I Love To Laugh

In My life I laughing is one of my favourite things to do. I love comedy movies, comedy videos, comedic photos, so on and so forth. I think laughing is such a wonderful thing. We all have our lives to think about, all the stress, getting by day to day, but we should take sometime to laugh, enjoy and really get out there and unwind a bit, and leave stress at the door. When your at home, or when your out, its such a positive and great thing to laugh and there are so many different ways all of us laugh and were all unique in that way. whether your with friends, family, always figure out ways to incorporate laughing, watch a funny movie, do funny things(NOT THOSE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME THINGS Of course), take sometime to leave those gadgets, playbooks, tablets, laptops, computers and all sorts of technology down and do something fun and interactive, face to face.

I love laughing a lot. It keeps me going. They say that laughing is the best medicine, and laughing can also make you lose calories and it works so many muscles in the body and its one of the best things you can do for yourself. Just LAUGH WILL YA? 🙂



47 thoughts on “I Love To Laugh

  1. This past weekend my girlfriend and I watched Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. I had seen it serveral times. She had not seen it at all. We laughed like crazy. We are on a Michael Cera movie spree….this week it is Youth In Revolt…..yes laughing with someone is the best way to express intimacy.

  2. Oh my, I’m laughing all the time, if not, most of the time and people do not understand how come I’m so happy. What I don’t understand is how come they’re so miserable!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!

    So there!

  3. I love to laugh, too. Even the annoying little things in life become something to laugh at…it’s great. And an added bonus is that I’ll have ‘happy’ wrinkles when I get older instead of wearing one of those faces that looks like it just sucked a lemon 🙂

    Have a happy day!


  5. I also hear that laughing as well as smiling uses more facial muscles which is good for you. Thanks for a post reminding us of the need to laugh. With these tough economic times, I sometimes need to laugh just to keep from going off the deep end.

  6. I am impressed that you write on your blog every day! In light of the recent material disaster in my life, while I might not feel like laughing about it, I will find other joyous occasions to smile, laugh, and otherwise be happy.

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  8. True, but sometimes laughter is AT people – and I don’t mean comedians. The commonest riposte of someone who has just made a racist, sexist or just plain mean remark, when challenged, is “Can’t you take a joke?”.

    That said, yes, I joke, I laugh and I love surreal comedy like “Monty Python”. I was once reading Tom Holt’s book “Snow White and the Seven Samurai” on a fairly crowded train and started laughing out loud. The woman next to me looked a bit concerned, peered at the book title and cover picture and sank back satisfied that she wasn’t next to a madman. Poor fool.

  9. I enjoy laughter as well and if I am standing in need of a good belly laugh I will pop in one of my favorite movies which makes me laugh, laughter is medicine for the soul it releases stress and good for us, we should do more laughing…

  10. I love to laugh! Certain things and words always make me laugh, like calling someone a squirrel or the talking dogs on TV. We watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and just crack up. People don’t always get my sense of humor. I knew this lady named Marina Del Rey. When we were introduced I said, “Oh were you named after the city in California?” Not much of a joke but it made her huffy.

  11. Being funney isen’t always easy – but humer is a
    fasinating thing to work with, it is like water color
    painting – apply any consious effort and the joke
    is ruined. Iately I’ve worked a great idea but can’t
    seem to get it off the ground. I need a comedy
    muse – something that begs to made fun of, but
    the joke is often an omage too – to something
    that has made my world a little more fun.

  12. I love the idea of taking time every day to take some just to laugh. What I’m not sure how to incorporate into my life is “leave those gadgets, playbooks, tablets, laptops, computers and all sorts of technology down” and still manage to write in my blog, or even to comment on someone else’s!

  13. I find that laughing goes a long way! I try and teach through humor and it seems to work (except when I am teaching the Puritan era such as The Scarlet Letter – not much funny about that!) Thanks for the great post!

  14. Have you ever watched the movie Patch Adams with Robin Williams? If there was ever a “required reading” movie about including laughter throughout your day, this would be it.

    I believe, we have so much to he happy about. I try (emphasis on the try part) to use humor to make someones day better. I do not mind that I am not taken that seriously.

  15. Laughter is the key to living. They key to a long life. They key to getting through obstacles in your life.

    Those that don’t enjoy a good laugh or smile a day are missing one of the best feelings in the world. Even if it only lasts a few minutes. I promise, you will feel better.

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to listen to my son laugh. He has always had one of those from the belly laughs. He laughs at everything. He makes me laugh because he is laughing at things that are so stupid they aren’t funny, but I have to laugh at him.

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