The Travel Hub Page is Launched on Facebook!

Hello! I am excited to announce that part of my Launch is already up and running. I decided to run a Travel Hub Page on Facebook with Great links to travel sites with Airlines, Cruises, Road trip travel, train travel, river cruises, camping, Travel policies and so much more. I already have several people that have liked the page already since the hour I launched it. This page will be fun and interactive. You can post pictures of your travels, you can post your thoughts on a place you visited, you can also post up your favourite travel links, travel spots, countries, and videos from youtube or vimeo. You can post up airplanes landing and taking off, you can post links up for airports, hotels, cruise ships and you can post travel jokes and facts about a country, airport, ship or whatever the case maybe.

I want to make this page as much fun and interactive as possible, where you can meet other peers such as yourself and where you share common interests in the world of travel and your ideas, suggestions, ratings and so much more. This is your one stop hub to the world of travel and you can find interesting links, and websites to fit your travel budget needs and for last minute getaways, business trips. Now if you have Facebook click the link is as follows, like the page and your on your way. Safe and Happy Travels:) :


4 thoughts on “The Travel Hub Page is Launched on Facebook!

  1. xxxxxxxx says:

    I Love the Idea Talin I am sure it will be a fun place to visit to read stories about vacations and get useful tips for my vacation… what a great idea…..

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