Farrah Fawcett — My Connection with her. True Story

Before I was born My Parents and brother were in California at the time and the was a movie being shot with Ryan O’neal and Drew Barrymore at the time and all of a sudden my parents and brother were watching the movie being shot, and somehow they ended up being near Ryan O’neal’s trailer and so Ryan forgot his keys inside his trailer and locked himself out of it, and so My brother was so tiny so he went in through the window and got him his key so he can open the door to his trailer and Ryan O’neal gave my brother some cash and my parents, brother, Drew Barrymore and Ryan O’neal ended up having dinner together after the movie shoot.
Ryan O’neal was Farrahs long time partner and were set to marry before Farrah Succumbed to her cancer battle. So I am ONE Degree away from Farrah and may she rest in peace. So that is my connection with Farrah.
RIP Farrah Ryan I am thinking of you.

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