My Heartfelt Appreciation & Thank You’s To All Those Who Helped Me With Seeking Employment!


I’d like to say thank you for all your comments, advice, suggestions and ways to go about looking for employment. Yesterday was one of those days where, I was just lost and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but this issue and I am sure a lot of people are in my shoes. These days Job finding is a lot more difficult than it was years ago where people didn’t need to give in their resume, they just simply I want to work and boom, there you were employed. Now everything is under a microscope and under rigorous tests but that too is important to test people for very important jobs out there, but I am sure all jobs are important. I heard from many people, it doesn’t matter what you do and there is no shame in working in retail, gas stations, fast food places, so on and so forth, as long as an income is coming in and bread and butter is served on the table and people pay their way, is all that counts the bottomline and anything you do is life experience and experience with different people, different customers, so on and so forth. Now I am not saying about those jobs where you know, that is inappropriate, You fill in the blank, I am sure you know what I am talking about, stops here.

Anyway, again, thank you to all those who have helped me. I couldn’t do it without the help of my fellow readers, bloggers, supporters, fans, family. You all are an important part of my life and I am ever so glad to share this internet world with you all. I have found some incredible people here and people whom care about others and that is very sweet of you all. You all have earned the VERSATILE Blog Award, Kreativ Blogger Award, Liebster Blog Award, so on and so forth. You all deserve it and a lot more. Recognition must be done. You all are recognized.

All the best to everyone who is in the same boat as I in the matter of employment searching. Its a tough thing, but More power to you!

Love you all,


Talin Orfali

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15 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Appreciation & Thank You’s To All Those Who Helped Me With Seeking Employment!

  1. faithlooksup says:

    I know how discouraging, frustrating, and even down right low it feels when you’re looking for a job. I was unemployed for nine months and by God’s mercy, love and grace found something. It’s not ideal, but it brings in some income. One of the things that I would encourage you to do is join LinkedIn (if you haven’t already) and follow people in the industries you are interested in and connect with them. There’s even a discussion section where you can ask questions. One site that helps me is as I search for jobs is and while you’re at it don’t be afraid to tell others that you are looking for a job and let people know what you’re looking to do (someone just might have the fit for you). Those are some things I learned or should have done, but you do write well and I’ll continue to check back on your blog to see your progress. Best wishes and know that you will find something eventually.

  2. treetrunkrick says:


    I read a recent news article where an expert in hiring practices said that the most impressive person was the one who thought of the ideal job requirements that he/she wanted to fill and started doing the work as a freelancer. Those people appear the most motivated and probably the best employees a company will want to keep. Of course, as the expert said, it helps to know if a company is looking for that kind of work but, if you’re good enough, your freelance work will attract customers and may turn into a permanent, self-employed job that pays you well without having to work as an employee for someone else.

    Best of luck,

    • kemiandtheboy says:

      I’ve not come across the article, but Rick makes a very good point. I have recently heard a few stories of sisters and aunts who were offered permanent employment by a client. Good Luck.

  3. lscotthoughts says:

    Thanks, Talin, and you are in my thoughts and prayers to find the end of that rainbow! I know you will, just keep persevering, stay determined and focused and when the time is right, it’ll happen. Take care, Lauren xx

  4. Diamond Lynn says:

    Hi talin! Just recently found your blog and I have been reading all your great and positive posts! However I was a little disappointed to read your comments about “inappropriate jobs” and stuff. I am an exotic dancer and I am proud of it! Exotic dancers are people too!

    Diamond Lynn
    LA Companions

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