Exciting Things to Come to My Blog Near You.

Hello, I have some exciting things happening on my blog :). I can say YAY! 🙂 I am really happy about them. I finally got the hang of WordPress and blogging has become routine for me everyday and I am quite impressed with what WordPress has to offer for me and it’s so lovely to be here. Now in recent weeks I did a lot of thinking on how I can spice up my blog a lot more with a more personal edge to it. Here are a few things that you will see on my blog in the coming weeks and months:

– I am thinking about changing my theme of my blog soon and layout. I looking forward to my readers ideas on what I can do for my next layout? OR Should I leave my blog layout as is? I value my readers opinions and suggestions as everyone is entitled to them.

– Having more pictures of myself, my travels, and my interests on a separate page, but still on my blog.

– incorporating pictures with some of my blogs.

– Including photos of the food I cook with my recipes I post which will be posted very soon.

– More interaction with my readers, and responding as much as possible.

– I will be writing a lot more about where I have traveled, airlines flown, so on and so forth and have experienced different places as I said, I have traveled a lot in my life and will continue to do so God willing.

– A lot more motivational, positive posts because It is very important to me and something I am passionate about to make a big difference in ones life.

Stay Tuned… 🙂

20 thoughts on “Exciting Things to Come to My Blog Near You.

  1. I like this theme. I like a blog which has easy to read font and which is uncluttered. I enjoy seeing photos on blogs too. I don’t travel at all so I love seeing other bloggers surroundings.

  2. Hi there ! Your ideas are great I am really looking forward to those changes ! I am also trying to upgrade the look of my blog, what a coincidence !!! All the best to you !

  3. Good for you! I look forward to seeing your pictures, especially of the wonderful places you’ve visited and your lovely recipes.
    As for your layout, how about a background to reflect your personality or your interests?

  4. Thanks for the blog follow. I’m sailing in the Bahamas and can’t always get a good internet connection. Today I’m catching up on what I’ve missed and finally had a chance to read your blog. I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

  5. Nothing like changes sis, I too an making new changes now when people come to my site they won’t know me as chosenwoman. they will know me by desirayl and I changed my link I like people to be able to put a face with the blog, some people who follow me knew my name but some didn’t…Congrats on the change look forward to it.

  6. I’d say that you should determine what kinds of posts you’ll primarily be making, then choose your theme based on that. Some themes have different layout/post options available that other themes lack, such as a certain formats for quotes, single image displayed, a gallery, asides (like FB status or a tweet), video, etc. Hope this helps!

  7. I can’t wait to see some recipes as I am usually short on ideas when it comes to planning meals, so could definitely use the inspiration. I like the current theme and layout you have, but that doesn’t mean some changes can’t make it even better, I will look forward to seeing what develops.


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