Feeling A Lot Better today!

Hello, Today I am feeling a lot better. Yesterday I had a bit of a set back, but I am back! I could not stay away from Facebook and among anything else for long. I have worked so hard to get to where I am today and it would not have been possible by all the incredible, lovely and supportive people whom have been here for me, all the sweet, thoughtful comments written to me. Yesterday was one of those days where one bad seed ruined my whole mood and I was just going through so much emotionally. Tonight I had to get out and see my friends, and enjoy the night which also helped me a whole lot as well. It took my mind right off of it all. I started to laugh and be myself again. I am not going to let another persons negativity, insecurity and rudeness ruin what I have accomplished and achieved. I often think why people always have to rain on other peoples parade and why people have to ruin a great thing for others, but As I read everyones responses, comments, and really incredible and great information, It helped me a lot to realize it. I am not alone on these situations which a lot of people to this day are going through unfortunately. I just hope people one day will realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them. The world revolves around everybody, and the world is for every human, creature, animal and things and instead of hating, and trying to destroy others, people need to learn to love, to act accordingly in a great fashion. I appreciate all the comments and all the time you all took to respond to my situation. It means a lot to me from the bottom of my heart. There are really incredible and great people on this earth and we need to celebrate the great people and today I celebrate you all. You all are a ray of sunlight as I have stated in Many blogs, and you all are my inspiration to keep going on and the energy and the positivity is what keeps me strong.

I know that its a tough battle when it comes to blogging, writing and there will always be someone and a bad seed who will read your blog and then write terrible, nasty and rude comments, but now as some have told me, that to take those things as a compliment because someone could be venting out because the truth hurts and they don’t want to admit it. I strongly believe in that. So I will not let these things bother me anymore. Ignore is the key and showing them I am strong and fearless on these issues will defeat them and I look forward to seeing their reaction. Playing reverse psychology is the way to go. Thank you all for the insightful thoughts and thank you all for everything. You all are not my blog followers, you all are my friends which I am ever so grateful for. May all your lives be so great, and I wish you all the best that life has to offer and I wish and pray that these things do not happen to you or your loved ones. Nice and Great People deserve all the great things in life and we need to celebrate that. CHEERS TO YOU ALL!

17 thoughts on “Feeling A Lot Better today!

  1. Just remember that people put other people down only in an effort to make themselves look better (and usually it doesn’t work). Don’t let them take your power.

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  3. I am proud of you to have come out of this one in one single day!! You are stronger than you think and you have amazing support from your friends and fans!
    I think I may ask you a few questions at my next webinar about Worries if you join us.. Worrying about what people will think would have only stopped you from doing what you love. You don’t let negative ppl stop you, you just move forward. And even when they judge, you continue anyway!! That’s the way to do it!!

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