Healthy Hearty French Toast

I know you may think french toast is full of carbs and calories, but really it isn’t… Not when you have 100% whole wheat bread…


My recipe for a great tasting french toast…


get whole wheat toast… People get 100% Whole Wheat and Multigrain mixed up….

Multigrain can still have a high amount of calories… 100% Whole wheat or Whole Grain is the way to go.


It depends how many you make for yourself. whether it is 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of them…

Make sure you have enough eggs to cover it all…


If you make 3 toasts, cover them with 2 beat eggs….

If you have 4 french toasts, beat 3 eggs… Incorporate that with the yellow yolks too..


When beating the eggs, you have the option of adding cinnamon to add flavour or vanilla extract…


If you watch your calorie intake, then use low sugar syrup or add REAL PURE Honey (Not those billy bee imitation honey)…


With french toast you can cut up banana’s, apples, you can put blueberries, strawberries, rasberries to get your fruit intake…

You can have a glass of Orange juice or have a cup of coffee or tea to your preference, and voila!!! A HEART Breakfast!


Bon Apetit!

24 thoughts on “Healthy Hearty French Toast

  1. YUM!! This is a fam fave, I have to remember to try your suggestions tomorrow for breakfast on Sunday. Thanks my friend. Good post.-watw

  2. Rye bread makes good French toast, too. I had that for breakfast yesterday. I’m glad you’re reminding us about French toast, too…it’s easy to forget it’s an option when you get into a bagel or cereal routine.

  3. I make French toast for my 13 year old son all the time. He likes it when I make a big batch and freeze it so he can microwave it when he is feeding himself. If you bake your own whole wheat bread, you know exactly what is in it. French toast is wonderful!

  4. Good recipe! A little milk added to the egg mixture allows the bread to be thoroughly soaked and makes for a better eat, I think. To the mixture I also a drop of vanilla, a goodly amount of cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg.

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  5. I love French toast too, and one of my favorite ways of eating it is with ketchup. I know, goes against the whole idea of it as a sweet breakfast treat, but having it as a savoury dish is really good. Instead of adding sugar to the eggs add some seasoning salt, maybe a dash of tabasco or red-hot sauce. Then, serve with ketchup or a nice home-made chili sauce.

  6. Just for variety you should try the Indian masala version too. We ate a lot during our undergrad days at the cafeteria. Instead of sugar or honey or fruits just add paprika,salt, and diced onions,tomato,bell pepper to the batter. Trust me it will be good alternative

  7. hi Talin, I am intrigued by your recipes…they are all fabulous! Do you have any special Armenian salad recipes? I was trying to track something down on-line, but would prefer to know what you would recommend. p.s. Have an exciting show in Montreal with your social network interview on Jan 13th!

  8. I never liked French Toast because it was always made with White Bread. You make this sound so good with Wheat Toast. I will definitely have to give it a try, and I like the idea of adding fruit to the breakfast. Makes a healthy breakfast. Thanks for sharing. Connie

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