The Importance of Proper Hygiene and Hand Washing

One Day and a few times when I have gone out to public washrooms and when I had gone into them, I was very disgusted as I went to use the facilities. I had come out to wash my hands and I saw somebody else finish their business and flush the toilet, and that person did not even bother to go toward the sink to wash her hands. Immediately before she went toward the door, I said to her excuse me but aren’t you supposed to wash your hands after you use the washroom? I said would you please wash your hands? 3 other witnesses saw and agreed with me and what does she say? She said I am in a rush I can’t right now, I said your not leaving the washroom until you do, so she said you cannot tell me what to do, I said Oh yes I can. this is a public place, you should know better. Others use the washroom too. Its not only yours. She said Ok fine I will. So I made her wash her hands right in front of me. She said, there, are you happy now? I said yes very. Then I said you could be spreading really terrible germs and disease by not washing your hands and I said that is why disease and people get sick a lot more in public places. I said think about that. That is why so much more bacteria, all these sicknesses come from, because some people have poor hygiene, and some people do not take the little extra time to wash themselves especially using the washroom where the most bacteria and the most sicknesses can be carried out from. People do not realize the consequences that can arise from just that. People do not take washing hands seriously. It is a big problem in the society and I have seen it happen way too often when I am out in a shopping mall, etc…

I do not really care who the person is, if I see you in the washroom not washing your hands and just leaving, I will make sure that person washes their hands right in front of me. Its so important to do so for at least 15-30 seconds and lathering very well.

I am just disgusted on how people do not even wash after themselves, they do not even take care of themselves concerning proper Hygiene. It is very imperitive that people learn to be more clean and more respectful to others when in public of offensive odors. I cannot even count the number of times I have sat in Doctors offices, or have been in public transit(which I do not take anymore), and among grocery stores and all that jazz. I do not believe how some people can live in their own filth. It is beyond me. I hope people learn that public places aren’t just for that person, its shared by many and thats the most easiest way to get into contact with disease and sickness, which is why sometimes we hear that there are the flu viruses going on, swine flu, H1N1, Sars, hepatitis, pneumonia, the cold, head colds, bacterial infections, its because some people who choose to be dirty and spread these terrible things around are responsible for it. People who sneeze and cough right in their hands and touch things or touch people get the sicknesses faster. When coughing or sneezing, do it toward your elbow area or turn your head. Believe it or not, but the hand is the most place for bacteria as our hands touch and sometimes you never know where others hands may have come contact with or something. I see people rooting around in their nose, I see people picking at their teeth with their nails. EWWW Disgusting!

Everytime I step into my house the bottom of my bag gets disinfected, My hands are thoroughly washed even more then when I use the public restroom. Since I was a little child my parents always taught me the importance of hygiene and to be very clean before going out and even at home. The bathrooms are maintained almost everyday. Some public restrooms you go to are so filthy, the seats and the bowl is so disgusting and that is another thing, people leave the washroom without flushing. It is so disgusting. I do not know why people are like this, and why they do not have the smarts or common sense to take a second to flush the toilet or to take 15-30 seconds to wash hands.

Advice to all my readers. If you see somebody who doesn’t wash hands and if you see something disgusting happening, do not be afraid to tell them straight up, it doesn’t matter if they beef or vent at you, it means you have done your job. If they don’t listen, at least you have said something. I have seen it happen way too often and more these days. It needs to stop.

Hopefully some day people will learn to be more clean.

15 thoughts on “The Importance of Proper Hygiene and Hand Washing

  1. Yes, horrid places usually, and whatever you do not very hygienic for anyone. If you wash you hands you touch the tap someone else has just used. You wash your hands, how do you turn the tap off? Then you go to dry your hands. If you use the hot air dryers you will be spreading germs all over, proven. Germs breed on the inside of the machines in great numbers. Then, if you have to open the door, another problem, how do you open the door without touching anything?
    Very few ‘rest rooms’ allow you to get out clean, so you get out and spread more germs. What is needed is automatic taps, paper towels and an automatic door, or no door. Otherwise you are spreading germs whatever you do to clean your hands. Sometimes I use a paper towel to turn off the tap, if there is one, and if a busy place I wait for someone to come in then hold the door open with my foot so I can leave. While understanding what you say, I think a lot of people don’t clean their hands if they think they are making themselves less hygienic by doing so. In some places, truly, that does apply to me.

  2. “I will make sure that person washes their hands right in front of me.” You can’t do that! Of course, you can try to shame them into it, as you did with the woman in your first paragraph, but you’re not the hand-washing police!! Some people simply don’t practice good habits; it’s up to each individual to do for themselves. And I would offer that some of the people with offensive odors may be homeless (pubic transit) or sick (doctors’ offices), or not aware of their own odor. There are some poor souls in this world who still need to be treated with dignity, no matter what their unfortunate circumstances may be..

  3. I’m a polite person for the most part, unless reacting to another person who thinks they can tell me what to do. If I were that lady you spoke to, the nicest thing I would have done was laugh right at you while continuing to walk out the door.

  4. In medieval times, many women died after giving birth. Why? Because the doctor who came in to help her deliver came from helping out another woman, or a patient elsewhere, and did not wash his hands, and so he spread infection right into the mother and caused her death without even knowing. It’s disgusting how people don’t take care of themselves or their hygiene.

    Once, while on a bus in Spain, the foul smell of unwashed people sitting around me made me so nauseous that I said out loud: “Why don’t we open up some windows and let some fresh air come in?” I stood up and opened a few windows around me without giving a farthing to what people around me thought. It stank like hell! I should have ordered them to go shower and use deodorant, for Christ’s sake… :-\

  5. What you are suggesting is bullying, plain and simple. At some point someone is not going to stand for it , bullying is bullying regardless of your intentions. To prevent someone from leaving until they do what you want is wrong and you have no right to do it. I always wash my hands after using the facilities, however if I had been the person you did this to I would have walked around you and left, or if you had blocked my exit I would have called the police. . . You can’t change other people all you can do is help yourself.

  6. Yes, you are quite right about hygiene. It’s up there with grammar, punctuation and spelling as neglected practices these days.

  7. I drive long distances and one day as I carefully washed my hands in a rest area I realized that all the people who don’t wash their hands probably go right out and buy gas, putting their germs on the pump I am about to use. ( sigh )

  8. How embarrassing for that poor woman! There are germs ALL OVER public rest rooms. Once you’ve washed your hands you have to turn off the tap and are touching more germs. Then the door handle. Then whatever other public doors, rails, etc etc etc you’re gonna be touching all day. Washing hands doesn’t mean you’ve solved the worlds’ germ problem and you have no right to bully a stranger and humiliate them in front of other people!! Sorry but I think what you did was really nasty.

  9. We should all value cleanliness, but not “letting” a stranger leave a public restroom until she washes her hands is straight-up crazy – & if you think that woman’s the only one not washing her hands, you should probably just buy a big old bubble & move in.

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