Blogging Is A Universal Language

In the past few months, as I have been making it a goal to blog everyday, and to talk about various topics of today’s society, the way life is and what we can do to make our lives more positive, happy and optimistic on things and among telling stories, promoting a product or service, introducing new gadgets, discussing about medical issues, travel, marketing, business, recipes, food, auto, planes, ships, so on and so forth. I think blogging and posting is a universal language and so much information is circulating about so many topics and we see people different outlooks, opinions on certain things which make the world go round.

Every blogger is unique in their own ways and everyone has different approaches to things, which is why I call blogging a booming thing online and its like so many languages but all service one purpose, is to get our view points out there, to get what were interested in out there, so on and so forth. I think the best way to create this universal language is to start outlining what is important to talk about and what our readers and people who are interested will engage into a blog even further.

It all starts with the persons reflections, feedbacks, suggestions and opinions. We all are entitled to our own opinions, but also keep in mind that if we have opinions about another persons blog or another persons thoughts you do not agree on, its important to give feedback and opinions to a not so offensive manner and not hurt the persons feelings who has spent time writing about that certain subject. Maybe organize your thoughts, and approach that situation in a more mannered way, in a more civilized manner. Remember that words hurt people a lot and its imperitive that we do not slander or hurt people. Everything we say, we can say it in a more nicer way. for example take the following scenario on a comment someone would write to another person….

“Your so stupid, you can’t write for beans, you don’t know what the heck your talking about, your the worst writer in the world, get a life.”

Now, that is really hurtful and that deters people from following their dreams, Now here is a more kinder way and something that you should mean from your heart and people sense if a comment is fake or real by just the way you write it…. Now here is an example of a more kinder approach:

“Although people have different views and opinions on things, but this is my opinion and I do not mean to offend, but here is what I think of that topic you wrote about”

This universal language of blogging should not be discriminated against each other, but yes I do agree on if its offensive about racism, slander, vulgarity, profane, and other terrible things, then yes, it should be reported to the blogging website administration or reported as that type of material should be monitored and removed. Blogging should be about goodness, useful information. I think our universal blogging language should be strong and firm and be one big family and help each other out.

22 thoughts on “Blogging Is A Universal Language

  1. I had one of those once, I asked him why he felt it was necessary to bash on my one post because he did not like my writing style or complete aversion to good grammar. I then suggested that if he felt so strongly about this he should avoid my blog at all costs! He never replied back! Lol. I am not going to begrudge what people want to talk about on their blogs(within reason) especially since mine is not exactly puppies and rainbows. However people like yourself who are a bit more eloquent and wholesome balance it out! Lol keep on posting lady!

  2. A very good article. Blogging is lots of fun. I really enjoy it and have been more active on my blogs this month. I’m participating in NaBloPoMo this month, but we should make a habit to do it all year long.
    You are so right that people should be polite when giving criticism to someone. I recently had someone give me feedback and a good deal of criticism on my poetry. It was a little hurtful in the fact that he said it was not a poem but merely broken prose. That wasn’t very nice, but on the whole he gave the negative and the positive about my three poems I had published on Triond and seemed pretty polite about it. Sometimes negative criticism is good if you can tell that they are being polite and trying to help you learn something. I then kind of responded that I am a poet who would rather free style and I’m not into rhyming and a set structure. In my mind it’s still poetry. That was kind of hurtful even though he was a little kind. But there was a lot of negative criticism. I had wished I could have denied his comment.


  4. I sincerely hope this wasn’t a comment you’ve received? I agree whole heartedly… the whole point of my blog is the celebration of all that is beautiful in the world… Ugly stuff can be found on television and in the newspaper.

  5. I agree with you for the most part. Obscene stuff or material that might cause imbalanced minds to react negatively should be censored. I hate to use that word, but sometimes censorship should be imposed. I think if someone is just being rude or impolite or even just hurtful, we have to put on our grownup hat and say, “Well, that person is just negative because they have a lousy life and want to take it out on others.” I believe in freedom of speech, but because the Internet is available so freely, then we should protect kids and imbalanced minds from material that could literally harm them. Does that make sense? Thank you for your thought provoking post!

  6. Well said. Of course, you could always reply to “your the worst writer in the world” with “allow me to point out a small grammatical error. It should be ‘you’re the worst writer’.”

  7. I have been fairly lucky with the comments I receive. You can be more vulnerable in a blog that in real life – but that vulnerablility comes at a cost at times – what great tips for keeping everything civil.

  8. Very well said. My Mother always said, “It’s nice to be nice.” and I try to keep to that. What’s the point in making rude or hurtful comments? There is nothing to be gained from it and it can cause so much upset.

  9. You are so right. There is such a thing a constructive criticism. It is always hard to take, but to improve we need it. But to be down right rude is no needed. Keep up the good work.

  10. I agree! The universal blogging language is kindness and consideration for each other! We don’t have to agree with everyone’s view on things, but we can ALWAYS be kind and uplifting to one another. Yes, we are all in this world together and we should be helping each other out. As bloggers, we also share another common bond.

    I appreciate your post. Thank you so much for sharing it. 🙂

    Have a lovely day,

  11. It’s unfortunate, but there are ugly people who are so miserable that they will try to bring you down to their level. Your post have always been a pleasure for me to read. Thank you for sharing this one.

  12. I enjoyed reading this since due to some heavy turbulence I also wrote a piece about agreeing to disagree. I’m a little afraid to post it. People get so nuts if they don’t like nor approve of something you say. I’m always amazed by it actually.

    Great piece.


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