Carlos Bakery — Cake Boss — Buddy Velastro — So Much Respect

I have been watching Cake Boss for a while now, and I must say, I respect Buddy and his team so much. I mean it is just cakes and pastries, but they take the job so seriously, and they set really good examples. I love the show. So much creativity with cakes, pastries, cookies and everything. It is not easy to do those everyday. It can be strenuous, it can often be stressful especially when making huge cakes. I gotta hand it to them. The cakes are out of this world. It is incredible how big cakes can be and all that batter, icing, and everything. I got big respect for bakers, cookers, and people in the culinary industry. It takes a lot of time and effort..

I will visit Hoboken, New Jersey just to go Visit Carlos’ Bakery. I must say I love Buddy’s Mom, Mario, Frank, the whole crew do an awesome job together, they work so well together and it is just fabulous. It is not easy at all. I love you guys! You all inspire me…

16 thoughts on “Carlos Bakery — Cake Boss — Buddy Velastro — So Much Respect

  1. Buddy says his cakes taste as good as they look, and he’s absolutely right! We’ve had the good fortune to sample several of his creations from cakes to cupcakes to specialty items…everything is SOOOOO good!! My very favorite is a chocolate brownie-like treat with the most scrumptious fudgy frosting on top. Oh, my YUM! I call it the Precious. 🙂
    Best cakes I’ve ever had. You won’t be disappointed if you go.

  2. i lived quite close to carlos bakery for my entire life… the lines for tourism create crazy hype in hoboken and its transformed what used to be a “ghetto” area into a great place for young working professionals to live due to vicinity and ease of access into nyc. come visit, get in line for the bakery early, and enjoy =) be sure to visit the W in hoboken for dinner, its outstanding.

  3. Even in NZ, I watch that show sometimes! Amazing, amazing creations. It’s good to know from ‘kanniduba’ that they taste so yummy too.

  4. I LOVE! the Cake Boss. My 7-year-old daughter and I watch it together. It’s our show! He is so creative, and I love his relationship with his wife. Have you seen The Next Great Baker? We love that, too. Check it out if you haven’t.

  5. saying hi from malaysia. 🙂

    i watch his show too. and really love it. the creativity level is really stunning.. !
    and i love his balance of life.. familia is still at the center of his attention..

    I put this in my – ‘to go places list’..

  6. Olá!!!
    Meu nome é Anna Subbotin. Moro no Brasil.
    Eu e meu marido amamos os programas do Buddy!!!
    Como não o conheci antes? Eu sempre viajava para N.Y., mas nunca imaginei sequer que ele existia. Se fosse agora eu não sairia mais da loja dele, nem se fosse para trabalhar!!!!!

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