I Really Miss The Original Nintendo and Playing The Popular Mario Bros.

Lately, I have been playing wayback playback of the gaming consoles I have played with when I was younger. There was the Original Nintendo, then Sega Genesis with the Sonic & Hedgehog, and so much more, but particularly, I used to play Nintendo Mario Brothers Games from one until three and Dr. Mario. I remember when I had the cold, I used to think just by playing Dr. Mario with the different coloured tablets, I would get better, but no LOL… Since then I haven’t played the new playstations, xbox 360’s… I am all about the Older gaming consoles. Another game I liked to play was Duck hunt, Konami Games, Double Dragon, River City Ransom, and so many games I had. My brother still has them. Its now a classic thing and its probably worth a lot now.

I remember playing these games for countless hours with my cousins, and so many people used to come over and we would have tournaments playing these games. Nothing beats these games now. I remember sometimes when the game didn’t work correctly, we’d blow into the game and then it would work, or in the compartment to play the game we’d blow into and press the start button. LOL it was cool. Its been over 15 years or more I haven’t played it. I really miss it. I think I will play with it this week. Mario Brothers games are so fun. In the 3rd one, I would always get the whistle and skip through all the levels and go to Level 8 and I would always beat the goomba at the end and win the whole game. Sometimes I would play every level, but that would take hours and hours. I miss those days where the going and coming of people being together all the time playing interactive games, now its not so much anymore. Nintendo was a fun thing and I never got bored of it. I think about it from time to time.


27 thoughts on “I Really Miss The Original Nintendo and Playing The Popular Mario Bros.

  1. great old memories , I use to get angry when I always lost levels so my brother always had to do them xD , I still got my consoles haha nintendo 64 , gamecube and gameboy advanced sp , I don’t think I am ready to sell them or anything . They contain plenty of great moments of my life

  2. I’ve rekindled my relationship with Dragon Warrior via an NES emulator on my laptop. I use an app on my iPhone to act as the controller. And much like you, I would always grab the warp whistles in Mario 3 to skip levels!

  3. Omg I totally remember blowing into the games and the console!! And it worked everytime!!! I really miss the mat for nintendo…where u would play the track game on it of running and jumping (we would use our hands!!! It was the only way to win lol)

  4. Super Mario Bros. is THE video game to top all video games. I recently found an old super nintendo and the Mario games in a pawn shop, but alas couldn’t afford it at the time. If you look carefully, you can find the consoles still!! Wouldn’t it be great if they were re-released?

    That old time classic… something so wonderful about it. Mario will always be the king of my heart ❤


  5. You decribed it just as we used to do lol blowing on the thing. I use to love getting all those wings after passing the last level of mario 3 and do it all over just flying through it. You can play all those old games on the wii! I got mario 2 on my wii.

  6. Hi Talin,
    We missed all those old consoles, we were too old by then. Three years ago we were given a Wii and we’ve discovered so much fun too. It’s that whole interactive thing that you enjoyed, playing with friends and all that laughter and fun. We thought consoles were for loners – how wrong was that? I suppose we are in the ‘silver console’ brigade. LoL.
    I adore your blog. Thanks very much.

  7. I just gave that “old” console Nintendo (still new looking…covered it after each use) to my grand nephew since the Xbox 360 is too much. He has his uncle who will show him the ropes. Little Michael is excited…he will try it out this week. I just got wii for Christmas.

  8. we have an original nintendo with lots of games, but rarely use it. our mario brothers (for wii) just died and I am still in mourning. We have donkey kong, but I love mario more (it has free play too which is much less stressful for me!)

  9. It was our fun, 4 y.o. at the time, who was really the Nintendo fan. We used to go for doughnuts each Saturday a.m. in lieu of a “real” breakfast. He would get change from the store and spend the time, until our coffee was gone, playing the ORIGINAL Pac Man, and later Mario Brothers.
    Now his sons are playing games I never heard of on systems I don’t even understand – and you can fit them in your pocket.
    (And not to date myself, but I remember “Pong”!)


  10. Great blog post. Reading it brought back memories of when I was a kid. I had quite a few games consoles growing up, including a nintendo NES, an Atari 2600, a Game Boy and a Sega Master System. I remember spending many a happy hour on them and I still have them at home somewhere.

    I recently bought myself a nintendo 3DS and while working out how it all works I found out that you could download some of the old Game Boy and Game and Watch games from nintendo’s e shop. So as well as your Super Mario 3D Land and Professor Layton, I’m also enjoying playing the likes of Kirby’s Dream Land, Mario’s Cement Factory and the original Super Mario Land. In fact, I’m probably playing the latter three more than the newer ones.

  11. Taking it old school, I love it. I was addicted to Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Zelda. When I went to WVU, the ninetendo 64 was popular, so me and my residents (I was a resident assistant) always had video tournaments. For that, we always played Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and Smash Brothers.

    How I miss the good ole days LOL.

    Keep smiling,

  12. I loved duck hunt! And sega, and pretty much all of the above 🙂 Nintendo DS is pretty cool for mario games and sonic too but nothing beats the classic consoles 🙂 those were the days!

  13. It’s only a game, but we like it. Games have played a great role for innovation of computer technology. I would like to make one by myself while I live, though I have still limited ability and time (ability being more limited than time…)

  14. That’s awesome. I, too, miss these games and consoles. I guess what I really miss is the simplistic controller. I have attempted to play a game on my son’s Xbox 360 and it didn’t work out so well. I mean, there are like eleven buttons to use on this thing. I get all confused. Ha! I enjoyed Mario Bros., as well as, Contra, Galaga, and that old racing game.

    Thanks for the post!

  15. There is just something about the older games that were more fun to play. Duck Hunt was a favorite along with of course Mario Brothers. They were a fun activity to do with my little brother especially when it was too cold out to go outside.

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