at the top, don’t ever say you won’t get there, and never say you will try, Always saying I will do the best of my ability to get up there and nobody can stop me. Say I am determined and confident and I will do it! There can be obstacles in the way, but don’t let that kill your confidence. Boost it and do it!


14 thoughts on “In Order To Achieve & Get Ahead, You Must Start From The Bottom of The Ladder

  1. fatimasaysell says:

    You are so right! As a young student, I did all kinds of cleaning jobs (houses, hospitals, schools) to pay may way through college. Now I am a teacher running my own language department and I really appreciate the hard job what the house-keeping and kitchen departments have and I respect them and admire them for it.


  2. sophie sweatman says:

    Hi Talinofari,
    Thanks for the follow.
    I was drawn into this post and share this experience.

    You seemed to then jump to issuing quite obvious advice (start from bottom). My issue with this is you hadn’t created a credible stage for yourself to issue advice from, by starting out by saying you’re not good (like me) at getting jobs. I just got feedback from 2nd unsuccessful interview in a month.

    I was curious to know any insights you’d found from your experience. It sounds as if u make a valid point about starting at bottom: sometimes, I’ve found’ those jobs can be most rewarding and allow me to follow my interests.

    Hope that makes sense?


  3. xxxxxxxx says:

    it is a tough battle and do not discouraged in life you will face many battles some you win and some you will lose then with hard work you will forge ahead and face the next battle until you reach your destination, it is all up to you where that would be as long as you are happy, so keep climbing.

  4. Sylvia D. Lucas says:

    This is wonderfully encouraging, and something many younger people of today need to read. I had a coworker once who refused to start from the bottom in an entry-level position because he believed he should be paid more – but he was looking for his first real job. He didn’t understand that part of the process is working your way up and gaining experience (and pay raises, ideally) in the process.

  5. writeonpublishing says:

    You’re absolutely right. I’ve seen too many people – young people looking for first job, as well as recently down-sized – who are looking for a career-level job. I would be willing, if need be, to consider flipping burgers, if necessary.
    This past Christmas season I looked for, literally, anything and ended up on the sales floor, ringing at Macy’s. (We were able to visit my family the end of February because of this “extra” income.)
    So, that being said, there are no rungs above the very top, and even if there were, it would be a pretty shaky, and scarey place to be.

  6. bonesysblahg says:

    Great advice! I agree completely. I’ve been stuck in a dead-end job for a while, slowly growing to hate it more by the day. But in searching for a new one over the past month or so…I’ve come to realize I really don’t have it so bad! There are plenty of jobs out there…if I lower my standards. I’m not yet willing to do that. So, I’ll stick with the day job for now, but my “night” job is looking for something I enjoy more. Good luck to us both!

  7. marthareynoldswrites says:

    You have a very positive attitude, Talin, and that’s one of the most important aspects in job-hunting. I believe you will be succesful in your endeavors. If I may make one suggestion, it would be to use an editor. Perhaps English isn’t your primary language (?), but having an editor to correct some of the mechanical errors (spelling, capitalization, misuse of a word here and there) would really polish what are already very inspiring and thoughtful posts (and you want to be 100% certain that your resume is perfect). I think you have a bright future ahead of you, and send you best wishes.

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