After A Month from The Costa Concordia Tragedy

For the past month, I have been thinking a lot about the tragic Costa Concordia capsizing that took place off the coast of Italy in Giglio Island. It pains me to see all those lives lost. We probably would not have had any deaths if the cruise crew were not ordering people to go back to their cabins. They thought by doing that, they thought that they would not make the passengers on the ship panic, but they failed to tell people what really is happening and that there is on the list of criminal offences. I am still in disbelief over all this. I thought at first it was a movie they are setting up, but it really happened which is so unfortunate. Before being able to work on a cruise ship, before being about to operate and be a captain of a cruise ship, everyone needs a lot more training, a lot more background checks, and people need to go through strenous amounts of tests before they can lead a cruise ship and its passengers that will travel on it. It is very important that the cruise lines hire captains that will be more responsible, not show off, not to abandon people and the ship if a catastrophe strikes, Heaven forbid. These things are super important.

They do not realize the damage this has done to loved ones, families, friends, so on and so forth. The Captain is a coward for doing this terrible thing to so many lives. He was responsible for the safety, security of more than 4200 people on board his ship, and so he thought he take a huge cruise ship for a joy ride and go off coast to show off his ship, then hit a huge rock and put a huge gash on the ship, and capsizing it, then abandoning ship, having dinner with a woman, so many things. Unbelievable. This coward needs to be locked up for good. 15 years isn’t enough.

I am disgusted that this ever happened and this day in age when cruise ships are at their finest, with technology, stablizers, and modern day gadgets. This would have never happened if the Coward did not go close to shore. There are bouys that ships need to get through and follow them, and navigational systems that tell how deep the water is that the ship travels on. I remember going on a cruise and the captain announced that were 6,750 feet above water in the Caribbean. WOW thats a lot of water.

God help all those families and friends effected by this tragedy. I am sure we all are in this world.


8 thoughts on “After A Month from The Costa Concordia Tragedy

  1. I watched a documentary about the Costa Concordia last week. It seems that the majority of the staff weren’t made aware of the severity of the situation either, and were simply following orders. By the time they knew and were given the order to abandon ship, the ship was listing so badly that many of the lifeboats were rendered inaccessible.

    I still can’t believe the captain got away with it. At least seventeen dead (one is known to be a little girl) and they let him go? I think he ought to have spent a long time in prison – for manslaughter *and* for abandoning his ship while people around him panicked and died.

  2. We were just coming home from a cruise when that accident occurred. With the amount of people on our ship alone, I could imagine the madness as everyone tried to get back to their cabins for life vests then back to the lifeboat sections, which mine was on the opposite end of the ship from my cabin. I pray for their souls.

  3. The captain is supposed to be the last person on the ship, and be responsible for passenger’s safety. Unfortunately today’s cruise ships have shallow drafts which makes them top heavy. It’s sad that the passengers had to suffer the consequences of foolishness and designs which place profit-making over safety.

  4. There is madness throughout our societies these days, apparently the stellar values of honour and decency, of good sense have been pushed aside, and aggrandizement and money making have taken over. How are people to judge what is going on if there are no values in place?

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