New Month! Hello March!

Hello! Can you believe that we are in the Month of March already? It is so unbelievable how time is flying! Just 2 Months ago we were in the hype of New Years Celebrations, now we look forward to easter and spring break. The years are just flying by. This month as I had stated in February, that I will be introducing to you a new page added into my blog about Travel tips and everything. I am so excited about the Launch in the middle of this month towards the end. I am working on getting you all the great information as possible about the travel experience, so on and so forth and adding my own experiences to the mix as well. I am looking forward to it very much and I hope that it will be beneficial for you and your family and your friends when you decide to travel. I will also be introducing to you My great friend and her works. I have already written about her and her website called TheNewHappyMe by Carmen Marie. We have already met each other and we saw each other last weekend when I was in Montreal. Shes a ray of sunlight and I wish her all the best with everything she does. She has webinars, and her own personal videos on youtube explaining about happiness, positivity, goal setting, mind setting, working towards success, so on and so forth. TheNewHappyMe Offers a wide selection of topics and Carmen is just an e-mail message away and she can help you in any questions you have about life issues, so on and so forth.

Anyway, I am so excited and thrilled about everything. I am going to also introduce you all to new topics I will write about, about current events, what is happening in the news, in technology, so on and so forth. There will be a whole lot of variety. I will also be giving out more recipes, efficience in doing things, how to organize your living space, how to de-clutter your life, so on and so forth.

Anyway, This winter, I am so impressed with the way it has become. Toronto hardly received any snow and when it does, it melts away and do not really stick to the ground for long periods of time, which I am so happy with, but then again there is another 3 weeks of Winter left, so I do not want to jinx it. It has been so easy for the drivers and commuters to and from work and other places and people do not have to go to the car wash more often because of all the salt and stuff from the ground which is bad for the car. You hardly have to wear boots this winter and bundle up a lot because it has been a lot milder than previous years.  I wish everyone safe driving, no matter what the condition of driving is. It could be bare dry and sunny, you still need to drive with caution at all times. Driving is a serious thing.  I am noticing that winters are not the way it used to be anymore. I heard that all the snow reached toward Russia, Europe destinations. The atmosphere, climate and weather patterns look like they have shifted to the other side of the Arctic.

Anyway, welcome to March and have a wonderful Month!

15 thoughts on “New Month! Hello March!

  1. Always a sweetheart Talin!! Would love to start working with you to help our friends and fans set their goals and celebrate them one by one!! My next webinar is about worries and I am sure many out there have that problem!!!
    As for snow, ya we got plenty in Montreal and expecting more tonight!! Good to know my snow removal contract didn’t go to waste!! hehehe. Can’t wait for summer to work on my deck-desk under the sun!

  2. I cannot believe it’s already March either! We’ve also had barely any snow in the Midwest so I’m hoping we don’t have a freak storm in March *knock on wood*.

  3. Talin, it’s good to know that your winter has been mild. I can’t say the same for Alaska. This winter has broken many of the records for cold frigid weather. The daylight hours are getting longer and there is warmth to the sun but we will continue to see it snow and stay on the ground for a couple more months. I really enjoy March because it is sunny and one can enjoy the outdoors. I love the ice sculptures that artists from around the world create. Enjoy March! 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading this blog, many interesting things to come in the future, you are truly a kind hearted Lady, be happy, by doing so you make the people around you happy…Great work, Great drive, keep on Blogging.

  5. Your declaration of the new season has brought me a fresh air. You know, in this March all people in Japan will swear rebuilding of our country, overcoming the painful memories. Please let us share your energy to live and love.

  6. It’s been a mild winter here in Tennessee, too, although my 6-year-old says it’s been the worst winter ever because he’s had ony 1 snow day. I hope a mild winter doesn’t mean we’ll have a suffocatingly hot summer.

  7. In the Philadelphia PA region the prior two winters we have had record, all-time snowfall amounts. This winter, we haven’t seen but a few inches of snow the entire winter. Another historic weather winter…but in the “other direction.” Almost scary how warm and uneventful it has been. Indeed, one worries what spring will bring. That being said, so grateful for a winter that helped many folks around here with their energy costs and overall standard of living.

  8. So Exciting to start something new! I will be praying for you in this. I too am starting a new project. A crafting business. I’ll be posting about it soon.

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