My Page About Travel Tips Set to Debut March 20, 2012! I am excited.

Hello, My page about Travel Tips and Advice is set to debut and Launch on March 20, 2012. One Page will be about Advice on Cruise Ships and Cruising, Second one will be about Air Travel, Airports before going to the Airport and being at the Airport, third Destinations/Resorts, forth will be about road trip travel. I am so excited and since I have great travel experience in all fields, I am more thrilled than ever to share my own travel experiences, my suggestions on what to do, so on and so forth. I am so happy and willing to help people on their travel dreams to become a reality and assisting people who are new to travel or still may want advice and how to get through it all. I know sometimes traveling and figuring out where to go is a stress all on its own, but that stress stops here. All the best, and safe travels to all who plan to travel.




11 thoughts on “My Page About Travel Tips Set to Debut March 20, 2012! I am excited.

  1. This is exciting. I’m actually glad you’re doing this. I will be sending people to your travel tips page.

    Also, please contact me (, I have a friend who has a blog talk radio show and she wants to have someone come on and talk about travel and travel tips.

  2. Looking forward to it! We’ve travelled a lot so I’m excited to see about your adventures/advice. Did you or do you work in the industry professionally?

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