Your Favourite Chocolate For Those Chocoholics

Hello All,

I am here to talk to you about your favourite chocolate, and chocolate delights. Its awesome how they make the chocolate from cocoa beans and how they do it is beyond me. No wonder sometimes some chocolates can run to be expensive and pricey. I guess because of the way its made and how precious cocoa beans really are. I get all happy and satisfied with my chocolate buzz after I eat it. I get this energy from it. Since I was a kid, I am a huge fan of chocolate more than vanilla, but vanilla is also awesome, however I am a huge chocoholic and my chocolate favourites are:

Nutella Spread is my number ONE!

Kit Kat

Reese Pieces

Hershey Chocolate Almonds – Milk Chocolate

Easter Bunny Solid Milk Chocolates



M&M’s All accept the Peanuts kind.

Hot Chocolate

Mini Wheats Choco Lil Bites

Chocolate Cheerios

Chocolate Almonds

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Flakes


11 thoughts on “Your Favourite Chocolate For Those Chocoholics

  1. I’m a chocoholic too and am a purist when it comes to that. I don’t like liqueur in my chocolate and I think mint chocolate is the worst (it’s like eating toothpaste!)

    I think swiss chocolate is the best. ❤

    Anyway, my favorites are: Lindt Orange Thins, Truffles (Leonidas, Godiva, Lindt), Milka (white chocolate and the one with cookies), Milky Way, Arnott's Tim Tam (double coated) and I always find Hershey's kisses adorable.

  2. Talin, my license plate frame on the back of my car reads: “Hand over the chocolate and nobody gets hurt!” My kids found it and it’s perfect for me! I don’t eat a lot of it, but love it! I love milk and dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, but I’m not fond of all chocolate cake, need some vanilla in there, too! I love peanut M&Ms, Truffles, Kit Kat and Snickers! But, my favorite candy brand is SEES! Now I want chocolate! 🙂

  3. Talin, Love this visit to chocolate! Here in Chicago, we have a great chocolate factory just west of downtown. Blommers. Some days the scent of chocolate wafts around as I walk Michigan Ave. I particularly like their dark chocolate chunks. And thanks for following my blog! Lois

  4. Chocolate & peanut butter. Any form.
    Chocolate truffles from Lagomarcinos.
    (local candy makers)
    Their truffles are the best,
    and well worth the wait and the trip to the city.

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