New Years Eve & Last Post of 2011!

So we have come to the last day of 2011. I must say this year went by super quickly for me. I guess from traveling so much to Montreal 32 times just this year, Going to Ottawa twice, Visiting Niagara Falls USA and CANADA, being so busy with writing, day to day life, I just didn’t realize how quick it truly went. This year I learned so much about life, learning from fellow bloggers, readers, commenters on my blog, hearing different perspectives on issues in life, so on and so forth. I thank everyone for giving me all the love, support, courage and 2011 was a year that I finally found my passion and that is to write and blog which hopefully someday with my words that come from my heart will change the world and people can be more kinder to one another, to respect one another and start 2012 with greatness instead of bad that we always hear on the news. So much has happened this year and I just cannot even begin to explain it all, but all in all, I have had a pretty great year and you know how they say, things happen for a reason.

Some friends have come and gone and some of them have stayed and I know who my true friends are. I’ve learned a valuable lesson this year to know who is fake and who is not, and also learning about so many things about life. There is so much I need to be thankful for, getting through another year, etc… What have you learned in 2011? What were some of your highlights this year? What were some of the memorable moments that you went through?

Unfortunately there were some people who past away this year and didnt live past another year, I’d like to send out my condolences and sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in their lives.

Finally, I’d like to end off 2011 with saying thank you to my readers of my blog, followers, supporters, to my family, friends, you all hold a special place in my heart and I will continue to write in 2012. Have a great happy new year 2012, all the best, May all your dreams and wishes come true and hopefully 2012 will be a beautiful year for all.

See you all next year in 2012!

Do not Drink and Drive tonight – Be safe!



44 thoughts on “New Years Eve & Last Post of 2011!

  1. Hi Talin, You know, it’s always nice to read your posts. “Thank You and have a Happy New Year.” I am looking forward to read more in 2012. God Bless. !!!

  2. What have I learned? That there can indeed be limits to love. For me, highlights and memorable moments all revolve around beginning transition, beginning to be truly me.

    Thank you for blogging and see you next year.

  3. Happy New Year Talin!
    What I have learned in 2011? That even an older Dog.. ahem.. lady can be taught new tricks. That the world around me is full of people who are not afraid to be real and transparent, that trusting is hard ad trust is gift that should never be abused.

    I love that you paid homage to the loved ones of many who have passed on. I simply adore ypu saying something. Thank you. I lost a dear friend this year who had more courage in one hand than most people do in their entire lives.

    Be safe, be smart, and remember your self worth and value tonight and always.

  4. Happy New Year… and what I have learned this year is that the best moment to live your dreams is today, even if it seems too big, the first step is the start of reality in the path of the thoughts that make us better.

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