I Am Glad I Made The Switch To WordPress Blogs

Lately, I have been so impressed with WordPress and how incredibly easy it is to create blogs, to keep things organized. I love this WordPress site. It also brought me to wonderful and lovely fellow bloggers who are so talented in writing and everything else in between. Anyway, After Searching on the internet for top blog sites, WordPress came into the search engine and I am so glad I made the switch. I was with Google Blogspot until end of October, when suddenly my Google Blogspot Disappeared and My Google Gmail account was disabled for no reason at all. I have written a couple of blogs about the terrible ordeal I had with them. If you like to read them, simply search Google on my blog and you will see related articles. I just love this site so much. Its so easy to get around to read others blogs, I can search for blogs in relative to me and the subjects I love, I see so many great ideas people come up with, I see cooking and baking recipes, what people do for christmas, new years, easter, thanksgiving, valentines day, so on and so forth.

This wordpress website is very special to me and I finally found my passion of writing and writing in my blog is important to me everyday.

I am glad to be part of the WordPress family.

I love all of you.


38 thoughts on “I Am Glad I Made The Switch To WordPress Blogs

  1. First of all, we love you, too, Talin. And second, I know what you mean. I had a Google blog for a long time and switched to WordPress, too. I love this community of bloggers; there is such talent here and so many willing to spread the love and their talent. Namaste.

    • I’m always interested in people who make a switch to wordpress & say they’re glad they did. I have no idea what other blogging sites are like but COULD NOT BELIEVE what Google did to her blog. I just do not understand it – that would be really distressing.

  2. Welcome, Talin. For someone like me who is technologically-challenged, there is always help to streamline the blogging process. I, too, really like WordPress. It’s a great place.

  3. I always wondered which one was better: blogger or wordpress. So, I did my research and I chose wordpress. I am so glad I did. I tried blogger and to me, it just was not as user-friendly as wordpress. I also love how you can have all your interests a click away in your read blogs tab, just as you said. This is a great topic you brought up! 🙂

  4. Yay! Another Blogspot-to-Wordpress convert! Blogspot was too troublesome for me, and before that, I had a Xanga blog. Fortunately, WordPress made it fairly simple to import all of my old blog posts, plus I love the tags & categories features… I’ve been a WP fan ever since!

    I can’t wait to see more of your posts, now that you’ve somewhat moved in and settled into WP. I just stopped by to say, “Howdy neighbor!” 😉 Have fun blogging!

    • You could import old posts from another blog site? That’s enormously handy – I would never have thought you could do that – I wouldn’t even have tried, just didn’t think it was possible. Everyone loves wordpress – they should thrill at that!! 🙂

      • Yep, just go to your WP dashboard & click on “Tools > Import” & you’ll see that Blogger/Blogspot, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and other options are listed there. Other blogs that aren’t listed, you can usually just export those posts into an XML or other type of file & save it to your hard drive, and then import it into WP that way. You can also use WP & still be able to follow non-WP blogs; WP constantly adds new features to make things easier for their members to be social without leaving. 😉 It’s a smart way to go.

  5. I still have my blogspot, but they do squirrely things occasionally with my pictures. The WP platform is user friendly and great for exposure. I keep my other one because of a few blogger friends and a widget I have with a song of mine. But WP is certainly a step up.

  6. Yeah wordpress is the best. I don’t know why people even bother with other platforms, unless it’s tumblr and you want to write itty bitty posts. WordPress for life.

  7. I have my poetry blog on WordPress and my othe rblog on Blogspot. WordPress is good, but the advantage of Blogspot is that with a basic account it gives me more information on visitors, not just followers – for instance, a breakdown of what countries they’re in. So I know I have an audience in Russia and in Brazil, and I’m left wondering how and why!

  8. I’m glad to be part of WordPress too. It’s my first ever blog experience so I have nothing to compare it with but it is UNFORGIVEABLE what Google did to you. HOW WHY WHAT THE? Did you try & ask them what the? I’ll read your posts about it & see what action you took. It is UNFORGIVEABLE.

    Just for your info, here’s how you can back up your wordpress blog weekly, monthly, whenever – in case it is ever wiped & all your work is gone – so you can put it back on:

    go to dashboard
    choose-All content
    click-Download export file

    This was a wonderful, loving post – saying “I love you all” !! 🙂 Back atya. N’n.

  9. It is wonderful. I am just wondering does anyone else have any problems with the postings showing up on facebook, it seems that I have to constantly copy the link and post it to facebook. But love the bloggers. If you like please come and join me, recommend me to friends and family bloggers as well.

    • OMG, when I first read your comment I thought you were saying your posts were ending up facebook – just “out there”. That would have been horrific! But I get it now, what you meant. I don’t have FB, so no problem there!

  10. I got introduced to WordPress through the internal blogging site at work, which is is based on it. When I wanted to start my external blog and asked around, the vote was for WordPress. So here I am…

  11. I had a WordPress blog four years earlier…got busy with life shortly after starting…and stepped away from blogging entirely. Came back ten months ago and stepped back into the world of WordPress as effortlessly as could be. How many software packages can you say that about being away from them for that long…also considering the improvements and upgrades that have been made along the way? Agree!

  12. I completely agree Talin! I’m glad to see you with us. I’ve been with WordPress for a long time and even have it installed at my website for my graphic novel. Not anything there because I ran out of time to work on that project, but it was easy to instal and super easy to work with.

    Unless they make a really dumb mistake (like youtube or thesixtyone.com) and change everything we love about it in one fell swoop, they will have a lifetime user here!

  13. I have made the switch from wordpress.com to wordpress.org so I can put ads on my blog. .org is just like .com. I enjoy all the blogs I read on wordpress. There are some really good writers here.

    • Do you mean you can put ads on your .org site, but not your .com here? That’s curious – because they’re both wordpress. Do you get money from the ads?

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