The TV Show “The Big Bang Theory” My Love For That Show!

In the past couple of years, I have come to love this show, “The Big Bang Theory”. It is such a funny show, that I enjoy to watch. They make science, physics and all those things so much more fun. Now I am sure that a lot of people would agree with me, that Sheldon Cooper “Jim Parsons” is the best on that show and he makes the show, but all the cast and characters the casting directors have chosen is incredible. They all play a big role in the show and I am so addicted to it. Now on the Comedy channel the past 2 days, almost, the Marathon of this show has been playing and I cannot seem to get off my bum. I am so glued to the tv watching my favourite show, and I know they are re-runs but I still love the re-runs.

I love when Sheldon goes to Penny’s place and knocks three times and says her name after every three knocks. It is so funny. What really makes me laugh so hard is when he says “BAZINGA” then his hilarious laughing style, and when he is picky about everything, his special spot on the couch, what he eats, the room mate agreements, and so much more. I find that show to be a hit and I think its the best show out there. I am not much of a TV Watcher but I will sit and watch The Big Bang Theory. It makes me smile. I must say I am not really into the physics, chemistry, all that space stuff, but boy do they make it so fun for me.

Rajesh really cracks me up, he cannot talk to women until he has had something to drink. He is such a cute Indian. He makes me laugh so hard and I love the way he acts. Howard as well. I just wish we could one day see his Mother on the show who always yells out at Howard. Penny is such a hilarious girl. Shes an ordinary woman who moved next door to Leonard and Sheldon and she works at the Cheesecake factory and is an aspiring actress. LOL very funny.

A few stars have been on the show and its so awesome. Bottom line is that this show makes my day and everyday I watch the re-runs but now that the Marathon has been on, and will go on until 10:30 in the morning. its pretty funny!

If you do not watch this show, i recommend it to you big time. You will be laughing so hard. It will take time to fully understand the characters if you havent watched, but its a must.


43 thoughts on “The TV Show “The Big Bang Theory” My Love For That Show!

  1. Oh yes! My current favourite show on TV… watched the repeats tonight and howled with laughter. As you mentioned, the whole cast are outstanding – it’s the reactions and expressions that make for a wonderful ensemble.

  2. I’m a big fan of the show, my whole family is. In fact as I type this I’m watching Disc 3 of the Season one DVD set. We own all four seasons that are out right now and I’m sure we will own the fifth.
    Funny thing happened at a christmas party the other night, some guy was doing card tricks and they were not very good, So I did the trick from season 4. He was impressed then he says do it with me, I said O.K. And gave my daughter a nod. Queen of Clubs I tell him, “how the hell did you do that?” he replied. Of course you never reveal a secret. He bugged me for three hours until I left.

  3. Yea! Big Bang Theory is a cool show. My son loves it. I have dropped in on a couple episode every now and then but I am not a big TV guy. Thanks for sharing. good job.

  4. What’s not to love. An ensemble cast in which the actors mutually excel one another is my idea of fun. That’s why my other favorite show is Modern Family!

  5. Talin,
    You know what? I have never watched the Big Bang Theory. I don’t know why not, just haven’t. But after reading your very strong endorsement for the show, you can be sure I will tune it in. We can all use a good laugh now and then. Thanks!
    – Frank

  6. I started watching this show last week and already have caught up to all the seasons! it’s one of my favorite shows. I die laughing every time! I love how Leonard says to Sheldon you’re crazy and Sheldon says nope, my mom tested me! LOL Funniest show ever!

  7. I love this show too! I’m actually watching it right now.
    Really love Howard’s mother, makes me laugh everytime I hear her croaky voice shout.

  8. Great show. Just watched one of our favorite holiday movies for the one hundredth time — 1989’s Christmas Vacation, starring, among others, Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, a young Juliette Lewis, and none other than The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki when he was 14, who plays Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory, all grown up.

  9. For some reason I can’t get into that show because its full of people I wouldn’t normally talk to in real life…so they start to annoy me! Haha except for Howard…he makes me laugh!

  10. I LOVE this show! I am surrounded by computer techie people in my family (I am the only creative one) and this show reminds me of nephew, sister and father. I jsut crack up every time I watch it. And yes, Sheldon is the best one!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this show too! I can say I probably don’t have friends like these guys, but I sure do love them. If I had a friend like Sheldon, it would hysterical laughs everyday!

  12. Its our favorite show in our house! Too funny! The comic reactions on simple, “how do I handle this?” are priceless. We talk about the behind the scenes staff that must research all the hard core physics and engineering theories out. Its no Wonder they sometimes may make cameo appearances, even if they do end up making fun of them self. Besides, my wife is one of them! She can debate everything they bring up.

  13. Thanks for the recommendation. I will try to catch an episode. There is so much junk on t.v. that it’s nice to find a show that you like. My favorite current show is How I Met Your Mother. I like the chemistry between the main characters. I used to like Arrested Development, but it got cancelled. I hear that they are making a movie. I bet it will be very funny. Best wishes, Russell

  14. That seems nice. I wish I could see it, too. I believe it one of the ways to give our world a great improvement, that everybody would talk about science and technology with much joke and fun in daily life, instead of gossips or discriminating remarks.

  15. Agreed. This show is so funny, it makes up the main part of what we watch on the tv…(there is nothing else much for spending time on, it seems to me, at the moment :() Congrats to the makers of the show 🙂

  16. Watching it right now. We try to make sure we are home on Thursday nights at 7:00 central time so we don’t miss it. I am not much of a TV watcher, but they all make me laugh. Poor Leonard and the room-mate agreement! Just before it came on, the hubby came in the room, knocked “Penny”, knocked “Penny”, knocked “Penny” and of course we laughed. He does that every week before it comes on.

  17. I absolutely love that show! My family and friends all told me I was just like Sheldon, so got to watching it! He has now become someone I can relate to haha! Not sure if that’s a good thing! BIG BANG THEORY…AMAZEBALLS!

  18. I agree. I love this show SO MUCH. It’s actually the only show that’s on tv right now that I keep up with… and you can’t forget about the ladies… I was a little worried about how Amy and Bernadette would had to the hilarity of it all, but they definitely keep the ball rolling.

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