Travel Now before It is Too Late!

I have learned so much during my travels on the various places I have been, the history, the culture, heritage and so much more. I believe in traveling when I am still able to. People say that they will wait to travel until they retire, but things can happen and traveling may become difficult for people as they really age and cannot really take steps anymore. I think it is really important to take some time for traveling and changing scenery once in a while. I like to travel once or twice a year by plane to a nice destination to the Caribbean, or a Cruise Ship Vacation to the south. When I flew back from Cuba this past weekend, I had the window seat and I saw how fast the plane is traveling up in the air. When we got to Florida, I can see the Florida shape from high up in the air, and I saw the Port Everglades Cruise Port and saw some Cruise ships in the harbour at night. It was beautiful. It makes me realize how great traveling is and seeing really cool things from up in the airplane when it is a clear sky of course with no clouds in sight. I love all aspects of traveling and I am going to travel as much as I am able to before it is too late. Some people wait and wait and wait to do so, and then they go on vacation all sore, and people have limitations unfortunately. Unless people have people to assist them in travels, that is a different story, but I truly believe in traveling now, than later on. Then we can say, Oh I have been there, we can tell our travel stories together, we can express ourselves, have various subjects to talk about, what we saw, what we felt, how we felt during all that. Its pretty neat.

God gave me a gift of Life and life is meant to be enjoyed, to see places, to get out of our circle and visit our wonderous world waiting for us to discover it. I know some people may have trouble traveling, or some people are not financially fit, but I believe in saving money and putting it in for travel and booking a holiday. I am sure all of us deserve a getaway once or twice a year. We all work so hard in our lives. We owe it to ourselves to save the money, to see the world, and just live life, to experience our world, to experience the greatness.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make travel a yearly thing.

18 thoughts on “Travel Now before It is Too Late!

  1. Xxxxxxx. says:

    My kind of blog Talin. I like you agree every word you wrote. I have done so much traveling and yet I feel was not enough. Traveling makes you wonders and if you can do it few times a year. You only live once. Happy travel to all

  2. Xxxxxxx. says:

    My kind of blog… Travel travel travel while you can, I too have done so much and yet I feel it not enough. Travel while you can life is too short to enjoy later. Good advice Talin LU

  3. lulu says:

    You are right about travel. Being able to visit new places, see new sites is an incredible gift to say nothing of being a great learning opportunity.

  4. Travelista says:

    I totally agree! Don’t wait for life to present you with the right time. You have to make it! We’ve met so many people who are amazed not only how much we travel but that we’ve done it with a child in tow. It’s so much easier than people think it is (although it can be costly when you run out of easy places to get to 😀 ). When DD was a baby we just put her in her baby backpack and were on our way. It has been worth every moment.

    • myfamilymylife says:

      I’d LOVE to hear about some of the places you have traveled. I love to hear about other people’s travels. It’s so EXCITING!!!

  5. myfamilymylife says:

    My thoughts EXACTLY!! That’s why I’ve joined an absolutely awesome exclusive travel club. It’s the best thing that could have happened to me. Traveling all over the world and having an absolute blast. I mean, who doesn’t like taking cruises for $69?

  6. myfamilymylife says:

    A quote that I love:

    “The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page.”

    I’m determined to read the WHOLE book!!

  7. kemiandtheboy says:

    So true! You’d miss out on a whole lot of experiences if you left travelling until you retired. I loved travelling on my own as a teen, with my son from when he was a baby (amazing how much they remember, he’s got coherent memories of a lot of places from about age 3), and I’m looking forward to travelling on my own again when the kids are old enough to want to go on their own.

    (travelista, it’s funny how a lot of people assume having kids just stops you having a life, isn’t it!)

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