On The Road During the Holiday’s! My Respects to The Transport Industry

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the transport trucking industry during the holidays and all year round. I must say that I have a big respect of truckers out there who are away from their families at this time delivering and transporting our lifes necessities and all that. Without these truckers, we wouldn’t have the things we have in our homes and in our life like food, technology, so on and so forth. I have a huge amount of support for these people whom sacrifice being with their families on the holidays to provide for them and to make a living to bring bread and butter to the table. I am sure its as difficult for families to be without their father, mother, aunt, uncle or whoever is part of the industry.

A few times when I went to celebrate Christmas and New Years in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I would drive on the 401 east and I would see these big rigs, truckers at the service centres and I would just think about how difficult it must be for them to be away from loved ones, friends. Its become a working world and people work 24/7 365 days a year to make a living. When I am stopped at a service centre and I see them in the line up to order coffee or they are just sitting down and having their meals before heading back on the road, I go up to them and say hello and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to them and I tell them thank you for the work you do to provide for us all. May God bless you and give you energy always to continue to deliver and to drive these big trucks.

I must say, driving big trucks/big rigs are very difficult and its not as easy as it looks. So many rules must be followed, guidelines, and ways to operate a truck. Its not like the ordinary vehicles that we drive, but its a lot more difficult. I myself wanted to be a truck driver for a while, get the Licence to drive them because I found it to be so intriguing and interesting. Its a good licence to have. I may seriously consider it and try it out for a year or 2. I have never been in a big truck/big rig before but I do hear its awesome to be so high up and see everything on the highways. I have a few trucker friends, so I may ask them to go on a trip with them someday if they are headed to Montreal and back. 🙂

Anyway, I want to wish all the truckers and their families a blessed christmas and all the best to you all in 2012! Drive safe and becareful of the weather conditions out there!


17 thoughts on “On The Road During the Holiday’s! My Respects to The Transport Industry

  1. I really appreciate and agree with this post. Especially this time of year when it winter and we do see a lot of nasty BIG snow storms. Also when you have freezing rain that turns all the highways into instant ice skating rinks. Just a few more hazardous driving conditions for truck drivers to deal with. Happy New Year to all of you truck drivers out there:)

  2. Hats off to the truckers:) it is so funny, as a habit each time I pass a truck I start counting the trailer wheels to see how long the truck is.


  3. So true! And so nice of you to have given it thought..and now led others to ponder about this too! I myself had had two turkeys this Christmas…so, here’s to the truckers! *holds up glass*

  4. Being a huge fan of the TV series Ice “Road Truckers,” I have the utmost respect for truckers, as theirs is a lonely and pretty dangerous job. I bid godspeed to all those who are unable to spend time with their nearest and dearest during this festive period because of work pressures.

  5. I do admire their driving in those tretcherous ici conditions, putting their lives in constant danger for us and their family…keep on trucking, thank you.

  6. There are so many who make our lives easier because of the jobs that they do. We rarely, if ever, think to thank them. I know some truck drivers and boy do they have some stories to tell. haha I say go for it girl!!

  7. We take so many people for granted: truckers, teachers, farmers, garbage collectors, the guys sitting at the control panel who keep the electricity flowing every day. Nice to reflect on any or all of them from time to time. Cheers!

  8. This was so thoughtful! We can add to the list: police officers, military personnel, nurses, doctors, fire fighters, pilots and all other professions that are considered ‘essential services’. May the Lord continue to guide and protect these workers, as they serve to care for and protect us (often while we are comfortably asleep)!

  9. So true! Truckers are just part of the crew that helps our holidays come true….trucks to the grocery stores, the department stores, the small format guys that work 7 days a week to put bread and milk and those awesome donuts fresh in convenience stores. Thanks to all those and many more!

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