What Board Games Have You Played? Do You Still Play Board Games Now?

Lately, I have been in my Gaming mode whether its from the Gaming Console or the original board games of the past. In Recent years I do not hear much of people playing board games anymore and I think it is due to the life now, how everything is revolved around gadgets, and games online now and I rarely hear anymore that people are actually playing an interactive board game with family and friends. I believe that by playing board games and being interactive is far more better than playing those games online. I believe its a lot more fun to play with people physcially than on a computer. Now In my previous blog I wrote about Nintendo Games and playing on the TV, thats also interactive with someone whom you can play with or a group of people in teams.

There were also these building games like Constructs, Lego, and all those things where you would build. It was so fun and I used to spend hours on it.

I remember playing so many board games as child up til my early teens. It has been a long time I haven’t played a board game. I played games like Uno, Trouble, Monopoly, Othello, Scattergories, Operation, Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Jenga, you name it. What Board games have you played? Do you still invest time in interactive games with your family and friends?


39 thoughts on “What Board Games Have You Played? Do You Still Play Board Games Now?

  1. We play a lot of cards around here these days. Trips to the cabin aren’t complete with out a few hands of cribbage or poker or spades.

    I have tried to get my boys to play Risk with me. No luck. i think you’re right, board games are too slow for kids these days.

  2. We love monopoly and the odd game of scrabble. i also grew up playing yahtzee and othello. Games like these are so much better for family interaction than those on the tv I think. On an aside. I have been wondering if you respond to the many comments you recieve. I know you get so many and it can be time consuming but it is also nice as a reader/follower of a blog to get interaction from the blogee sometimes.
    Thanks Jen πŸ™‚

  3. Settlers of Catan! It’s still one of my favorite games; it’s perfect to get a few friends together, shut everything off except for a little music, and just connect and have fun. Everyone says I get way too competitive, though, but I think they’re just jealous because I’m freakin’ awesome at that game.

    Apples to Apples is always fun, too, and still played often when we get people together, and I really miss Scattergories!

  4. Board games seem to go in cycles around our family gatherings….and depending on the ‘make up’ of those attending holiday dinners, etc. depends which games….if four or five of the ‘yuppies’ are in attendance, games like Trivial Pursuit or Balderdash or Pictionary were always popular because more people could play. If mostly kids, games like monopoly or Candyland, or Sorry might get the nod. If grown ups were expected to play than usually games like Aggravation, “13” or Farkle might be popular. Of course, you might catch someone in the den playing Chess or Cribbage, too.

  5. I am a member of the US chess federation and run a chess club in Chicago. There is nothing like a good f2f match!

    My family plays scrabble, life and others on the wii. This way we lose no pieces and my wife has no board to flip when she loses. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, we still play them all – (even though we have the gadgets) big fav’s in my house are the updated monopoly…machine n cards instead of money hee-hee (love that), Noel Edmond’s Deal or No Deal, Go for broke …hang on a minute – these all involve finance (woops!) but we like lots of others too – operation and don’t wake dad.

  7. We had a power outage a few months ago, and we pulled out our old board games, and played by candlelight. We played the “Game of Life,” “Scrabble,” and “Monopoly”. I still win at monopoly. I’m a little more ruthless than my wife and son, even though they still sneak money as loans to each other under the table.

  8. I am also a big fan of board games and rutinely use them as teaching aids in the classroom and I find that the students really love playing with them, perhaps because theny don’t play so much at home.
    When I was a child, being from a large family of 10 children, we played loads of games like snakes and ladders, luddo, drafts, chess, dominoes, the roulette and the ‘Happy Families’ card game, my absolute favourite. I never thought I would be playing these as a teacher 25 years later!!!

    My students LOVE the Happy family games to learn the Spanish terms for mother, father, etc, but they also enjoy bingo and snap to practice numbers and vocabulary. I got these on the intereactive whiteboard too, but I find that board games bring a feeling of togetherness more easily.

  9. Chess. Always chess, especially correspondence chess (cc). I belong to three different chess clubs that offer server-based cc, and two other clubs where I play cc the old-fashioned way, by sending moves back and forth via post cards.

  10. This past weekend one of my neighbors hosted a few families at her home. After 30 minutes of the kids each playing separate games on their iPads and not speaking to one another, we required all electronic devices to be stowed away until the end of the evening. The ladies played euchre while the kids played Sorry.

  11. I played Guess Who with the little girl I keep after school. She also likes the card game Go Fish. I still like Uno but can’t get my family to play. There is something to be said about the old board games. Maybe we should restart family game night. Hummm……..

  12. There’s a good number of people still play Monopoly and Cluedo. Chess will never die (correction: it will not predecease human civilisation) and the game I play most, Diplomacy, is still mostly played with a board. Of course, all these games can be easily converted to on-line versions.

  13. Othello!!! Jenga..Monopoly..Battleship…Stratego…I introduced some of these to my children recently and they LOVED them!!! Amazing how we think the techno stuff is all they want- but my kids often beg to play STRATEGO and OTHELLO and MONOPOLY…even after all these years and changes- I still roll my eyes at the thought of 3 hours of MONOPOLY, but like my parents..I do it anyway!!

  14. My hubby and I play ALOT of Scrabble these days, and he just played a looong game of Monopoly with my brother-in-law and 6-year-old nephew. When I was growing up, we played tons and tons of board games when the weather was bad or it was too dark to play outside. Among the games: Scrabble, Monopoly, Trouble, Jenga, Battleship, Sorry, Yahtzee, Boggle, Chutes & Ladders, Checkers, Clue, Life, Othello, Operation, Trivial Pursuit. I’m sure there are a bunch of others that I just can’t remember. We also played alot with creative toys like Lego, Play-doh, Shrinky-dinks… lots of drawing, painting, etc. Later on, I’ve also enjoyed Pictionary, Taboo, etc.

  15. We like to play board games when we have our extended family over or another family with teens over. We like Logos, Apple to Apples and games that a group can play. We also like Sorry, Trouble and games like that when it’s just my family. And card games are fun too.

  16. We have a bunch of board games and lots of decks of cards. Our son loves to play Monopoly, but it’s rare that we ever actually finish the game! We play cards most often. Sorry, Scrabble and Backgammon are few other favorites, although I tend to play Backgammon on the computer.

  17. I am glad to hear many people still play board games as I have created a few that are coming out soon! I think most people love to have friends or family still present and have a good time over a board game which is why I designed a few. I hope it never ends. There’s nothing like the real thing instead of technology alone.

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