Organization is Key When Traveling…

Do you pack your luggage or baggage without organizing it?

Do you just toss things in your luggage or baggage without thinking what or where am I going to wear this or use this?


Organization is key when packing when you go away. First off think of the duration you will stay somewhere, think of the clothes, accessories you will need. I am the person who doesn’t like to wear the same thing everyday, so I tend to pack a little extra. You never know what happens. So Always pack a little more extra because you maybe stuck toward the end of the trip or in between saying, “I knew I should have packed more stuff”. It doesn’t matter if you go away for a day, two days, 3 days, a week, a month, 6 months, pack according to your duration, but pack enough so you won’t feel uncomfortable.


Toilettries, Medication, make up, hair stylers, earrings, necklaces, shoes, other purses/bags…


These are often tricky to decide, but Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Shampoo, Perfume, and other important things.

Make up, hair stylers — Make sure you make room for those, but I usually pack make up in my carry on bag…

Necklaces, shoes, purses/bags, earrings and other jewellery, if your a woman/girl — we love our jewellry, pack several of them because you may decide, No i dont wanna wear this one. I should have brought the other pair, so bring a lot with you, so that you wont get stuck once again…


The baggage/luggage size — According to where you are traveling and how long you are traveling, judge for yourself how big or small you want your suitcase to be. I usually take about a medium size when I travel Around CANADA/USA — when I travel overseas or caribbean or something, I bring a large… I seldomly use a small suitcase. But keep in mind the Airline Weight and Luggage size Policies. Some Airlines you must pay, and some airlines you must pay for an extra checked bag. I do not know why. before this issue was never brought to our attention. I guess things change….


Well, that is it for now, but Organization is very important when you travel… Pack enough so you wont be stuck — It doesn’t hurt to have extra things with you. You may or may not need it, but its good. So light packers, Pack a little more… It saves you in the long run.

21 thoughts on “Organization is Key When Traveling…

  1. Great advice. My bags are always a mess and I forget everything! But I always make sure to pack a little light when I leave so I have room to bring home all the goodies that I find along the way. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m traveling from China to Florida on Tuesday and I’ve been packing for 2 weeks. I make lists, put things in, take things out. I’m nearly packed except for the clothes I’ll wear today and tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  3. I grew up traveling by car across the USA each summer. My Mom was an organized German who could find anything we needed at any given moment, without batting an eye. Back in the day, I was a flight attendant. I learned how to pack and how much to take. I’m still keep a tiny grab and go bag with my must haves.

  4. I drive people crazy when I pack because a) I toss everything in the morning of and b) I always forget something. That thing is never overly important, but I still always forget something. I’ve actually tossed two pairs of clothes into a backpack along with some deodorant, make up and homework and taken off to New Orleans for four days. It drives people crazy how I pack and sometimes it drives me crazy, but I doubt I’ll ever change.

  5. Well I almost do the same way except i like to write on paper everything I need ahead of time and keep adding until the few days before then within and hour I pack my bag and forget nothing looool, i try to travel a little light to make room for things bringing back…Happy traveling Holaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. WOW, I am in the middle of packing right now for a cruise, I’ve made lists, checked clothes over about 100 times, and probably have more than I need, but hey, at least I’ll have a choice right? hehehe…

  7. I travel to Europe allot with my work and I now class myself as a “thrower”. Throw it in and scan the results afterwards, hopefully its all there πŸ™‚ .It makes unpacking more interesting lol.

  8. If there is anything you can buy, don’t pack it. If there is anything you can’t buy, pack it. It’s not work packing if you can’t buy. I work in retail so I always advise people to keep it under 50 lbs because of the airlines. I’ve been to Africa, even though we’re allowed a 2nd bag for free but I’m a light packer and don’t need a lot anyway.
    Even as a woman, why do women need to wear so much crap anyway? Simple is better anyway!

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