The Good Quality Family Oriented TV Show’s Of the Past

Nowdays its very hard to find good quality shows that are tasteful and G Rated. Most shows that we see on TV now are mature adult content and so much content that makes you uncomfortable when children are around to watch it. I remember when I was a kid, we used to have family TV Time and shows like Family Matters, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Home Improvement, and all those good quality shows made TV a good thing and parents weren’t afraid of their children watching them because they used to bring out good points in how life is and each show teaches people a lesson on what to do right.

All these shows now, make you wonder why they are put there? Why Reality shows are getting all the popularity? Why people spend so much time and why teenagers get influenced on these pointless shows that I do not think its good at all. It teaches teenagers to get on the wrong paths in life and I do not find it to be so tasteful. I find it to be quite strange. Now, I hardly ever watch TV unless its The Big Bang Theory,ย ย now that show is great and makes me laugh,ย catching up on world news, so on and so forth. but where do we draw the line? I only watch maybe an hour of TV a day IF THAT.

Those CSI Shows, and shows about law enforcement and so on and so forth are great and it teaches alot about Law and Life. Now those shows are Great and educational to us. How its Made, Discovery, Cooking/Baking shows, Talk Shows are all incredible and greats to Television. I think before shows get put on TV, these TV Stations, People who produce content should overlook it and really think about what the produce and broadcast. Its important.

People want good quality shows with good, positive content, with family values and good lessons in life to make people get to the right path. especially the younger people and teenagers. They get influenced by the stuff they see the most so they end up doing it in their lives and which they get themselves into trouble, thinking that TV People are doing it, so we should too. It is wrong and those things need to stop.


43 thoughts on “The Good Quality Family Oriented TV Show’s Of the Past

  1. I know, it’s so sad isn’t it? I miss those shows so much, we used to have family TV time too! Usually Friday night, we’d make popcorn and watch the shows. That’s a big memory from growing up. *sigh* Now I don’t even dare let my kids watch Nickelodeon without supervision!

  2. I agree. It always seems very odd to me that there are so many shows investigating crime and violence – all the CSI-type shows, Medium, etc. There are tons of them! It seems people must be obsessed with the intricate details of a crime – I don’t understand why we would care.

    OK, yes, it can be interesting, but I think societally we all need to become more interested in finding out how to make this world a better place for each other and our kids. I always thought tv (art) just imitates life, but now I think it goes both ways. If we see all this (simulated) violence on TV, it helps create the culture we live in, one which continues to be plagued with violence and disharmony between people.

    As I’m getting older, I find myself turning into one of those old fogeys who thinks TV should be less violent. Well, it’s true. I don’t want to be a censor, but I just would like the people who product content to think about life in a deeper way and not be so quick to show such images of violence to us. It perpetuates this violent culture we have. It may never change, but I know for sure it won’t change if no one changes what they’re doing. Nor will it change if people don’t stop watching such stuff. I don’t watch it anymore. It doesn’t make me feel good. And I want to feel good now.

  3. Hi,
    I will never understand why people watch the so called reality shows, personally I don’t think they are entertaining at all, but a lot of people watch them so I must be in the minority I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Writers today don’t know humor. We lost the good quality, family-oriented TV shows when writers began to resort to “witty” sarcasm and put-down humor instead of true humor! Sad.

  5. Oh, yes! Steven and I thoroughly agree!

    Pushing Daisies was a one-of-a-kind show, and it was cancelled… as were some other top-quality programs that the entire family could watch.

    Don’t you just hate it when you get hooked and then the plug is pulled and there’s a huge void? Then there are those shows that start off with a bang… like The Cape… only to fizzle by the second or third epidsode. Sheesh.

    This season, we’re hooked on both Grimm and Once Upon a Time ’cause I’ve always loved, loved, loved fairy tales. Harry’s Law and Body of Proof are excellent, too, though more for adults. But we keep holding our breath with every episode we watch, as in, Could this be the last? Could the end be near?

    So great topic for your post!


  7. I agree with you totally. I watch a very little TV these days. I have to admit I am hooked on a couple of soaps but other than that and the news, that is about it. Not much worth watching. And the outrageous charges we pay for cable….sometimes I wonder if it is worth it.

  8. I guess I’m a little older than you are. I remember the “Donna Reed Show,” “Father Knows Best,” and the like. These sitcoms were funny and they had a message. The basic message was that it is good to do the right thing. “Perry Mason,” and “Alfred Hitchcock” and shows like these had quality writing with positive messages.

    Sex can be funny, but it has “it’s place.” Prime time TV is not “it’s place.”

    Today’s reality shows have no writers. Writers can be a costly expense when the TV audience is “watered down” with a selection of more than 100 channels!

    One of my favorite shows is. “Judge Kevin Ross” – positive message, occasional humor…and the bad guy loses!

  9. WOW! Your taste in T.V shows are exactly a like to mine! Funny. Although you seem to have quite a bit more self- control than I do because I sure watch more than an hour of T.V at a time! Nice post! Oh, and thanks for being a loyal follower to my blog: !

  10. Hi Talin, I enjoyed this post. You know, I was going to ask if you’re up for the Versatile Blogger Award–but I see you’ve already got it! I’m not surprised. Anyway, see my upcoming post about you and this award, which Aliker David Martin nominated me for.

    Happy New Year!

    Jim Amos, MD
    The Practical Psychosomaticist

  11. I agree. I’m tired of all these reality shows with lame and crass situations.There’s nothing inspiring in them. When I was a kid, I used to watch Little House on the Prairie, Welcome Back Kotter, The Jeffersons and reruns of I Dream of Jeannie, The Munsters, The Monkees, The Partridge Family and Bewitched. What happened to good old TV? Sometimes I’m afraid the times depicted in the movie ‘Idiocracy’ are getting closer and closer… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  12. I agree with you. Hollywood knows there are people who want to see good quality shows. We, the people, should speak up and let them know we’re tired of the crap. You want them to put something else on then stop watching what they put out. They won’t put something on air that doesn’t have an audience. Someone should start an online petition to let Hollywood know we’re not happy with what they’re doing.

  13. Education budget cuts dumb down society. God and morals are kicked to the curb. This is why the television producers can get away with the junk they air. Either their hands are tied or they just do not know any better.

  14. That is one of the reason why I don’t watch much tv like before, I watch cooking shows and I watch History Channels, and of course Hallmark. There is to much of these reality shows and I wonder do people really act like that if we continue to watch that stuff we will begin to act like that. We must be careful as to what we allow our eyes to watch and listen to if not the enemy will use it against us.

  15. I think that it may seem as though there are fewer shows because we are failing to look in the right places. Since the days of Saved by the Bell, etc, technology and television has improved and expanded exponentially. I would argue that there are more shows and movies today than there ever were when I was a kid. The difference – these shows have their own kid-friendly channels. I don’t disagree with all the points about reality tv, though I am guilty of watching it when I don’t feel like thinking (this is probably an amazing argument for why it is really bad), I think they, like children’s programing, are often grouped together on particular networks.
    Think about it. When I was a kid, there were 50 channels, maybe. Now, there are thousands of channels to choose from, which allows each person to pick the type of shows he/she would like to see. We live in a different age, with different needs. Best example – when my dad was a kid, there were only 2 channels (and when the president was on, your night was shot) and, thus, more of a necessity to think of the entire family when deciding on programing.
    *I don’t watch many tv shows that are meant for entertainment, opting instead for news/political commentary, the internet machine, and books.

  16. I 100% agree with you! It makes me wonder why we are paying for a TV Licence.. in fact why do we even have a TV Licence these days?! But it isn’t just the actual programmes which contain content which is not suitable for children, some of the adverts are becoming very sexually orientated! I am by no means a prude, however is it just me or is sex being pushed at us constantly via the media in general?! Even Disney is guilty of this! Its a great pity and rather double sided when the government spends millions of tax payers money to teach teenagers about the dangers of being promiscuous whilst allowing sex to be pushed at young children!

  17. I can see where you’re coming from. TV shows are getting louder and more violent, sure. But the thing is, every other generation is appalled by the new generation’s preference. People in the 50s must have been shocked by what people in the 60s or 70s eventually watched. Same old story. I like to keep an open mind about it. I find most reality shows identically bad, but I like Masterchef ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I adore the very violent Game of Thrones.
    It’s up to the individual, really, whether they can view mature programmes with maturity.

  18. Good points here. My children are grown now but if I still had kids at home I think the television would remain off most of the time.

  19. Completely agree. I get stopped by the pharmaceutical commercials, finding them completely without any values. I watch less than a hour a week of TV. It is so sad that un-wed, school drop-out, teen age mothers are being turned into “stars.”

    Thank you for “liking” my posts and following me.


  20. My Generation (50’s):
    Crime shows – “Dragnet”
    Reality shows – “People Are Funny”
    Sit Coms – “Ozzie and Harriet”
    Dramas – mostly daytime
    Movies – local channels, mostly daytime, 30’s and 40’s

    and we had only a few channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, three local affiliates, and one UHF channel if you could get it.
    Also no color until the late 50’s/early 60’s

    Today’s “reality shows” are basically unscripted so no actual writers are needed. Most of them started during writers’ strikes.

    Yes, most shows are not family-oriented. It scares me that our son and daughter-in-law have not forbidden our grandchildren, currently 10 and 12, from watching whatever they want. (And even Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network are not family-friendly, nor fit for children.)

    It seems like there is much more material here to warrant good discussion. Thanks, Talin


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  22. All you need are: Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian– occasionally Animal Planet. Beyond that, unless you are watching sports, there isn’t much worth watching.

  23. I so agree, Talin, that good wholesome TV is getting harder and harder to find. I had it so good as a kid growing up. There was, virtually, no threat of being affected back then. (I’m talkin’ “way back then”). The young are the victims of much of today’s programming. Thanks for the post!
    – Frank

  24. I see your point. My dad paid for cable TV a few years ago, then he stopped it completely when the result was all of us pressing the “change channel” button repeatedly. We couldn’t find anything to watch from over 200 channels…Sad how we waste our money sometimes, isn’t it?

  25. We haven’t had cable in years. And now that it’s gone all digital here, we don’t get the local programming either. We’ve resolved to only stream netflix for awhile. Watching old reruns is fun.. and finding new shows that are worth watching is a challenge, but they are out there!

  26. I think this is actually a big issue, Talin. We didn’t watch TV when my kids were growing up, and I think that’s one reason why they are both readers, writers, artists, and critical thinkers. It’s not that there aren’t any good shows out there. When staying in a hotel, we would watch The History Channel or Discovery or Animal Planet. I don’t understand the fascination with tacky Reality TV. Just go talk to your neighbors!

  27. I agree with you totally. I am a bit older. I grew up with Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Happy Days, original Star Trek, etc. Television was so innocent. No curse words ever! Hawaii Five-O was one of my favorites. Even later with shows like Those were the days (Archie Bunker) The Jeffersons, the shows had a moral at the ending (racism is bad, etc) Reality shows are the worst. They usually demean women, but people love it for some reason and producers love it because they don’t have to pay writers. Thanks for saying what everybody is thinking! LOL You’re the best, Russell

  28. Totally agree. I find myself watching less and less tv. The channels I watch are mainly cooking and hgtv. Other than that, I get tired of loud commercials, violent episodes or raunchy story-lines.

  29. And Who’s the Boss, Facts of Life, the Brady Bunch, Friends, Boy Meets World… those were the good old days. I plan on watching my way through most of the 70s and 80s sitcoms sometime soon. So good.

  30. The main problem is lack creativity in writing. The writers of those early days of golden Tv were mostly recruited from ranks of film and radio. In those days, writers were the top echelon of artists, and were rewarded accordingly.

    Radio, being the Theater of the Mind, lent itself to very fluid and descriptive images which spilled over into the screenplay and teleplays.

    Today, creative writing and directing for TV is a lost art. It’s my minor in college now and i’ve been studying it intensely.

    Most writers today have not been exposed to the greats of the theatre, screen, and teleplay — Hitchcock, Kubrick, Steve Allen, Serling, CBS Theatre, let alone the radio genius that laid the groundwork.

    Most TV/film today is overrun with bad editing, sound that is overrun with loud music that covers the dialog, shaky and out-of-focus camera work, and just shoddy script work. I’ll not get into the lack of talented actors, because even excellent acting cannot save a bad script.

    Here’s a script for your approval, written by yours truly.,

    Let me know what you think of this family-oriented effort.


  31. I have given up on about 90% of television. Budge is in love with “Once Upon A Time” and we both like Criminal Minds and CSI:NY (I’ll watch anything with Gary Sinese in it). That’s about all I fool with on the Big 3. I love “How It’s Made” but I wish they’d show how they make some of the machines that make all that stuff.

    I hate watching the news mainly because there’s no such thing as “news reporting” anymore. Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave right now at what passes for reporting these days. It’s all “news entertainment” now.

    Having said all that though, I reserve my extra special ire and hatred for Un-Reality TV. If I had my way, I’d find where they were filming the current Survivor and drop a pallet of Tiger Snakes or Taipans on the lot of them. I despise anything wearing the moniker of “reality”.

  32. We got our kids hooked on Emergency!, an old show from the 70s that is available on Netflix streaming. It was on for many years and still holds up very well, unlike some shows which seem too dated. It has action, humor, drama, suspense, safety information, compassion, life lessons…everything you could want in a show.

  33. My eighteen year old daughter loves The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air even down to being able to do the Carlton dance.

    Speaking of The Big Bang Theory, it is fascinating to see how the writers have evolved the character of Penny since the pilot aired. She started off as the proverbial “dumb blonde” and her character has evolved into being someone who has normal to above average intelligence and bag loads of common sense. That was when the show went from being good to great.

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